It’s a $10 side project for beginners


Speaking of some empty glove projects on the Internet, we must think of poor information, poor information can indeed bring us a lot of opportunities, as long as you make good use of it, easily earn some pocket money is not difficult.

That in the current information highly transparent network, want to do some poor information project, and

It’s not an easy thing to do, and although we need to observe and learn more, it often depends on the circle you’re in.

What you know, everyone knows, and what you don’t know, everyone doesn’t know. Only people at the same level will stay in the same circle. Therefore, if you want to make progress, you must go out and enter

Go to a higher level to learn, to see.

Well, back to our project today, I will give you a simple information poor empty hand white Wolf project, as long as you can stick to it, it must be able to earn money, the information is poor project from Wechat business.

Mention Wechat business, we may despise it

In the nose, because of some negative reasons brush circle, but they brush in fact are advertising, every AD is a business, as long as you can research into, I have said before, no project, to study advertising.

That I want to talk to you today is that every micro business is particularly good at bubble net earn low price movies

Tickets, I believe that after reading this article you go to the operation, a month to earn two or three thousand is not what difficult, even if you see, will also save money.

There has always been a low price movie ticket program, and I think you all know, it’s a very popular program, but it’s such a simple program, and people don’t know how to do it,

I’m going to give you two directions here.

The key point of this project is how to get such a low price movie ticket. I just checked the movie that will be shown in NewYork today with my mobile phone and found a quiet place. 2, I chose English IMAX2D and entered with a ballot of 53 and a total price of 106

Switch to Los Angeles, also Wanda, also English IMAX2D, ticket price is 139.

You should be able to see here that the price of this movie ticket is controlled by the theater itself, rather than the whole country. So here I will take the ticket of NewYork first, select the seat and then take the screenshot.

After the screenshot, we were on Amazon

Search some low-price movie tickets, here I asked a few, directly throw the screenshots to them on the line, the price of these several are not the same, if someone buys a movie ticket here, you can directly change the middleman to earn the difference, earn a little bit of free money on it.

There is, of course, another way to make money from cheap movie tickets

To get more money because we can get a lower price, so let’s figure out the underlying logic of low price movie tickets.

I have told you above that the price of movie tickets is set by the cinema itself, so there is such a low price of movie tickets, in order to understand the relationship, we need to understand the film company and the cinema

Third party ticket platform, users and their hierarchical relationship.

At the very beginning, the film company has a minimum ticket price for the cinema, and the price is finally decided by the cinema. The price of the cinema is different in each place. Under the same conditions above, the ticket price of NewYork is lower than that of Los Angeles, because of the rent of the cinema

City per capita consumption levels are different.

When a theater gets a movie ticket, it will basically find a third-party platform to cooperate, because the third-party platform has a large amount of traffic. For example, at this time, a group got a low price ticket for the theater, and a certain eye also got it. At this time, the two platforms will do all kinds of subsidize activities in order to compete for users.


When the top wool party appeared, since your platform to subsidize, we will make good use of the subsidies of the platform to make money, these wool party all the subsidized platform download, and then register as a new user, this time can get a bunch of subsidies, all low price ticket qualification.

At this point we

We can use our purchase qualification to resell, the platform to do this kind of low price sale is basically a similar operation, as long as it is the national chain of cinema lines, can be purchased directly, after the purchase of batches of then sold to wechat business.

This project is especially suitable to do in the circle of friends, we often see some so-called wechat business

Agent, after layers of agent, sell movie tickets than our cheaper, through this low ticket, can attract a lot of local users, and then to talk about low summer water projects, playground low price tickets sold to the following agent, over time, there will be more and more people in you buy tickets here.

In fact, we

There are several small agents. It is no problem to go out one hundred and eighty movie tickets a day. If you want to make it easier, you will go to a treasure and resell them directly and collect money


It’s a $10 side project for beginners


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