Just need to make money, a single profit 59, the day 10 orders, simple and crude side project!


On a business trip, I found time to watch a movie Gold Mine.

Although the plot is cliched, the message is thought-provoking.

The hero of the twists and turns of gold mining dream, is not only reality, but also life.

Testing specimens faking, buying off the local government, inviting local investment groups to visit the field, and the big boss to sign a bet agreement, all kinds of things

Section reversal, relying on a false “gold mine news”, finally successfully completed the financing listing, gold hundreds of millions.

The details of the hack are unclear, but one detail is worth pondering.

The rich are not fools. They may have known the truth about the “gold mine”, but they did not care about the value of the product itself

It’s the expected value of it, just like Bitcoin is today.

If you are interested, you can have a look at this movie.


Find out just what human nature needs, you can lie down to make money

Can’t sleep in the middle of the night, brush


Find a way.


“Sleep”, “sleep aid”,

See a few “white noise” signs.

This kind of work has a very high volume of interaction, many people in the comments section expressed effective.

The content of the work is very simple, is a video of sleeping various sounds.

There’s nothing to it, but the sound is what’s interesting.

It is similar to the sound of rain, fire, running water, ear plucking, papierball kneading, etc.

There’s a professionalism to the sound

Noun: white noise.

The specific concept here is not to say, can own Google, in short, it can play a role in helping sleep.

People who can’t sleep, put the mobile phone has been the single cycle, slowly fall asleep.

It not only improves the completion rate of the work, but also increases the fan engagement.

It’s a great place to start.

Actually this one

The model exists for a very long time. It used to be called “asmr”.

For those who pursue sound experience, it is an excellent intracranial enjoyment.

In addition to the rise of powder fast, the work is easy to hit in addition, the cash mode is also simple and rough.


Virtual resources, a lot of money

The pain of insomnia, not many words, understand all understand.

Project Requirements

Begging is always there,

Wechat index search: “insomnia”, every day looking for a solution of more than 3 million people.

This is the basis for the liquidation.

Take a look at


How the peers operate:

1. Video editing work dubbing

Title Reference:

Deep sleep, 95% of people don’t last more than a minute

Listen to the sound, sleep

Even the worst sleepers can fall asleep


For insomniacs, every headline is a sore point.

Works are a small part, want to listen to the whole version of the need to add wechat.

I added one. Full audio 59


A set.

Yeah, it’s that low.

If you’re someone who suffers from chronic insomnia,

What would you do?


The problem is demand, and demand is wealth

In the era of “we media”, many people mistakenly believe that clip = film clip.

Well, there’s a problem with that logic.

If you’re making a short video, the clip is the basis for integrating the footage.

Create a lot of new content through the integration of sound, pictures and video.

Food Number: Edit cooking

Video post dubbing

Car number: Clip vehicle video post explanation

Music Number: Clip singing program sad copy


A lot of people, always say they have no resources, no contacts, no hobbies.

There’s a lot of value in your own life.

In a situation like this, where you’re the one losing sleep, what do you do


Let’s talk about the general operation idea of this project for you to draw parallels:

1. Find material

a. Collect it yourself


White noise (sleep aid music, asmr) Google cloud

b. Buy from a peer

Amazon, Second hand goods trading platform search:

Music for Sleep

2. Practical operation

Open a


, insist on uploading works.

Works can explode, mostly to see the text


Copy attack heart, content is easy to hit.

a. Where can I find the copy?

NetEase cloud sad song comment area.

Midnight people are the most emotional, listening to the music, looking at the copy, can not stop the tears.

b. How to cut the work?

Find 10 accounts to benchmark.

You do what other people do.

Upload three pieces a day, Jian

Hold it for one month.

Once in a while a video is popular, a few days can fill a number.

3. How to cash out?

Research what can improve sleep.

a. Refer to peers and sell virtual resources.

b. E-commerce is booming, selling sleep AIDS.

Melatonin, steam eye mask, traditional Chinese medicine pillow, latex pillow, soaking feet around…

See a good buy try to see, effective on the video belt goods.

c. Is it difficult to bring the goods?

Put the above product keywords on 1688 and search.

Many manufacturers support OEM, support a generation of hair.

It’s a matter of people. That’s all I can say.

For more details, please join the startup circle.

The above

“Is today’s share.

Just need to make money, a single profit 59, the day 10 orders, simple and crude side project!


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