The adult products of the profiteering project, one single day, daily income of 300+!


As 2021 is nearly half over, I believe many people are still looking for projects. To be honest, there are really no good projects this year. From the looks of things, the mainstream projects are mostly scouted customers, unsourced goods, collecting wool and pulling heads.

A lot of them actually make money, but not a lot of them eat meat, and

Most of the projects are charged, do the project, it is so, there is no perfect project, only hard enough, enough hard enough, in order to kill a way of money!

Today I share a project is a relatively less competitive field, but also a very lucrative industry, adult products market!

I. Industry trend: Both men and women, young and old

Temperament and interest

Many people think that adult products are the preserve of young people, but the reality will make you jaw drop and go straight to the statistics!

Big data of adult products consumption on Tmall and Amazon:

In the 1930s old people still bought sexy underwear; (I mean it’s hard to look at)

The post-60s love to buy lubricating oil, accounting for their total consumption of sex toys

76.9% of the total;

The post-70s have no obvious preference for sex toys and prefer to have a set of all kinds of equipment.

The post-80s generation contracted 32.83% of the sales volume of vibrators;

Post-90s contract 38.73% of the sales of delayed spray;

The post-00s contract remote control ricochet 53.12%, 44.47% shrink shade ball;

Articles for adults

Not only is the penetration rate getting higher and higher, but the frequency and total amount of consumption is also increasing.

The post-80s and post-90s generation has become the main force of social consumption. They generally receive modern education and pay attention to their personal “sexual well-being”.

According to the survey, the acceptance rate of sex products among adults has exceeded 93%, and the industry is “socially bound”.

Rapid elimination makes the adult products market gradually return to the track of benign development, began to enter the high-speed growth period.

2. Product profit: 300+ per order

The profit per product is close to 300. If you only sell one product a day, you make 300 a day.

There are many categories: sex clothes, sex toys, inflatables, health care, etc.

You can do any of these categories individually, they’re all one item.

Three, traffic: everyone is your user

The key is to make color flow, eating color sex, the so-called color flow is really everywhere, not limited to men and women, ask what adult does not have this need? Especially on the network, those old color batch more fearless, open teeth

Dance PAWS.

Drainage channels:

1. Offline: I believe that most people will see similar ads when decompressing in public toilets, “increase and increase the thickness of super durable” XXX health care products, please add XXX wechat, these ads are selling adult products, and those involved in the yellow different, there is no service, just finish

It’s all business. It’s all business

2. Online:

(1) Short video

I believe you brush video often brush to some beauty hot dance material, these are the porters bubble net to earn to move color flow, is nothing more than A platform moved to B platform, B platform moved to A platform, here to tell you a skill – skin shrimp old color batch

A lot of

A lot of prawns are specially carried to increase powder.

(2) Social platforms

Very popular like some nearby people, tinder, Tantan and so on, is nothing but fishing station street mode, but the fish caught do not engage in fraud, serious marketing, those who are anxious to find the opposite sex in social software, are smart

Worm on the brain bubble network to earn diaosi, want to fraud is actually very simple, but there will be public security to punish you, it is not worth when, so still be sensible, rely on the product temptation to place an order, anyway is a transaction, why not take the right way?

Product words, there are a lot of copy and pictures are very attractive, specific words we operate

When you can collect some, the marketing effect can also be used.

(3) Post bar forum

These platforms are suitable for streaming relationship stories, making a post, making up a story, what the sex life was like before using XX products, what it was like after using it,

Don’t underestimate the routine. It’s a bit of a cliche, but look at that

Huge investment in large advertising, tens of millions of CCTV advertising is just these routines, such as cover in cover, all rely on the story of emotional, impulse consumption.

Iv. Project operation

Do not recommend the traditional e-commerce model, what Amazon, fight more and so on, no advantages, each other burn money price war, no profit, this

The biggest advantage of the industry is profiteering, so must not go Amazon route, must not be the same as Amazon, suggest Google bidding mode, steal steal story can, don’t be silly to vote click!

First we solve the supply problem, the old driver knows where to get the supply.

Recommend 1688, and wechat business

Source network platform.

