Social networking sites recommend good things, notes can also take Amoy department of commodity links, social networking sites with goods the whole process!


In recent years, the trend of bringing goods has been rising, and every year there are platforms joining,


Kuaishou, Quora, etc., until now

Social networking Sites

Also officially open, as long as the creator meets the conditions can be added to the notes Amoy department commodity links.


Social networking Sites

I paid attention to the goods at the end of last year, but during the Spring Festival often play, so that

I put it behind me until recently.

I’m still optimistic

Social networking Sites

With the goods, but the facts and my idea seems to be different, this is for the moment, let’s see

Social networking Sites

How to bring goods through notes.


Social networking Sites

Different grass notes with goods difference

Social networking Sites

Everyone knows that grass grew, but you should also know that in the old days, grass grew

To plant grass, but no link jump.

Notes are also only with brand words and some commodity labels, users like to have to go to Amazon search.

Later, there are brand partners, enterprise stores, etc., after meeting certain requirements, you can bring links in the notes, but the restrictions are too much, and can only cooperate with the brand, business

Products are limited.


Social networking Sites

Has always been a variety of grass advertorials, the brand want to advertise can not see the intuitive data, do not know in

Social networking Sites

The number of people who come into the store after the advertisement is placed is not small.

And now

Social networking Sites

The end is change, in last year began to test, before is only live can hang

Links, now notes can also, but a longer delay, until this year to open, before also higher requirements, now greatly reduced.

Creative Center, you can see it in the delivery options

In addition, this product recommendation will not be like the previous brand partner, the link hanging is limited by the brand, this product link, as long as the official permission

Ok, can choose more, can say that this is a type of Amoy customer.

There’s actually an official explanation for this,

Social networking Sites

Just search for a window.

Two, how to do?

1. Open the permission to carry goods

The conditions of this 1K fans seem to be really not low for the novice, but if the opening conditions can not reach, what talk

With goods?

As for the rose powder temporarily don’t think about cheating, it is easy to be detected, if the violation can not be opened, so it is recommended to use normal methods.

I’ve written a piece before about

Social networking Sites

Fast rising powder to cash out of the article, in fact, can be used, although said to vertical, but there is no provision for only vertical, first to achieve the conditions

After the opening to raise the number.

Or you can buy directly, buy to meet the opening conditions of the account, just pay attention to not be pit when buying.

As for the last method, it’s easy to just do the content you want to include, and do it well, just don’t include links.

This part of the content is mainly for valuable, I previously

When writing Quora with goods, it said that why users would buy a product, which can write a lot of valuable.

This is one of the things that you have to learn if you want to deliver good content,

When you have enough “knowledge” to support, with goods will be more handy.

And I teach students to do Quora to bring goods

When will also let students to understand the product related knowledge, try to write articles out for me to check, and then let the issue.

What is dry cargo?

Science of knowledge

, such as how to choose the goods; Such as facial cleanser, oily skin for what kind of facial cleanser; How to determine what type of skin you have.

Evaluation class

As a piece

The actual feeling after using the product,

Social networking Sites

Bloggers on the evaluation category are really not few.

2, the selection of articles

This really don’t want to talk more nonsense, write Quora said, write Second hand goods trading platform also said.

But here’s another point,

Social networking Sites

The user attributes are different from those of other platforms. More than 70% are women and young women.

So the choice can be more

From the female point of view, such as cosmetics, clothing, decorations, beauty, etc.

In addition, we can transpose and think backwards. We all know that these fields are popular, which means that the competition is large. Can we choose some relatively minority fields or do long tail keywords?

3. Notes

Video notes or graphic notes?


Red book two types of notes through my observation

Social networking Sites

According to the list of people carrying goods released by the official account, these people take notes

Mostly video notes


It is also not difficult to think that video is more intuitive than text and text. Whether it is cosmetics or wearing clothes, video display effect is definitely better than text and text, which is an advantage.


However, when it comes to video, some people will not want to go out, here you can also consider finding some products that do not need to go out, of course, really want to do graphic can also, do not force, suitable for their own is the best.

Go on, do

Social networking Sites

There are still some differences between good things and Quora. Quora needs to write articles, valuable and use words to bring goods

To get users to want to buy.


Social networking Sites

Has to do with


Bring goods more like, no matter video or graphic, is to show the product as far as possible, with visual to stimulate the user’s desire for impulse purchase.

In addition, I have observed these talent, the individual video content is not directly related to the product, in my opinion, bubble money is real

Point difference, many other video content is relatively simple, production cost is really not high…

But they can do it, and they can even make it to the top of the list, so there’s something to learn from that. And I observed that:

The early notes are good, there are valuable, there are entertainment, will not be absolutely focused on one area, this


Social networking Sites

In fact, it is very common, valuable easy to attract powder, entertainment audience groups more.
Few directly introduce the product, some through entertainment to attract users to watch, and then introduce the product in the latter part of the video; There are also some valuable first, and then introduce the product; And tell you about it

With jokes and product presentations…

So there are a lot of different ways to do this, but remember one thing,

Social networking Sites

Grass grows grass, and everyone knows it’s advertising.

But the best

Don’t give the user the impression that you’re just a seller

Be as soft and tactful as possible.

Three, Right

Social networking Sites

Some of the ones with the goods

Opinion of person

After the notes can be inserted with links to products, I searched the notes of various products, and found very few notes inserted with links. The reasons may be as follows:

1, keyword search error, but I think this should not be.


Social networking Sites

There are various types of grass plants and great competition.

3, the choice of talent, before these people only need to pick up advertising on the line, hundreds to tens of thousands of people, as long as there is a brand to find cooperation, send a note can make money, do not need to be like today’s Amoy, sold goods to have money.

4. Shortly after the permission was opened, it took almost half a year to start, just like Quora with goods before

Break out,

Social networking Sites

It’s up to you to see if that will happen.

In my opinion

Social networking Sites

It’s worth it, and there are plenty of ways to make money:

First of all, there are several types of goods, do not want to do Amoy customers can also pick up advertising, in addition to their own shop;
Black ash production and account trading, do ranking

And so on.

And finally,

The so-called intersections such as the mountain, the mountain is poor information.

The money the rich make is the price you have to pay to cross the mountain.

Social networking sites recommend good things, notes can also take Amoy department of commodity links, social networking sites with goods the whole process!

Social networking sites recommend good things, notes can also take Amoy department of commodity links, social networking sites with goods the whole process!


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