Side door project: Peel folk recipe to make money, seize this opportunity you can also make a small fortune!


In recent days the weather is getting hotter and hotter, other cities are no exception, by this time the hands and feet will appear peeling phenomenon, bubble I also have this situation, before I went to the hospital to check spent hundreds of big


The original reason for their peeling is physiological peeling, fortunately not serious, can be cured.

I have some around me

More serious friends suffered from pathological peeling, treatment for many years can only alleviate, not cure, this skin disease is very difficult to cure.

Peeling refers to the peeling off of the cuticle layer on the surface of the skin, which is generally divided into two categories of physiological and pathological causes.

General is normal peeling phenomenon, some people often wash clothes, need to contact

Soap and laundry detergent, which can also cause hand peeling phenomenon, a period of time will be good.

We did not do a good job of hand maintenance and protection measures in hot days, did not apply hand cream, drink water and so on, which will easily lead to dehydration, only produce peeling phenomenon.

The weather is getting warmer, some people are eating meat, a few

I hardly eat vegetarian dishes. Lack of vitamin b leads to peeling phenomenon.

Some people suffer from ringworm or perspiratory herpes disease, which also leads to peeling, and should be treated in a timely manner when necessary.

I recently learned that some people use seasonal peeling to make money, I was curious to dig into the solution, only to find this

There are a lot of people in need of skin. We can sell peeling folk remedies or finished ointment to make money by using the demand. The target population is very wide, almost men and women, young and old will appear in this peeling situation.

The second

In fact, both online and offline,

A novice

It has always been the phenomenon of looking for a project, and now people’s mentality is very impetuous, so it is a normal situation in the Internet circle to change the project frequently after the completion of a project. It is indeed very common.

Look for a project on the go, there is no need to always exchange

In other words, money is earned step by step, and you can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry.

In fact, the project is very simple, the more complex the project is more difficult to go to the end, the road is simple!

Every detail of life can be derived from a project, this is not a boast ha, the fact is so, there is a demand, there is a market, we want to go

The current project is not to find the project or even to buy the project. As long as the project can meet most of the needs, it can make money. Undeniably, just like the peeling folk recipe project shared today, the demand group is very wide.

【 Three 】

This peel folk recipe project has a huge customer demand, it can earn money, see how you fuck

Disk project and operation up.

Many people think that peeling is very normal, do not have to pay attention to, is not what disease, but you do not know is that patients with peeling are really painful, very upset!

Every hot season hands and feet will peel off a lot of skin, sometimes like a rose off, at the beginning of the itch is not painful

With the passage of time, it will slowly become more and more painful, who can endure this disease? Especially women, eager to become more beautiful, will not cause themselves too much pressure, will try to solve it, men are the same, teenagers are no exception, everyone wants to be good, isn’t it


Perhaps some patients are trying to use many methods, such as diet, vitamin b supplement ah, traditional Chinese medicine and so on spend a lot of time and money, only a few people can only maintain a period of time, want to root is estimated to be hanging, take medicine every day, usually light diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, usually eat less staple food, more

Eat vegetables and less meat.

My relatives also have a lot of people with such a situation, the symptoms of peeling hands and feet seriously affect their lives, are trying to solve it, even a radical cure, because such pain is really too uncomfortable, no matter how much the cost also want to radical cure such pain.

So this peel folk recipe makes money

Money art project appeared, comply with the market demand! Making money is something that comes along.

【 Four 】

First of all, we use the whole web index to search the keyword peeling.

From 2021-1-24 to 2021-2-22, the whole net search peeling index in the stable growth, the average index is about 40,000


What does this data show?

This shows that a large target population has this demand, and the Sogou mobile search index accounts for 97%.

Looking at related words and long tail words, these search terms can reflect a variety of different needs.

The whole data showed a high trend in the spring, indicating that the market demand is still very large


The whole Internet has no peel radical treatment method, but some rural clinics have some folk remedies, that is, ancestral folk remedies can cure peel, some people do not believe this folk remedies, that is why go to the hospital inpatient treatment effect is not significant reason, some Western medicine, Chinese medicine treatment effect is not good, but partial

You can cure it.

So only a small number of people who believe in folk remedies finally get rid of the disease.

If we want to make money by using this skin removal folk remedy, we can find such rural clinics to cooperate with. If we buy out folk remedy, it is unlikely that people will depend on this for their livelihood, unless you can pay a large price.

Or your side of the house. Village clinic

What about half the profit as long as it’s profitable?

If you have a team or resources, you can get a website, Google bidding and Sogou bidding, or quite popular. In the search browser search more people, you can focus on Sogou bidding, after all, big

If we can get rid of this disease, it doesn’t matter if we spend more money.

When we do this peel folk remedies, we must pay attention to the general folk remedies have a process, it is impossible to cure in 1-2 months, everyone’s condition is different, so we can only say that the conservative radical treatment effect is more than 70%, the therapeutic effect has been

By very good, in the promotion of the time do not exaggerate, ultimately more than worth the loss!


In addition to the use of bidding method to promote can also use other methods, bubble net earn I give you to share a thought.

Amazon store search peel folk recipe.

If you have a lot of money to back it up, you can change the peel prescription

Into the ointment or potion, these are easy to get, to the formal legal operation, the relevant procedures are OK.

If you do not have the strength, you can promote the following ointment, you can talk to the shop, or apply for an agent, these are all OK, as long as you have the ability.

The best way to do that is with a local name

Clinic collaboration.

Generally every city will have such a clinic or Chinese medicine store, we can find them to talk, take sincerity to talk, generally have the strength of the clinic is a lot of repeat customers, the reputation is certainly very good!

To find such a strong clinic either cooperation, or from his low price into a batch of ready-made Chinese medicine this is possible


With a product, we can market it locally.

Establish a local treatment of peeling public account, we can borrow the strength of the clinic influence to promote, more to establish their own business wechat.

In the local to do the push, free trial, mainly plus the patient’s contact information, the back of the easy to say, effect

If it’s good, someone will buy it from you.

Early loss of some money for free trial patients, which is also for the benefit of mankind, we want to think long-term, later on the benefit of money.

The above is my personal operation idea, if the operation is not so simple, or there is a certain threshold.

Any project, no

It is as simple as making money on the surface, how much you pay, it can give you how much return, that’s all.

As long as we know the operation idea, it is not so complex, as long as the operation or make money, how much or rely on their own operating ability, here I only give the operation thinking!

In the end, you have to improve yourself

The trading ability, resource integration ability, operation ability and so on, so that in the future days in the wind and waves to stick to the last, making money is everything!

Side door project: Peel folk recipe to make money, seize this opportunity you can also make a small fortune!

Side door project: Peel folk recipe to make money, seize this opportunity you can also make a small fortune!


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