Amway gives you an unlimited amount of money to make bricks


Recently found that many friends like to find a lie to earn the project.

Today I’m going to give you an Amway project that makes money lying down.

Pinduoduo virtual goods project

First of all, this project is not a zero cost project. On the contrary, it requires quite a bit of capital.

Let’s cut to the chase. Everybody lie back.

I’m going to do it from the bottom

To explain the gameplay:

1. How did you discover this project

2. Preparation of the project

3. Practical operation process

4. Precautions

5. Expand your gameplay

1. How did you discover this project

Remember I told you how to sell virtual resources through Second hand goods trading platform.

Before I write a project for you, I always actually do it. Yeah

Determine the completeness of the project and then write it out for everyone.

When I was writing about the virtual resources of Second hand goods trading platform, I studied the mechanics of each platform.

Found that the major platforms of virtual resources supervision is more serious.

Just go into any one

Ordinary shops, dozens of products each is hundreds of thousands of sales, bubble net profit I’m not good at math you can do it yourself.

2. Project preparation

Before we talk about preparation, let’s talk about the prospect of this project.

There has always been a phrase, called money-making projects are written in the criminal code.

We don’t do anything illegal, but

Look at it from the point of view of this sentence.

Major e-commerce platforms are clamping down on virtual products, that is to say, in order to send traffic.

So this project, I think, is an easy money project right now.

Back to the point, let’s talk about what we need to prepare in the early stages.

A business license, mobile phone computer

That’s a must, along with $50,000 or so in cash.

Business license, because some categories are required to have a business license to be on the shelf.

For example, you must have a business license to upload the relevant information.

About 50,000 cash, this is the platform rules, different categories, need to pay

The deposit is also different, the highest is fifty thousand.

Of course, this deposit can be refunded, but the refund period is relatively long.

3. Practical operation process

Online virtual goods mainly include what: textual research type of information, film resources, the platform members, recharge phone charges, picture package and so on.

I remember the old days

One of the habits of the family is to find what you need to find a universal treasure, now my habit is no matter what to find, to buy anything in the fight over the night, sometimes really will find some very interesting things.

First of all, we determine a category that we need to do.

Then log on to Pinduoduo Business edition,

Enter the background to register a shop, which is guided registration, everyone follow the process of registration, choose their own want to do the category can start to do.

Registration process here will not give you details, after entering the platform, what operation will be guided.

After we register, we can automatically ship it. Just

It’s time to start stocking the shelves.

When a new store launches a product, the platform will show you a portion of the traffic.

And every day on the shelf products will have flow support.

That gives us a lot of room to maneuver. Think about it.

In general, virtual

Products are fully automatic delivery.

So we focus on the main image and the detail page, again, we borrow from our peers.

Learn how to set up a good shop that others do.

4. Precautions

The assessment of the shop is very strict standards.

There’s a three-minute response rate, which means you need to respond promptly

The customer’s message, or the store will be punished.

We have set up an automatic reply for this, or you can use your mobile phone to reply.

There are a lot of considerations in virtual products that need to be avoided.

1. It is a virtual product, which is also a kind of e-commerce in essence, so when we put products on the shelf, the categories should not be too chaotic.

2. Do not put illegal products on the shelves, do not see others are selling, you follow the shelf.

There are a lot of businesses, use is not the game of margin, is to quickly earn a wave, and finally the shop directly do not.

Tell me why we can’t do illegal, because illegal will make our store reduce traffic, virtual

Although resources do not need cost, each is a net profit, but we should know that our unit price is low, need to flow to drive. Moreover, in other people’s home to abide by the rules of others, since the platform opened a shop, it is necessary to deal with the platform relationship. Don’t break the rules or anything like that.

5. Expand your gameplay

Virtual products

The project, the gameplay is very much, here to tell you one.

It’s been a while since everyone has been swamped by high-end gamers. I heard about this news on the night of the 14th.

Some of my colleagues started to operate it that night, and 65 pages of PPT were sold on every major platform on the 15th.

I don’t know how many platforms he put up,

But it is certain that the net profit per day is 1W .

This kind of play is too much, not to say too far, just say this year, red envelope cover production, wechat 8.0 software, send your name to Mars.

These are all virtual resources, and there are a lot of them that can be found with a little bit of searching.

Let’s take the easy one. On your side

If you can’t find it, find a colleague.

To sum up

Having said that, let me conclude.

The project itself can be done, but there is a funding threshold.

Don’t break the rules during the operation, it will be very troublesome afterwards.

If you don’t like this project, you can look at it and think about the logic.

Amway gives you an unlimited amount of money to make bricks


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