Earn money online: Google play money guide, earn $10 a day for half an hour


When we do overseas money-making projects, we cannot beat Google. Although it has been used in our country, the proportion of friends who really know Google is not high, while Google Play has more money-making channels.

What I’m going to share with you today is an APP from Google,

An APP that makes money for part-time jobs has been popular overseas for many years. There are many timely investigations in it. As long as we have time to complete one, the APP can settle some funds for us.

These reward funds can be withdrawn, or we can buy some products or games in Googleplay


This product launched by Google is called Google Opinion Rewards. This application is quite popular overseas, with over 50 million downloads and about 2 million daily active users, which also proves that the platform is more effective than other platforms

More stable.

Then this APP can be used on both Android and Apple. The iPhone bonus will be automatically entered into your PayPal account, while the Android bonus will be directly entered into your Google account.

Google’s goal with this APP is to know what advertisers are advertising, which

Class delivery is good, and can attract more traffic, and then introduce more quality advertising.

In addition, the questionnaires on the APP are relatively simple, and we can finish one in about one minute at our daily speed. Ok, let me take you to see how this APP should be done.

First of all, I

Open the APP, read the terms of use, go to the bottom, click “Accept”, and enter our full name, zip code, and country.

After typing, we go to the next step, select your age group, click continue, and here is sex

No, the language, etc., depends on the country you choose.

So we hit Get started and then we hit Tun on, so we’re registered, the RMO up here in green says zero, once we’ve completed some questionnaires, the income will be shown here,

Ok, so

If we click on the blue here, Answer Survey, it shows a questionnaire,

This questionnaire is just a test, we can’t get commission by doing this questionnaire, it is just the first time to do the survey, APP to test whether we know these problems, this questionnaire is fast

There is no reward for it. There is no need for us to waste time on it.

If there are other questionnaires, they will also appear in the four little people. The most important point here is that this APP does not have endless tasks like some other platforms, but

It seems that he did not earn much money after doing a circle. However, he has an assignment for this APP and will inform you, but the commission is slightly higher.

You don’t need to worry about these questionnaire questions, each survey basically consists of three to six questions, we just need to answer honestly, then we answer these questionnaires

How much money can be earned?

These surveys usually cost 10 cents to a dollar


We can use that money directly to spend on the Google Store, or buy other things,

And when we use this APP to make money, make sure that I

We have opened the Google Opinion Rewards Notifications. In the top left corner of the APP, click on setting below and notifications to make sure the Settings are turned on. This is done every time we have a new notification

The survey will be notified.

Of course, you can also open the questionnaire every day to see if there is any new questionnaire, and complete the survey in time once you receive the notice. Many survey questions on this platform are time-sensitive, usually 24 hours, and the task will disappear once the time has passed.

We answered the questions truthfully

The platform will occasionally give you one or two trial-and-error questions, for example, when we are in the mainland, it will give you a place in Hong Kong. The survey questions may also be, how was the XXX activity you recently participated in in Hong Kong

You have to choose I haven’t been there.

Because the platform tries every means to put an end to fake information investigation, which is not conducive to their obtaining the authenticity of the news. Therefore, for certain things, we cannot lie, and the APP can obtain the geographical location.

If this APP is currently used in China, it is still

It is necessary to take a ladder. In addition, if we locate it, we can locate it in Hong Kong or Taiwan, so that the APP can support traditional Chinese.

Ok, so that’s it for this week’s Google Opinion Rewards moneymaking program, the APP every

You get about 20 or 30 surveys a day, and when you turn on notifications, you get a push message on your phone.

Pull average at 0.5 US per task


So, we’ll get $10 for our daily survey


Around, and more importantly without too much time a survey content is not bad

A minute or two more and you’ll be done.

Work half an hour a day for $10


, convert to


A few tens of dollars, that’s pretty good.

Earn money online: Google play money guide, earn $10 a day for half an hour


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