With the software clubhouse, sideline operation earn $2000 a day way


If you pay attention these days, you will find that many people around you are talking about a software clubhouse. I didn’t know what this software does until today. It is a voice chat software, which was founded in April 2020

A crazy fire started, so how on earth to make money through this software!

Through understanding, we know that this software can not be downloaded in China at present, and many people can not download it. Secondly, the registration of this software requires a recommendation code. A successful registration has two or three recommendation codes, so let those who want to play

In fact, if we want to make money, we just need to solve the recommendation code and install it. Currently, some people make 2000 a day by simply sharing



Open the Second hand goods trading platform we can see a lot of just put on the shelf, immediately put on the single, at noon when I screenshot also put out three single, until just bubble net earn I see

At the time of five or six orders, an invitation code is worth 300


In fact, sell is poor information, as long as the information of the poor people can quickly make money

Above we said want to make money, we just need to solve the traffic, with the installation tutorial can open to make money, the current traffic use method is Second hand goods trading platform, some of the first

Three-party platform promotion, such as


Social networking Sites

“, said you have an invitation code here, contact you can get an invitation code, when you contact you say no, there is another way is to register the public number or batch release articles to intercept

In fact, at present to see the promotion of partners, through the batch release of related articles intercept traffic

Is more, the current operation is more, directly is to batch release or with the help of some channels drainage, a lot of partners have opened the operation, mainly this group is relatively high-end, more valuable fans

Here is how to register with the help of poor information. At present, you can not directly download and register in China.

We can use the Apple id account of the United States. How to use the phone registration of the United States without the invitation code? At this time, we only need to solve the problem of creating an id account of the United States and finding a phone number of the United States

In order to test the bubble net I bought an id account in the United States, the former hand quilt

If you need an id account, contact me directly and I’ll give it to you. It won’t be public here. If you use too much, you will be restricted

Station, public number backstage reply: telephone access

After registration, many accounts have an invitation code. At this time, you can directly sell the invitation code to others. Currently, active accounts in the test will get a larger recommendation code, if you click on this place to have an invitation code

You can just sell it

If the phone here is not available, we can also go to a treasure to search the relevant keywords, directly can get the verification code, the cost is dozens of


You can make hundreds of dollars


The return is still relatively high, in fact, the play is poor information, who master the gameplay who get traffic who can make money


In fact, we can sell two things, the first thing we sell is the invitation code of the software registration, because many people do not know where to register, so we can also sell the way to download the software registration, because many people do not know where to download

All we need is an American id account, or

It is better to get the invitation code, and then you can use the Chinese phone to register directly. Therefore, we can batch register the free phone to get the recommendation code and then use the phone in China to register, so as to make money. In fact, what we play is poor information

If you want to make money

New Year, on the speed of action, speed operation, money needs to be speed, don’t look at others to make money, miss the opportunity, in fact, most of the time do not make money because there is no action

With the software clubhouse, sideline operation earn $2000 a day way


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