I don’t have a project to work on. How many of these money-making projects can you think of?


I spent three days helping you guys gather ideas for making money starting your own business, and helped me list the common pitfalls of making money online. In fact, making money on the Internet is not as difficult as we imagine. What is difficult is that it is easy for us to stick to it for a week, it is also easy to stick to it for a month, and it is difficult to stick to it for three months or even half a year. So successful graduates

It’s a minority. 20% of people make 80% above the neck, 80% of people make 20% below the neck. If you’re unlucky enough to be an 80%, congratulations. Making money is not your destiny. I might as well go back to work.

You’ve been screaming about no project, no project all day,

Look at the following people, how do they make money? No matter how small the business, no matter how small the branch, some people do well.

Let’s talk about the traditional ways to make money on the Internet:

1. Make money by coding

2. Website advertising Alliance

3. Weike makes money by doing tasks

4, Amazon customers to make money

5. Open Amazon stores to make money


Building websites to make money

7. Wechat business makes money

8. Make money from we media

In the past two years, there is not only a fire with wechat business, but also a profession called “we media”. What is “we media”? It is personal media, referred to as “we media people”. This is just Ren Fenghua’s personal understanding.

The current shape of we media

There are many styles, such as Weibo, blog, wechat, etc., the only difference is the platform. What I do now is “we media”. I not only have a blog, Qzone, wechat and Toutiao, but also have settled in many “we media” platforms.

Here are some popular money-making ideas right now!


Social networking Sites

There’s a guy up there

Beauty blogger, every day to share their own adult store story, attracted tens of thousands of fans attention, less than a year, to recruit more than 100 franchisees, 5K fees. You figure out how much money she makes.

2. There is a big man on Quora who claims to have dozens of Tmall shops. He writes answers and records videos to divide them every day

He enjoyed his entrepreneurial experience and then began to sell projects to make money. He has sold projects such as blockchain, pet cat breeding and small seafood franchise. Charging thousands of dollars, countless Huyou were cheated, later reported on Quora, FH began to turn to the business


. Get a new vest and start harvesting again. According to the person concerned

He reaped a profit of more than 10 million in two years.

3, there is a diaosi, anything does not like to mix some H group, behind the watch someone in the group push inflation. Immediately smell a business opportunity, ran to add each other’s wechat, the same copy in others’ circle of friends, single out to find the other party delivery, oneself to earn a huge difference. Less than a year, diaosi

Turned the tables and became a rich man.



There is an unusual way in the broadcast called Dad, attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans, with goods on the way to live, earn millions of beauty every year



Q group to attract, and then do Tao customer to sell goods, I heard that the monthly commission is more than 10W.

6. Once someone opened a store in Bao selling King of Glory CDK gift bags and made 5000 pieces per month, then continued to copy several stores, and began to charge tuition and apprenticeship, with a stable income of 5W+ per month.

On the 7th, someone dedicated

Engaged in treasure fish and other power business platform sellers completed C disk software,26 US


, also unnamed software, helps customers remotely complete operations in ten minutes, the operation will be completed, the software and trash can cleaning, on the sale of this software thousands of times a month.

8. Someone is in


Name the doll, name the company

Word, and then drainage to wechat to help others name, divination, a single charge of several hundred. In fact, all you need to do is buy a place-reading app. In addition to the software costs, 200


One, the other is zero cost, and the revenue is net profit. Said these treasure sell name software, month sell also in 1W+.

9. Some people use it



Broadcast watches, claimed to be worth hundreds of thousands, for $1, you pay 15 postage. In fact, this watch costs 3 at a horse farm


Express charge 3


Cost 6


He made 10 each


. You give away 300 bucks a day, you make 3,000



10. Someone quickly recorded a live video of Subway beans,

It attracts tens of thousands of people every day, professionally tells the car to hang another one of those beans, and the gold price is 68


One. However, you can get this earwax for five bucks. In this way, he sold more than 5,000 in a month. Similarly, someone has recorded popping a pimple to get rid of mites. The yellow truck is hanging a divide

Mite Soap products, 59


, some car 4.5


“Sold thousands of them a month.

11, there is a wedding company, spent 250,000 to buy a super imitation Rolls-Royce, but the price of the real car 8000


A day rental. Meet the luxury car dream of others, meet the vanity, save the capital. About a month

I’ll recover.

