By running monthly into one hundred thousand, alternative live play with goods project share!


People now play live video to bring goods, really creative ah

When you look at other people’s manipulations, think about it

If you can think of anything, others can use it to create traffic

Then turn on the cash mode

Making money is really about using your brain

Long time desk work, body shortcomings become more, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, mice

Standard hand, excessive fat and other problems followed, to the physical examination was told to exercise more.

The body is a source of innovation, so start running in the morning.

Not to slim down, simply want to improve physical fitness.

After 18 days of running, I could obviously feel that my body condition was getting better and better gradually

Out of breath until you can do three, five, eight.

The feeling of “taking on myself and breaking records” is particularly good.

Breaking the record for the longest running time,

Breaking the record for the longest distance run,

Breaking the record for the shortest time in a kilometer,


It will be much easier to turn responsibility into positive encouragement.

This is when I run

The most profound experience.


A man’s worst enemy is always himself.

If you don’t exercise for a long time, come up to yourself to run 10 kilometers today, most likely you won’t even run 3 kilometers.


Because of a mismatch between talent and purpose.

The correct way to do this is to step up and run two kilometers for three days

, then 3 kilometers run for three days, then 5 kilometers run for three days, step by step to break their physical limits, let the body small step fast walk, can gradually get used to the rhythm of this movement, adhere to half a month, and then to fight may be much bigger.

Running is a struggle with your willpower, and so is making money.

Some of them are making $3-5

Pay, just think I want to start a business to make money, give yourself a policy of one million a year, see the profitmaking project red eyes, high probability this person will be cut leek.


Because of the mismatch between cognition and talent.

The novice’s logic for looking at a project is:

How much money does the project earn?

What is the process,

How long will it take,

Is there anyone with,

How much is the plaster?

The logic of an expert looking at a project is:

Whether the project will be stable for a long time,

Whether the process can be replicated in bulk,

What is the conversion rate,

Input-output ratio,

What I have, what I don’t have, who to deal with.

One is to learn ideas, to spend time learning to make money.

One is the policy idea, operational project requirements to deal with which

Some questions.

A monthly salary of 3-5K, an annual salary of 40,000-60,000, a more reliable positioning is 100,000, 300,000, 500,000 sequential increase, each time the hope of revenue progress, it is necessary to continue to disintegrate, to obtain higher bubble net income, you need to deal with what problems, you can improve the efficiency of the operation.

All one has to do is admit

Clear yourself, better ability to choose the direction.


It is easier to succeed by doing what you are good at than by doing what is right.

Wechat has an old friend, is an entrepreneur, together is also a jogging enthusiast.

Keep running for 2 years and lose 50 pounds.

In his spare time, he slimmed down from 210 pounds to 160 pounds

Calendar sharing to the Internet, just at the beginning of the record, and then gradually affect many people who want to slim down.

Two years later, he became very popular:

Quora has gained 170,000 followers

We got 440,000 on station B

keep up 1.6 million followers

He became a keep expert and was invited to develop courses.

Some time ago, he posted a message to his moments:


The number of people punching in the big base slimming class has now broken ten million.

Now use their own advantages, do the best: open practice camp, customized fat reduction meter, 1 on 1 consulting, professional certification practice…

He said he has served more than 2,000 people.

According to the data from our previous slimming camp, generally

The price of online slimming training camp on the market is about 2000


/ person, the service cycle is about 1-3 months, determined may be directly calculated according to the body target, such as 10 catties sprint, 20 catties devil and so on.

That means he has earned at least $3 million so far.

Turning a hobby into money, he is

Many people’s teachers.


Just need shopping malls, cash more than one way.

A lot of people might say,

I’m thin myself, I don’t need to be thin, this path is not for me.

I’m not good at it. I can’t compete with the best. I’m afraid I can’t do it.

I am very lazy, the execution is not very good, afraid can not stick to.

This is the limit of thought.

Run dry

No, I don’t think so.

Sell class no teacher, sell goods line.

You’re afraid you’re nothing, and you’re so picky.

In any large need, there are many small needs.

It’s really not hard to catch one and make some money.

I’ve bought a lot of things since I started running.

What to eat: buckwheat noodles, brown bread, chicken breast


What to wear: running shoes, quick drying clothes, and vest

Drink: Black coffee, protein powder, low calorie drainage

Learned: Slimming recipes, fitness tutorials



There is such a play in the broadcast room, sports amoeger:

Business recruitment appearance level anchors while running and broadcast fans chat, attract running fans to watch, and in

In the process of running, I constantly introduce products related to running scene from the high Commission association, such as Bluetooth headphones, sports cups, sports clothes, etc., and then earn domestic money.

See the image below.

The account broadcasts 1 live show every day, each show lasts 2 hours.

The goods brought in June were 3.013 million, the share of mercenary money was 8%-15%, and the net commission profit was 10

Ten thousand plus.

Here it is.

How can you sell goods by running?

The principle is simple. Birds of a feather flock together.

Running in the morning is a specific type of behavior. People feel close to others who have the same lifestyle.

According to the empathy for the anchor, and their own is really just need, naturally can transform.


How to do that?

1. Hardware

Mobile phone: iph

one 11 or more

Anti-shaking: and anti-shaking magic.

2. Software

Register an account with the “running” tag.

3. Open the window

Open the product window and give a deposit of 500 dollars. It can be refunded if it is not done later.

After signing up, search the Select Alliance for sports-related products: headphones, towels, etc

4. Live stream

What products do you push

You just shoot a product back and show it when you broadcast it live.

Find a friend or your wife and do it together.

A person to run, a person to run with.

The runners focus on running, and the runners take photos and communicate with the audience.

5. Live talk


Refer to the process 2, find a peer directly hard copy words can!

6. Drainage powder



Now comes the fan base, which can be used to increase interaction rate and improve play volume.

Following the above process, a project can be closed loop.

A friend with self-control can deepen the study.

More projects are coming out of various extensions

Making money is the process of exercising your skills

With this technology

Making money is like playing a game

By running monthly into one hundred thousand, alternative live play with goods project share!

By running monthly into one hundred thousand, alternative live play with goods project share!


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