2021 TikTok New buzz: 13 TikTok city number projects to share


I want to share one with you in 2021


Short video on the new direction of counterattack —

One city ship

Why do you want to do the same city?

1. Help to create differentiation

Now with short videos, differentiation is important. Choose to do the same city, represents the customs of a certain region, distinctive features.

2. Platform support


There is a special section on the website, which is the same city section, and when we release short videos, if we check the check box of the same city, we will also get the corresponding platform recommended traffic.

3. Easy to liquidate

A lot of brick-and-mortar stores are struggling right now, and a lot of business owners are trying to figure out how to find a breakthrough through the Internet, if you

There is a ten thousand followers of the same city number, will receive a lot of local business advertising.

Which areas are suitable for building the Tongcheng?

When it comes to the city number, many friends may think of the field is food first, mainly to do shop number, through the local catering business advertising cash.

Well, there’s a lot more to it than that

The field can be expanded, as shown in the following figure: Bubble net income here to give you a summary of 13 suitable for the city number operation direction. (A thousand words in the picture below)

The above areas are good choices, if you choose the relevant area, be sure to make relevant videos around this area, so that fans quality

The amount is going to be higher.

In addition to the above 13 fields, partners can also explore other appropriate fields to operate based on the actual situation around them.

After Posting the video to


At the same time, it can also distribute the content to other platforms like Toutiao, trying to do full platform distribution.

Above all,

Today is the project to share with your friends, I hope it can be helpful to you!

2021 TikTok New buzz: 13 TikTok city number projects to share


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