12, have a partner, the habit of 28 years old, hairline bald adult excellent, Tianjin hair transplant spent forty thousand, now a black hair handsome see no, but his story, the end of the hair transplant, this occupation found profiting, his hair, the largest capital, received a thousand ye 4w. Went to him

The organization I learned spent 8,000 technologies, and the equipment I bought cost 3k. Now in Baoding, I can get several people to start the company every month, and the consumption in front of me is nearly n times…

13, a college student, do a lot of community, specially collect a variety of learning materials, postgraduate entrance exam materials, charge 98



Soon several groups were full.

There are many more:

Writing articles for money,

Now there are many platforms to make money by writing articles, commonly used are: Google experience, one point number, hundreds of numbers, wechat public number, Toutiao number, NetEase number, and so on. These we media can make money as long as the articles are good.

Doing tasks for money,

Can be found in Wei

Customer network, Alipay, micro customer above all have tasks, you can get the above tasks, get rewards, of course, there is also a brush task, this illegal task is best not to do.

Buy funds, invest money,

There are many places to invest in financial management on the Internet, such as Alipay, wechat, Mybank, Google Financial Management and Tencent

Wealth management, these are a few big platforms, and there are also smaller platforms where you can buy funds, stocks and so on,

Be a Amazon customer,

Is to do the promotion on Amazon, you are the real salesman, in the middle of the commission, if the promotion is good, can also make a lot of money.

Open a livestreaming platform,


On this platform, you can sing, dance and other skills. As long as you can attract others’ attention, you can perform on it and get rewards from others. This kind of platform is very popular now.

Forward the article,

The task is to download an APP, sign up for an account,

Forward the article inside, others click to see the article, you will make money, the method is simple, convenient, each click from 5 to 15 points, if your friends earn a little bit of money every day or can be. , etc.

There are too many ways to make money online. There are thousands of ways to make money online. Every line is being done

You know the way and the way, try to do it, want to be lazy and want to make money, it is hard to find, it is not realistic,

If the above ideas of making money start a business are still no inspiration for you to do projects, that bubble net earn I almost speechless.

Next, I will give you a list of several network money pit, I hope you day

Then we met a detour.

1, do not go to do those pure coolie work. Mission lists such as questionnaire survey and voting, as well as pure coolie handling operations such as handing out leaflets, washing dishes and delivering takeout, because these are hard money, completely without any accumulation, no matter skills or experience, can not be obtained

Growth. Although some can make some money, in the long run, it is not worth it. But you can be the organizer, the initiator, the person at the top of the mission.

2, don’t go to do S, first of all this work is gray, gray and black dividing line has always been unclear. People who don’t have much self-control are prone to it

Make an irreversible mistake. And 8 out of 10 S-orders are unreliable, so unless you’re lucky, you’re more likely to get snagged.

3. Don’t make more money than you know you can make. And don’t take on a side job that looks like it pays well, but you don’t really understand. For example, model generation shoot, work counterfeit dimension

Rights and so on.

4, some similar game trial, APP trial type of part-time do not touch, maybe can earn a little money, but I think it is a waste of time to earn money, pay and return is not proportional. Some requirements you do real-name authentication to make withdrawals, and the settlement cycle is very long. Maybe before you get your cash,

The platform ran away.

5, whenever it involves the payment of the deposit of the part-time resolutely do not do, because he is to earn your deposit, always want to send to try to return to you for a variety of reasons.

6, those who ensure that tens of thousands of monthly guarantee projects must not be done, no matter who the guarantor is, how big the background, even your own mother

I’m sure you need to be careful. If he can’t make money himself, he can guarantee that you will make money.

7, those who only pay money, do not give you any products (physical and virtual are not), promise only to wait for monthly or annual dividends on the line, such projects are mostly Ponzi trap

Don’t go. This kind of project is generally relatives and friends to pull you into the majority, whatever his friends, decide to refuse.

8, how to publicize the project how to make money, but has not mentioned the details of what project, so shady projects do not do, either is to change the old project new packaging, or will

It’s gray and black, so he’s afraid to tell you.

Today, with the development of the Internet, the Internet not only brings convenience to human beings, but also brings a lot of opportunities to make money. We are familiar with Amazon, Jingdong, wechat circle of friends that is what we call Wechat business. Where there are people, there are interests. There are interests

There will be a pit. In order to gain money, people will design a lot of traps, which is what everyone says: routine. The so-called: on when and when, dangdang is not the same; Eat a loss and a loss, loss has experience.

I don’t have a project to work on. How many of these money-making projects can you think of?

I don’t have a project to work on. How many of these money-making projects can you think of?


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