Share a money making project: Know how to draw a single glory crystal to earn hundreds


I wanted to wait for the 315 party to update and see what new material to write this year, or wait for tomorrow. Accidentally found a profitable small project, after receiving the order is very profitable, even hundreds of a single.

King of Glory, the most played game in China, has also brought a lot of business opportunities to many businesses, some of which have been trained

Sell skin, but today to talk about this business many people probably have never heard of, substitute smoking. Let’s listen to bubble Net in detail.

Many people complain about Wu Zetian, and the official list is: “In King of Glory, you can get 100% of the glory crystal 361 times. The Honor Raiders are full 360 lucky points, one draw plus one

To get to 361 lucky points requires 19,500 points,270 points 72 draws in 5 times plus a single draw 60 points. You need 19500 coupons to buy 19500 points, converted


About 1950


.” But in fact, there is certainly a way to smoke crystal, look at a treasure of advertising and fire

The heat

The practice of substitute pumping is basically either a charge of 800 fees directly package dry (package recharge, basically are in advance, you want to earn hundreds of dollars) or for example, charge 79(the lowest cost in the market) drawing fees, let the customer in batches of their own recharge (you draw in advance, let the customer to give an additional 4866 for example

99 hongbao), or even charge more than 100 drawing fees. As an aside, the law group also has enthusiasts do not understand this method of light recharge on the rush

3000 ocean, although not used up the last is full to draw the crystal, but also a sad person! This is a very profitable draw. It works. So can you

Direct single generation brush crystal to make money!

Remember, it’s not a one-off, it’s usually four days at most.

As for how to pick up the order, pick up the order Amazon shop is the best, if not, direct Second hand goods trading platform pick up, when the release of commodity information pay attention to the words. And I saw one of the best guys in the business, so

Two days without a refund, so business is booming.

Look at the order of the Second hand goods trading platform.

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Share a money making project: Know how to draw a single glory crystal to earn hundreds


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