Spell a lot of virtual resource projects, daily revenue 100-300 is not difficult!


Virtual goods to realize the excellent is no cost, can also be enlarged in batches, more suitable for novice trading version, low cost of trial and error, can sell a product countless copies, the number of sales and execution is proportional to

The trading of virtual goods appears on more platforms, such as Xianyu and Amazon, but Xianyu trading of virtual goods is easy to be

Seal, need manual delivery, each platform has advantages and disadvantages

Today in the patchmore hanging time, see the virtual shop sales are surprisingly high, and the whole automatic delivery, arouse the bubble net to earn curiosity, carefully studied, found suitable for novice trading, today and everyone to share out

We built it at Grade one

Teacher video for example, to Amazon search keywords, sorting way to sales from high to the end

The price is 50 per guest


About, the highest sales within 30 days 10,000 , 50*10000= 500,000, a profit of 500,000

The sales volume of Pinduoduo is more than 100,000, and the unit price of customers is 5


Start, and the set is selling for 5



The cumulative profit has also started at 500,000 dollars, and the monthly profit starts at about 20,000 dollars

The content purchased by customers is the video shared by Google web disk, for 5


Customer price, customer purchase time more willing to try to buy 5


If you are not satisfied with the video, 5


The loss of money has little impact on product recognition

There will be some re-purchase

According to market demand and commodity pricing, it is easier to start selling virtual products on Pinduoduo. Try boldly and come back if you fail. Don’t be shy, we can minimize the loss

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Demand: Every industry needs to obtain a certificate and conduct professional title assessment, such as the certificate of doctors, from physician assistant, to practicing doctor, then to attending doctor, then to deputy chief physician, and finally to director. Every level rise needs to be studied and considered, such as the construction industry, from the second

Build to build is the same truth, your certificate is your personal endorsement, is also graded, and nurses, medicine, firefighters, accountants, securities, are the same truth

2. Solution: Collect tutorials from well-known training institutions, put them on the shelf, and attract users to place orders with low price and high quality content

Period automatic delivery, realize automatic money

3. Revenue composition: unit commodity pricing 5


At the beginning, single users will buy package products, the price of the customer is 10


The above

Ii. Specific implementation

No matter in the Second hand goods trading platform, or Amazon, or fight more, the display of goods is Google web disk link, we need is to organize courseware capital

Source and optimize store details page

What are the types of courseware?

Accounting industry: junior and intermediate accountants, tax accountants, accounting content includes practice, economic law, financial management and so on

Construction industry: Mainly divided into the first construction and second construction, supervision, but due to different academic majors, the content of the examination is also different, including mechanical and electrical, highway

Municipal, water conservancy, mining and so on

Securities industry: securities analyst, securities industry, investment consultant, investment analysis, financial market, futures foundation and industry, etc

There are other industry information, I will not go into details, from the above three industries, we can find a common point, each course information package

It is very detailed and complete, which can meet the needs of different people. Users with needs, when considering the time of self-study or training class, the data collection is not very comprehensive. You can provide any data that customers want here one by one, which is your core competitiveness

If you work in the same industry, find relevant ones

Information is easier to find what customers want

Registration of Pinduoduo store, deposit 1000


, no margin can also be put on the shelf, but limited to collection, so the margin is not small, the amount can be refunded

All the videos in an industry are posted in a product link that contains different SKUs, each representing a different sku

A user group, there is always a suitable for customers

Video materials should ensure the latest market models, the policy and content are changing every year, taking old videos can not convince customers, so you should be careful enough to find video time, do not deal with

The way to get the video: the most crude buy peers, and then lower the price on the shelf

The product is disruptive to the market. It is suggested that the price can be the same as that of the peers, and price war is not supported. It can be slightly lower, with specific advantages, and do not disturb the market

About the details of the page packaging, you can use a template, modify different video content, can also be simple and rough on Google web disk video content screenshots, let

Users can see you have what he wants, but the main figure to do seriously, change a few times the main figure, the main figure is the impact of the click rate, the size of the click rate will directly affect the income, the main figure put some user search keyword content, do not need more beautiful, simple and rough

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people: At present

They are also the test crowd, who can accurately grasp the psychology of textual research personnel and make textual research videos their sideline

2. Cost: Details page production, video screenshots can be shown in the early stage, which can be saved, the deposit is 1000


3. Risk and control: video quality should be passed to avoid bad reviews

4. Revenue: Daily revenue 1

00-300 is not difficult, spell a lot of customer attributes to find low prices

5. Project extension: PS video tutorials, plug-ins, computer installation packages, these virtual products can be put on the store, to achieve automatic profit

Iv. Conclusion:

Virtual products are all about execution and sharpness. You work harder than others

It will accumulate more, and you can draw parallels and sell different virtual products. If you are a member of the research road, it is recommended to implement, and that is all for today’s sharing

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

Recommended video courses:

Spell multi virtual store: multi store batch

Operation, each shop daily income in 200-1000, 2021 to make money in the new wind mouth

Spell a lot of virtual resource projects, daily revenue 100-300 is not difficult!


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