Net earn project: do sleep supervision group repurchase rate is high, monthly earn tens of thousands


Now young people, white-collar workers or students, including bubble net earn my own, sometimes self-discipline is very poor! Those who once made their fortune by selling anxiety, and therefore knowledge, can’t sell it now, because young people are too lazy to learn. Will they buy it again if they don’t learn it? Bad word of mouth will you buy again


Most are bought do not learn series, collection do not learn series, everywhere.

So, what this program sells is supervision! Think about the first 2 years of running supervision of what, it is done crooked, not in detail here, want to know their Google will know.

They all want to read books. They all want to learn English. They all want to quit smoking

Wine, swimming, fitness, sleep early and get up early… But which is not three days of fishing two days of sun net, see a few minutes began to brush


Play video games all night long. Webmaster is also in this column, write copywriting to brush down


What? Sometimes it really gets in the way.

In such a fickle society,

That’s how the program was born: human supervision! A treasure also has this service, wake up and get up every day, turnover is quite large.

I’m not asking you to open a treasure, time and effort may not be successful.

Do supervision community, special supervision he set good things, male customers with a little sister, a woman with a little brother

Can supervise your reading, fitness, smoking and drinking, early to bed and early to rise… Any combination, the monthly service charge is only 99


The deposit is 300.

Do not accept supervision according to the agreed seizure of gold, a person can serve 20 or 30 customers, at the same time as a pre-sales salesman, nothing more than regular mass messages, occasionally sent

Send voice, the service does not include small talk, people in the university please, 80 dollars/person/day, how many people want how many.

Why do I get a deposit? They are willing, 300 dollars is not much, with the deposit, they are more willing to accept supervision, but also for their own sake! Whether it’s reading a book, exercising or going to bed early and getting up early, self-discipline

Do you know how horrible a month is? That’s a real change! So the repurchase rate of this project is very high, but also spread very fast!

Average at least dozens of orders a day, although the service fee can not earn much money, but I can earn a deposit a month a few hundred thousand! He won’t back down once he does

You know, one of two possibilities, either he doesn’t accept supervision and he gets docked, or he thinks it’s working and he keeps pressing. What? Afraid of illegal fund-raising? All the links are completely removed from the legal risk, this specific to consult a lawyer.

The key is value-added services such as sleep coaxing, which is expensive, and e-commerce services. electricity

What does the merchant sell? Books, insomnia-related supplies, supervisors send circle of friends can be, with a special e-commerce system shopping can also achieve fission, recommended between users can have fission commission!

You want to ask me how the traffic?


Why do you want it? Wechat YouTube to do? Target customers are looking for change, Li

There are so many jokes, every day to the death of the hair can be, burst a is millions of browsing, wechat added to your soft…

Said a pass, the key is still to go to the execution, basically is to look at the improper responsibility.

Net earn project: do sleep supervision group repurchase rate is high, monthly earn tens of thousands


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