Use used books to make a profit, a small project, someone has made about $50,000-60,000 in 3 months!


This is an inconspicuous small project with such a poor information that some people have achieved a monthly profit of 30W. The cost of this project is directly proportional to the income, and the scale can also achieve lying income!

The project was a friend’s project, and he stumbled upon a gameplay that worked after a simple test

I made about 50,000-60,000 in three months


When I was doing this project, I also found a friend in the group to do a test. When I was off duty, I could make a monthly profit of 2000-3000. This project is relatively simple, that is, your income is proportional to your time

Without further ado, get down to business.

We can never do any project without three points,

Product – Flow – conversion rate

First of all, let’s start with the product in this project.

Product Description:

The project is very simple, mainly around used books to do trade, many books are out of print, now the hardcover books in

The minimum for offline purchases is 50


Above, the market for second-hand books or out-of-print books is very large. Before doing this, we must first find a channel to buy second-hand books. There are two main platforms we can use:

1. Confucius Used Book network, the largest used book trading network in China, there are enough categories, almost all the books you want

All of them are available, but the only drawback is that there are many pirated books and the price of the books is low, even for a few cents.

2. Spell more, pirated copies are available, the books are brand new, the price is very low.

There are a few other platforms you can look for yourself, the above two are the main platforms to use, when looking for books to be able to distinguish books

True or false, I will talk about how to distinguish, in one is to buy more than 8 percent of the book, the quality is too bad to sell.

The flow of articles:

It is divided into three forms, active transaction, passive transaction and offline transaction

The active transaction platform, as the name implies, is that there are many platforms will take the initiative to recycle used books


The used books we receive from Confucius used books network are directly traded on the platform of recycling used books. The express fees are all from the platform. After the platform receives the books, it will confirm the authenticity and the old and new degree and give you a quotation.

The following is a platform for recycling used books.


The mobile phone is OK

Log in, around the collection of book categories are more complete, is also a relatively early platform, this platform can analyze what books are good to sell what books are not good to sell, good to sell will give you more quotes, not to sell will give you a very low price, the advantage of this platform is that the audit is not strict.

Catch more fish:

On the computer and on the phone. Tencent

The investment platform, about 2000-3000W, wechat also mainly promote this platform, the book review is strict, but the price is high,

The Roaming whale:

Small program login, this platform is more special, book recovery is almost the original price, but it is possible to give you the book, what does it mean? The cost of the book is understandable

It may also be in the form of cash plus books, such as 20


After the book is returned to the platform will give you 10


Cash +10 book fee, which can be redeemed to purchase books on the platform. To build this platform, we can sell rubbish books to this platform, and then use the book fee to buy good books on the platform.

Here are a few

A platform is not commonly used, interested in their own to see, just for everyone to sort out.

Reflux fish:

Small program login, audit is not strict, the category of the collection is more, is also a relatively early platform.

There is a road network:

Their official website, the price is relatively high, low recovery.

Ogu A:

Small program login, audit is not strict, the category of the collection is much

Meow claw


Small program login, audit is not strict, the category of the collection is much


Small program login, audit is not strict, the category of the collection is much

One Day Bookstore:

Small program login

Passive transaction platform, we can hang books on the platform, waiting for buyers to buy

Several commonly used platforms are recommended:

Old Book Street:

A single quantity is normal, but

Sell high, need more books, there will be a platform display platform with the lowest price of books.

Free fish:

Some players will use the model of free to send, is to earn freight money, but the Second hand goods trading platform should be limited to 5 books


You can also sell used books separately

Squirrels send books:

Do the platform test yourself

There’s another way to do it

It is an offline transaction, which depends on everyone’s free play, such as you 2


In the book, drive a minivan to the fair, 5


A book of 10


Three copies, and they can be sold.

Conversion rate

Two conversion channels: old book street, official platform

Old Book Street:

A person can register one shop and want to register more shops

You can ask some friends for help, and the funds will be transferred to the friends’ account. Although it is troublesome, there is no way. This is the form of store group.

How can a high conversion rate be achieved? First of all, reduce the price of your book category, low price single will be very fast, and you can also try to do the early form of no supply, directly to the Kongfu

Zi old book network book to old book street, someone to buy you go to Confucius old book network order.

There are two ways to play the platform when it ships

The first type:

Book 1


Money, the price of the book into the cost of postage, for example, bubble net I sell 1 book 1


Postage 10


For each additional book, add 8


The user sees

If the price is low, they want to buy it.

The second type:

The price can be normal, the first book postage may be 6


The price of the book is 10


And buy 16 together


But you can add 1.5-2 per book


Freight, the general express company within 3 kilograms are a express price, in fact, users buy a book with 5 or 6 books

The shipping costs are the same, so we can make a few extra dollars on top of the cost of the book when the user buys the second book



Official platform recovery:

If there is nothing wrong with the quality of your book and it is a legitimate book, it is almost 100 percent recycled and the money can be withdrawn quickly.


Postage problem:

Confucius Old book network try to find

Free shipping at the bookstore,

If you buy a lot of books in a bookstore, you can talk about the cost of postage. You need to have a good chat with the owner, because the freight is added to the cost of books.

And then there’s you

Find a 2


For one book, shipping is 200 free, so you can buy 100 copies

Why do you buy it? Because of you

The cost to hand is 2


Do you think you can sell it for a loss?

The piracy problem:

You can read several books of the same type and observe and compare them
Look more at the text in the book, most pirated copies have glint, blurry, thin paper, typos, etc
Compare the ISBN codes

Ancient books and foreign books have no ISBN code. After you input the ISBN code into the platform, the platform will give you a feedback. If the feedback looks different from the books you received, it is piracy.
Practice makes perfect. You can also search for books on Douban

What kind of edition package, such as hardcover, paperback and so on.

Quality problem:

Try to buy more than 8 percent of the product, there is a new better, before buying can communicate with the owner, you want to buy a large volume of books, piracy do not, product difference do not or not satisfied with the books can be returned.

The main task of this project is to compare books

By screening the appearance and authenticity of the product, if anyone can achieve this through technology, the rest of life can lie in profit

The maximum profit can reach 500%. Isn’t there a saying that when the profit reaches 300%, you can trample all the laws in the world? This project is not illegal or illegal, don’t worry about bold work.

Use used books to make a profit, a small project, someone has made about $50,000-60,000 in 3 months!

Use used books to make a profit, a small project, someone has made about $50,000-60,000 in 3 months!


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