Sideline money project, operation of local dating groups to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month


In this society, there is no shortage of opportunities to make money, but what is lacking is the eyes to find opportunities. Just like the sideline money-making project of dating group, young people are under great social pressure and life pressure. They are busy with their work every day and have no time to find suitable marriage partners for themselves, which has led to the birth of dating group.

A blind date

Groups are created to solve the marriage problems of these young people, especially in big cities. There is no pressure to run these groups and make tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Yesterday, Tomb-sweeping Day and weekend, I went out for a stroll. I saw a huge blind date in our local park. I said blind date, but I didn’t see it

For many young people, it is their parents who share information about their children, including their contact information.

Maybe seeing me alone, someone came up to me and gave me a form to fill out, the profile of a single dog, and then pulled me into a single dog group, told me there were both men and women, but

So you can send out your personal information and anyone who is interested can contact you.

This is indeed an old way of professional matchmaking business. Only by attracting enough single young people can we attract more people. After I joined this group, I found that there were only three or four girls, and more than 100 other young men

It’s pretty out of whack.

These young men are enough to show the huge nature of this market, so how the matchmaking group to make money, this needs to be told from several angles.

Threshold fee

Flow resources for money this kind of thing is not a new thing now, as long as you have enough dating flow in your hand, itself can give you

A lot of income, and this income is just the beginning of the income, is the threshold fee.

Like the group they pulled me into, more than one hundred young men, want to know more of the opposite sex, can only enter another group, and at this time the group leader jumped out, want to enter another group, the threshold fee is 20



You think this 20


The threshold of

And that’s it? No, it’s just the beginning. Dating groups make a lot of money. The first people in the group make a lot of money. They screen the members according to all kinds of criteria.

Here I divide the group into several categories, such as the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s by age

And so on, according to the region, local and other surrounding counties and cities, and according to the characteristics, divorced group, flash marriage group, sister and brother group, tall group, local group, and according to the township group, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan Hebei, NewYork, Shenzhen, Washington, Tianjin, and so on, can also be divided by conditions, undergraduate group, ordinary

Education group, housing group, high-end group.

This high-end group is also particularly interesting, relatively good occupation, civil servants, public institutions, flight attendants, banks, medical care, gold collar and so on. The prices of these groups are all different, from basic groups of 20 dollars to high-end groups of 80 or 100 dollars.

Fellowship fee

You think you can pay to join a group

Have you found the right one and settled down?

Another very important income of the dating group is the membership fee of the fraternity. After all, people usually don’t chat in the group. In order to stimulate people’s enthusiasm, the group will often hold some meeting, also called exchange meeting.

You need to be able to attend these meetings

To pay to sign up, of course, the membership fee is not the same, because some fraternity of high quality, high education, good career, membership fee will naturally be high.

Of course, there are a lot of things around dating groups that can make money. Even if you just help two people connect casually, you may have to find each other for a certain service fee, which is like some marriage

Dating sites are pretty much the same, so making money from dating groups is a worthwhile project.


Of course, we do not have resources at the beginning of the local matchmaking group. We need to accumulate a period of time before we can really gain profits.

Theoretically, there are two kinds of accumulation of this resource. The first is online resource, that is, all over the country

Yes, the second type is offline local resources, both of which can continue to gain benefits for us.

Online Resources

We should see a lot of this online, there are a lot of platforms on the Internet is directly to us to integrate a lot of this information, spend a little money in the direct add on the line.

And then there are the various

Local forums, convenient life information network and so on, can also collect these information.

There is the kind of passive drainage, directly find some local post bar, drainage in the post bar, or do QQ group screen marketing, directly register a few small city blind date group, city name blind date, because the big city bully

The screen is really hard to make.

In this way, you can continuously attract these dating traffic to join your group. When the number of people gradually increases, you can set the payment threshold, which is the first step to make money in the dating group.

Offline Resources

If you want to focus on local offline resources, it will be more difficult in the early stage, after all, the number of early group

Back then, the quickest way to get people to join is to visit local matchmaking venues and gather information about them.

It’s like I was just hanging out in the park for a break, seeing so many people on blind dates. Out of curiosity, I took a second look, and someone was very enthusiastic about giving me a profile form for the bubble website

And by bringing me into the group, they understand the importance of resources.

In addition, especially do the integration of local dating resources, local contacts should be wide, go out more, and know the basic situation of who’s family, so that you can be convincing and more authoritative when making dating introductions.

In general, the matchmaking project is more in tune with The Times

Time, and the novice in the operation is not very difficult, want to make money in a short time, or to spend a little more drainage mind, dating traffic more, the more money.

Sideline money project, operation of local dating groups to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month


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