Alternative sites to make money projects, intercept to achieve fast money!


Many friends may hear the website, feel that there is nothing to do, wholeheartedly to the short video outlet, live air.

But I’m here to tell you, about making a website, it may be hard to make a lot of money, but just find the right way, every day

$300, $500 lying around

It’s very easy.

Today I’m going to share one with you

It doesn’t require you to write more every day, it doesn’t require you to optimize every day,

A way to monetize your website within a month.

The traditional way to make website profit is to first find our product positioning, and then design a good profit model, and then to build a site, through bidding or seo and other promotion ways to cash in the drainage of the site.


This way profit cycle is relatively long, it may take half a year to have a little effect, but also need to have a special person to maintain the website every day, update the article every day, do keyword ranking, many people can not stick to it.

The way I’m going to share this with you today is through

River closure

Cash out.

Cut is the flow of brand keywords


Of this project

The first point is this

Excavate reliable brand keywords.

Before sharing how to dig, let’s take a look at an operational example.

We found that someone was intercepting the stream

[Search file network]

The key word is profit.

Search file network is a professional first – hand display platform, here you can find first – hand clothing supplies, cosmetics supplies

The source of original single goods and the source of clothing tail goods. itself has an official website, as follows:

The website itself contains the contact information of many primary source manufacturers, but in order to make profits, it is also designed to sell VIP members for cash.

Upgrade to VIP, in order to enjoy more access to the source of wechat.

This is the search file network The network

The profit model of station.

But someone is very clever, he found that this website Google search independent station is very few, and the keyword search volume is good, there are 1000 search volume

So they also build a station, specially cut the traffic of the brand word, only sent a few articles, the website ranking to the home page.

Then he does it again

A sourcing website,

Link to your own brand word website.

As shown below: All the contents of this sourcing website are collected by him, which are not original. Its profit model is the same as that of the official website of, which is cashed out by the vendor’s wechat through upgrading VIP members.

Every day three to five single, the income is very

Considerable, a day of three hundred and five hundred, and intercept some other industries, 10 stations is the daily revenue of three thousand and five thousand.

And he did not even bother, because the advantage of the independent station is to rank fast bubble net earn, his brand word website article only sent 10 less than, just to optimize the ranking to the home page.

So a lie to earn the project came out.

Similarly, there are people who intercept the daily new group this project cash, through the VIP precise group cash.

So if we do this type of project, as we said before, the key is to dig into the operable brand keywords.

How do you dig?

Can be from Amazon, Alibaba, etc

Taiwan to find some commodity names, Quora/Weibo /


Such as big V name, peer community IP name; Course name; Product brand name.

Then analyze from the following dimensions.

A. Key words

Keywords should have a certain amount of search, through Google keyword planner to analyze the search volume, the choice of products should have

1000-5000 search volume.

b. Google search result page analysis of competitors

Look at Google search results there are not many independent websites, choose fewer competitors, there is no exact match word products;

Generally there are more than 5 independent station brand words do not go to do.

C. The brand party has done online promotion

Brand party

Do the network promotion, so it means that he did the brand exposure, in order to have a certain amount of search.

We do not know what keywords we intercept. First of all, we can start from our own industry. For example, if you are doing male products, you can think about which keywords of product brands can be done.

For example, we can shut down some of the Internet

Red website, many net celebrities are no independent website, but the search volume of net celebrities is very large, do net red related blog, release the relevant dynamics of the net red,

Can be in the promotion of Amazon customers with goods, sell his products to cash in.

The above is about the direction of interception keywords, see here may be a lot of partners

Have their own ideas, the next step is our practical operation.

Practical links focus on the need to build a website, and do some simple seo, so that the website has ranking, the first step of the site: registration of the domain name

I suggest that we adopt

Old domain name, the effect will be better, faster ranking.

Search for websites related to the old domain name on Google,

Go to find some sell domain name website, look at the history of the old domain name site, it is best to establish the formal website, the establishment of financial, gambling and other website domain name can not be, easy to be reduced.

360 lines, line by line


Don’t underestimate any industry, as long as the master of quantitative thinking, any project can start

Make small money to make big money!

Alternative sites to make money projects, intercept to achieve fast money!


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