Year into 50wTikTok city business, 2021 the most suitable for ordinary people to break the circle project!


Last brush


One small detail:

Always recommended a variety of city-wide account dynamics

Some are personal lives,

Some are commercials,

Some live in the same city,

This is a


Small changes, but also the environment of the small tuyere.


The combination of online and offline is the future trend

In fact, I’m not the only one who makes money from bubble

Notice this.

Many of their peers have started to focus on cross-city services this year.

Here’s a personal example:

1. User recommendation

There is a commercial street at the gate of the community, usually did not pay much attention to it.



Brush to this shop, feel very close, then go directly to the shop, the taste is really good.

This is the local fan after the scrunchie,

Impact of basic traffic recommendation.

2. Business recommendations

There is a snack street near the center of town. There is a lot to eat, but it is always not enough.

In the city local number to see the official marketing, the content is really good.

Follow the location, attracted to the name, the original often go to the restaurant next door.

This is the offline dividend of online traffic


A lot of traditional old shops, through


Can also realize the transformation, with a new opportunity.

3. Big data recommendation

Good news is near, the owner’s wife will often for the relationship related content like.

There is the sweetness of love, the romance of marriage proposal, and the reference of decoration.

Big data clearly judged that this is an account about to get married.

Keep following the phases

Know love, buy a house decoration, the order of marriage preparation recommended content.

So, as if your phone were tapped, he recommended whatever you needed.

Together with the city’s advertising, we can always receive the relevant business information in the first time.

These include:

Real estate agent
Decoration company

A car agency
Wedding dress Photos
Wedding Celebration Company
Banquet hotel


Imperceptibly, the Internet has affected many aspects of our life.

Some say it’s habit building by osmosis.

Others say it’s technology changing lives


A traffic revolution happened quietly.


Which areas are suitable for the same city?

Broadly speaking, any offline industry can do it.

Only the difficulty and the competitive gap is different, the best to do is definitely the service industry.

In fact, the same city is not a new thing,

Early on, at the peak of traffic on other platforms,

There are corresponding products.

For example:

Douban in the same city
City public number
City wechat service number


Now the extension of the short video city number model, can still be based on the gourd.

I have observed hundreds of the same city and summarized 14 plates for your reference:


City Street View
Intra-city departure number
City Pet Number
The Crosstown Dating number
Travel in the same city
The Same City Education
City Food Number
Home in the same city

Policy no.
City car maintenance number
City used car trading number
City used car trading number
City Bestong consultation number
The children’s entertainment shop in the same city
Part-time job in the same city

Recruitment dispatch number

These dozens of areas belong to the low threshold, fast cash industry.

Based on the current platform of the city traffic support, this type of account even operation are used.

All you need is a phone and a simple clip to get started.

The knowledge of a field class, in the most intuitive form to spread out.

Reach a certain number of fans

After the accumulation, the fans will be guided to transfer the payment through live streaming and interaction.


Rule of universal formula for project starting plate

Anything, there are basic trading ideas.

Exams, we know to brush the question bank, right or wrong.

Drive. We know get a license. Get on the road.

Project, we know to find the right benchmark, test more.

Play the same thing

Here are the steps:

1. Find 10 benchmarking accounts in the same city

Fitness for fitness, beauty for beauty, education for education.

How to search?

Place name industry keywords, or product industry topic

For example: Hangzhou education, Hangzhou fitness

2. Select 2-3 high-quality accounts for benchmarking

The primary stage,

You don’t have to be original, just copy it completely.

This type of account belongs to the account with results and feedback.

Their likes, comment sections, and interactive content are all natural fodder.

You’ve been told how it’s made.

He shoots life, you shoot life.

He shoots the product, you shoot the product.

He’s on sale. You

Also after sale.

The fastest way to start is to learn from those who have results.

Step 3: Open


Blue V certification, improve the store information.

The weight of personal and official accounts is different, and the sense of trust in users is different.

Post three related videos a day, each with a store address tag.

4. Test feedback and accuracy


Collect and publish data every week for summary analysis.

Which plays are high, which interactions are high, which problems are unexpected.

A lot of plays means a lot of people see it, so you might want to put in 100


Shake .

Shake put skills: choose directional recommendation, reduce the distance to within three kilometers.

The project lasted for 3 months

, 100 percent break.

In fact, everything in life has its own rules of development.

How an event happens and how it ends may be 10% determined by your experiences, but the other 90% is determined by how you react to what happens.

If 10% is luck and we can’t control it, then

The other 90% is within our control.

If we can through a small thing, to understand the rules of life.

So many problems, naturally can be solved.

And that’s it for today.

Year into 50wTikTok city business, 2021 the most suitable for ordinary people to break the circle project!


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