The packaging of the 1688 is not very good, but the price is cheap

Find wechat business agent, I believe many people’s circle of friends have to sell these products, find them to take goods but Wechat business agent has agent level, take goods price is relatively high, the best way is to take goods in 1688, with Wechat business agent of those advertisements

Content and all kinds of feedback chart transaction chart and other marketing content.

My friend is to do the Wechat business agent, do the agent is a little good, all the materials and circle of friends marketing content, do not need to prepare themselves, only need to drainage and then communication can be completed, is more convenient, Alibaba to take the product advertising ah, need

To get their own, of course, the business must also have product advertising, you can borrow.

Once you’ve secured the supply, you can start working on the project.

First of all, package wechat, must be a female number, the name of the basic profile picture does not say reference peer is OK.

The most important thing is the content of the circle of friends, the content of the circle of friends is divided into several links, I by

I believe you know this from the free video tutorials you’ve been sharing.

Product advertising: wechat Moments normally post advertisements of each product every day.

User consultation transaction figure: a user consultation or purchase transaction, screenshot sent to the circle of friends, did not do or copy their peers, modify the content is good.

User feedback chart: Yes

After the user purchased the product after a period of time to use the feedback chat record screenshot, the same copy reference peers, did not do it on their own.

Chicken soup for men’s health: Send some chicken soup that CR users are interested in the product, such as men can’t do it, refer to the peer circle of friends.

Benefits resources, freebies: Give them out now and then

Men interested in content, you know content, cheap, 1688 is cheap to buy.

Intra-city delivery is the best way, which greatly increases the sense of trust. My friend and his wife basically use nearby people, Tinder, Tanner and these nearby dating apps. The effect is very good and simple.

For example, prepare 5 wechat messages

Number, keep for a period of time, pack the account, open three times a day near people, a dozen is basically added, 5 number can add 100 people every day, of course, which must use the software, Wechat business one-key forwarding software, can modify the positioning, or a few wechat signals are all together to open nearby people are now in a

A place, each wechat positioning to different places, open a change a position, to ensure that a day plus a hundred people near the problem.

These are all details, in the process of operation encountered problems to solve the problem is good, my friend a dozen wechat signals, open a few wechat signals every day, drainage some people come in, because also do this

For a long time, these chat techniques are still very much in place, the turnover rate is also higher, we can also prepare some more micro signals and mobile phone one machine one operation, keep a good number, you can be passive drainage every day.

Nearby people drainage and details, as you know, now the nearby people should be, they were directly in

Personality signature inside write oneself is to sell adult products, this operation near the user to see, there is a demand interested in will add, the user is also accurate,

But because of the addition of advertising words, there is a user report is likely to be near the people temporarily can not use, behind a different way of play, get a few normal wechat signals, circle of friends

Personality signature name profile picture, all is normal, open nearby drainage, add wechat after the push to sell products large business cards for users to add, so it is very safe.

Nearby people do not have much high skills, more than a few nearby people can use the number.

As for Tinder, Tantan this software, I don’t need to say, packaging

Beauty account, color flow to wechat in the transformation of the line.

For those of us who make money online, the color stream is still relatively simple, too large quantity can not be done, hundreds of color flow a day I think it is not difficult, I know many people make color flow is good, have their own methods, make color flow to sell adult products conversion or

It’s good. It’s highly profitable.

As for some other platform promotion methods I will not say, see the relevant drainage article tutorial to do it.

Guide the flow to wechat on the line, sell products can not be converted to sell other resources, or the use of advertising conversion.

To sum up:

The project is simple and profitable, but the point is to do it

How much money you can make depends on yourself. At least my friend earns more than 500,000 dollars a year this year, thousands of dollars a day and that doesn’t count the money he earns from recruiting agents.

There are many more ways to play this project, and I can’t write too many words. As you do research, you will grow a lot.

If you’re not sure about your current life

Satisfied, you must make a change, the change is not how much you think every day, but to see how many things you do.

Want to be a person, must first work hard!

There are many ways to access the Internet, and I also collected a lot of information earned online, so I set up an intelligence agency.

Want to put more network money making intelligence and items

To share with more people,

Whether it’s cutting corners or bringing new ideas,

The depth of the Internet, why the water is deep, is because the information is too serious, you have this cognition to earn this cognition of money.

No cognition and work is no different!

The adult products of the profiteering project, one single day, daily income of 300+!

The adult products of the profiteering project, one single day, daily income of 300+!


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