0 threshold coax project, novice can also operate, easy to cash


The project I’m going to tell you about today is actually a relatively old project.

ASMR believes that those who follow live streaming earlier should know.

When it was just introduced into China a few years ago, it spread very quickly.

Because a lot of people suffer from insomnia, and ASMR mimics some of us

White noise that the brain can wind down.

Like the sound of rain, massaging the scalp and so on.

Can be said to be a good solution to the problem of many people’s insomnia.

And there’s something inexplicably addictive about it.

So it spread very quickly.

But because this stuff is easy and something erotic

Edge, a lot of anchors also to do so, so basically at that time the live platform are banned.

But this is hard for a lot of people who rely on this stuff.

The project we are going to talk about today is of course this project.

Let’s look at the public number first.

For policy reasons, ASMR is a direct search

It won’t come out.

So we can only settle for the next best thing.

This is some public accounts that I searched for coax Sleeping. Because ASMR could not be searched, I changed it again and changed it into ASRM.

As for the demand, let’s take a look at the reading volume.

Now the reading rate of the public account is about

Ten percent of followers, that’s high, but there are more than 4,500 readers, so there’s a lot of demand.

In addition to this, it was published in October 2020, the second account of this account to sleep.

This means that its account is very inactive

So bubble net earn we want to use the public number interception on the ranking is very easy.

So many and accurate fans, the revenue is not to be underestimated.

Let’s take a look at the public number


The inside.

This account is a sleeping ASMR account, her works are not one.

But the powder

There’s more than 40,000 of them.

It is important to know that Posting video is faster than broadcasting, but a video can have so many fans without Posting, which means that the viscosity of fans is quite good.

As for why I am so sure that she is a fan of live streaming, is it because I have paid a lot of attention to this account

For a long time.

It is true that a work did not send, but the number of people live is quite large.

If you want to do a live broadcast, you can do it directly. Just buy an ASMR microphone online.

This thing is very easy to use, even sleeping copy can be directly on Google, or Pin-duo salted fish.


Because the things that are sleeping need to be quiet during the whole broadcast.

So some people who don’t like to talk can live in silence.

You don’t have to constantly interact with the audience like other live broadcasts.

It is good news for introverted friends who are not good at communicating.

0 threshold coax project, novice can also operate, easy to cash


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