Make money on the Internet work, post pictures, lie to make 20 grand


Many people feel that they may not have so many skills when looking for a side business. They do not know how to do a side business that is too complicated, and they have no way to start. Today, I will introduce a simple side business to you, where you can earn money by doing it



In fact, as time goes on, the work he does will continue to bring him income. It is completely a lying job.

I believe you have seen the above pictures, we will introduce to you today this side business, is to upload pictures.

That sounds pretty far-fetched

In fact, the picture we uploaded is not just a random picture, it must be HD.

So why would anyone pay for our pictures?

I don’t know if you still remember the video two years ago, a photo of a black hole in China caused a stir on the Internet, essentially because it was followed by “we Media” in recent years

With the development of copyright, people are attaching more and more importance to the issue of copyright. It is often reported that the author of “We Media” has been punished thousands of dollars for the infringement of a picture.

With the development of the Internet becoming more and more standardized, the problem of copyright will only become more and more strict, and the public’s awareness of copyright will surely gradually improve, and the situation of piracy will be natural

There will be fewer and fewer.

Some people will say why not use so many free pictures?

It’s true that there are a lot of free images, but the free images are either watermarked or not clear enough. Moreover, we don’t know which image is really free or just spread around by some random people

It’s OK to appreciate it for yourself. Once you do business, it’s easy to be discovered, and then the price you pay is not the price of buying a picture.

So how do you do that?

1. Find the right platform

There are a lot of such platforms now, just on the Internet search can be found, here I recommend to you

This friend uses the platform, Huitu network, other platforms you can find yourself, search “picture material” can find a lot.

These platforms are basically free and require people to pay something extra.

2. Register an account

Now a lot of people are used to doing everything with their phones,

But on these platforms, registration and uploading are best done on a computer, and many platforms do not support mobile registration.

3. Take pictures

Taking photos is not difficult, it is better if you have professional photography skills, no and it does not matter too much, and there is no need to have special professional shooting equipment, one

A slightly better phone would have done it.

Of course, each platform has certain requirements for uploaded photos, which are generally up to 4 million pixels. Try to take more beautiful and neat photos, so as to attract users to use your photos.

4. Upload photos

Why do I say it’s better on the computer

The above operation of these actions, after all, many customers using your pictures, they take the past may be more used on the computer, plus when you upload photos, if the use of some tools when transmission, often will be automatically compressed, resulting in the loss of image pixels, it does not meet the requirements of the platform.


When uploading, it is best to upload the original image to the computer, with a data cable to connect the computer transmission will be better.

5. Image pricing

How to price each picture uploaded is the same as the pricing principle of commodities. Of course, we hope to sell our pictures as high as possible. From the standpoint of buyers, they also hope to sell

The cheaper, the better.

So the price is not fixed, you can refer to the similar pictures on the website, how much is their price, we can set a similar price, if you want to experience the pleasure of quick order, you can also set a slightly lower price.

6. Sales share

Every platform, we upload photos

After the film, all the revenue from sales will not be distributed to uploaders, because after all, the platform requires certain costs, operations, profits and other expenses.

Generally, depending on the platform we choose, and whether the platform is the exclusive contract author, the revenue we get is generally sales revenue

40-60% of the incoming.

Finally, what if we make more money from this side business?

There are only a few factors that affect the income of any project. For the project of uploading pictures, one is the sales price of each picture and the other is the number of downloaded pictures. It is difficult for us to have a large sales price

After all, if you sell a picture too expensive, no one will buy it.

In order to increase the number of pictures downloaded, firstly, we should try our best to make each picture more exquisite, which can promote the buyers to download to some extent. Secondly, we must upload enough pictures, only yours

The number goes up, the chance of being downloaded increases a lot.

Make money on the Internet work, post pictures, lie to make 20 grand


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