Hang up money project: Make money while listening to music, easy to earn $19 a day


We all know that listening to music is a very enjoyable thing, usually wear headphones to listen to music has become a fashion for young office workers, then have you ever thought that listening to music can also make money.

Today you can definitely turn your hobby of listening to music into a money-making project. I will tell you about it next

How to make money listening to music, and this is a long-term project.

Then I will share with you a very popular overseas APP. Through this APP, we can not only enjoy a large amount of free quality music, but also make money while listening to music.

I’m going to introduce this to you today

The APP is Current Rewards, which is available for both Android and Apple users and currently has a large number of users and high ratings.

So let’s go through this step by step, first of all, open the APP, register, and if you register here,

You can also sign up with your Google account, or you can sign up with your email. There is no mandatory requirement.

To register by email, remember to open the email and activate it. After activating it, we click skip below.

So at this point, Current Rewards will give you 1

0 bonus points, we click to get the bonus points, and then click Continue below,

At this stage, we can choose the type of music we like, randomly choose a few, if you don’t know, you can go to the translation and then choose, I first randomly select a few, and then click the bottom GET ST


It says 10 more credits, and these credits can be exchanged for dollars, and then we continue to collect them, and here we see an open button, what does that mean? It tells us to set this APP to its highest run level, and we open it, and we follow it, right

Just set it up,

After setting the return, we see here that it tells us that Music Earning is off, that is, we have to play songs to earn credits.

It tells us that we only need to listen to one station to get 20 points, so if

For those who do not know how to operate, you can first translate the content of each step of its guidance, because its user guidance is very good, and each step will give tips. In these music interfaces, we can freely choose the content we like, or search the name of our favorite singer, such as me here

If you search for Drake, it will bring up a lot of information about the singer,

Or click on a favorite music station and open the music interface. As long as the music is playing, we can continuously earn credits, which is very convenient.

If you really don’t want to listen to music, that’s fine

Set the volume to a minimum, but don’t mute it, or just plug in your headphones and let them play on their own, and we’ll leave them alone. It’s also a good hang up project.

When we come across a song we like to listen to, we click Favorites, and it will be displayed in the Library. We want to listen to our own songs

Just look in here.

We click the Settings button in the upper right corner, and then the first option here, we want to turn this switch on, so that the APP will keep switching music for us, so that we can keep earning points.

So how many dollars do you get for points?

Let’s go back to the home page and click

The note button on the top left, it shows that you can earn 0.8 points per minute per day. Of course, this ratio is not fixed, but I’ll show you how to increase your chances later.

This platform is not just about listening to music to earn points, the first button at the bottom of the home page open, there are many

The way to earn points, such as check-in, can get 20 points for signing in every day. To earn points, certain conditions must be met. The first is to play a song completely, and the second is to continuously sign in.

There are also tasks to earn points, and there are many kinds of tasks, such as playing games

Play, survey, or some other type of task to earn points, other types of tasks such as watching video ads, downloading apps, etc.

In addition, there are some sharing links in the APP, as long as other people come in through your link, they can listen to the music to make money, you can also get

5 percent of their revenue. And just to tell you a little bit about withdrawing, if we click on this redeem thing, we’ll go to the redeem screen,

First of all, PayPal is supported for cash withdrawal, but there is a certain threshold for cash withdrawal. How much you want to withdraw, there will be a corresponding credit to be obtained

Please, then we withdraw money, click here, enter their PayPal account can be.

So how can we increase our redemption points on this APP?

If we have 4000 credits, we can choose to exchange a BB card of the platform, which can help you earn more from listening to music

A 50% credit is equivalent to one of our members.

This platform is also available on Google Play, which is pretty reliable, and I’ve cashed out a little bit on that platform.

If you are interested, you can try it.

Hang up money project: Make money while listening to music, easy to earn $19 a day


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