A use of information to make money business, no need to hoard goods to earn 500 a day


Today said a use of information to make money business, simple ideas, everyone can do!

In the previous article mentioned: Amazon alliance

What is the Amazon Alliance?

Simply put, Amazon traffic is limited! Amazon merchants in order to sell more goods, with the help of the official platform (that is, Amazon Alliance), set promotion commission, attract

Outside Amazon, there are traffic, resources of people (that is, we say Tao customers), to help merchants promote products, the promotion of products according to the commission ratio of sales to Tao customers!

The free single brother in the following picture is Tao customer, if his friends through his Tao password link, enter Amazon shopping, then you can get

A percentage of commission! As Amoy customers free single brother, is not need to stock up on their own, and want to sell what can be free to choose, as long as it is some on Amazon!

Speaking of Amoy customers, can be traced back to the webmaster era, when there is no what


, public number, Toutiao, the largest portal site or Tianya, each

Network station blogs show their magic, all kinds of rebate websites earn pot full bowl full, and then to the qq group Amoy, wechat group Amoy, app Amoy,


Tao Ke….

In short, where there is flow, where is the active place of Amoy customers, from Amoy customers have never disappeared! As far as I’m concerned,

Tao customer and micro business, e-commerce name ~

How does Amoy make money?

Circle of friends, group of these coupon advertising is how to make money?

Again in the case of silk stockings, as shown in the figure below, the price of this silk stockings on Amazon is 19.9 after the coupon


If you buy it directly from Amazon, it will cost you 19.




The cost of the stockings might be 10


If you sell 19.9


Then the merchant earns 9.9


But the flow of Amazon is limited, so I want to use the power of Tao customers to sell the product, so I set a 30% sales commission, then Tao customers through the alliance to buy this product, although it is necessary

Spend 19.9


But it made 5.97


The commission, one after the other, actually cost 13.93


! At the same time, the Amazon customers sell this product through their own resources, no need to stock up, each sale can earn 5.97



For businesses, it is nothing more than to earn a little more money

Question, go low running quantity or go the difference of profit! The advantage is that Taokers can improve the sales of products and other factors, so as to improve the natural search ranking of products to get better exposure…

Amoy customers are also graded, the higher the level, the higher the commission! Our common app Amazon customers (peanuts, pink elephant) are actually

Grafted on Amazon alliance, so than commission, Amazon alliance is the highest, but the alliance has no distribution level, only “flat A”

To put it more bluntly, it depends on how much profit or subsidy businesses are willing to share

Why is Simba so popular?

Because of fire, there is a topic, so people gas! The nature of business is

It’s people.

I have been to the Viya company and used an exaggerated way to describe “the businesses that want to cooperate with them are lined up from the building to several streets outside the building”. It is very simple. Even if a product only earns 1 dollars, Simba or Viya Li Jiaqi can sell hundreds of thousands of single easily after a live broadcast! If I make a dollar,

That’s a couple hundred grand a night.

What’s more, the intangible wealth of brand awareness has increased rapidly. With the support of “celebrities”, the price of brands rises. Many brands will say “this lipstick is recommended by Li Jiaqi” when they promote it.

This forms a state where businesses break the head to want and big anchors

Cooperate, provide benefits, lower prices, and even cooperate with merchants at a loss (for the sake of improving brand awareness)

So users are not stupid, things are cheap is not cheap still don’t know? So it’s all the more about the big anchors, which is why Simba is still standing after all this trouble, because of his back

In the back is a group of diehard fans!

After talking for a long time, what do you say is the business of making money from information poor?

Where are things cheap?

The broadcast room, especially the big anchor’s broadcast room, the principle has told you! Not only cheap, there are many benefits! Anchors in order to attract popularity often send out some benefits, these benefits to grab

The equivalent of earning! Limited products are more valuable

I like to watch Lao Luo live, and often buy some things. For example, he sold a mailbox, bubble net earn I have registered more than ten, the official price is very expensive, but the Lao Luo broadcast room is very cheap! I snagged it and sold it at a markup…


Buy at 30 and sell at 100 for Second hand goods trading platform!

This thing is not only Lao Luo is selling, selling a lot of people, the demand is also big! But Lao Luo this is the cheapest, it is the use of this information is poor, make money!

Second hand goods trading platform is really a magical place, all kinds of ways to make money!

Anyway, I watched it live…

A use of information to make money business, no need to hoard goods to earn 500  a day


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