We media brick project, the headline number audio money guide


This year, short video “we media” continues to be popular, and all platforms give great support to creators, such as video account, certain sound, headlines, etc. If you want to make money from “we media” project, the audio of Toutiao “is a good choice, we must learn to use the traffic of the platform, so as to continue to bring revenue.

Like we are today

To talk about the Toutiao number, there are a small number of people because they know the gameplay, use the audio of the Toutiao continue to make money for themselves, on the platform to send an audio revenue is hundreds of thousands.

So how exactly do you play this audio project?

At the sight of the audio project, many people start to headache, the sound is not good, can not speak

Phone calls, in general, are difficult, but today we can use some software to get around these problems, and novice users can directly operate audio projects.

First of all, we plan to operate the headline audio project, so we need to understand the rules and profit model of the project. The headline audio will be sent to the creators according to click play.

This is very similar to the Himalayas.

So let’s get a headline number with unlimited weight.

With the account, we need to think about which plate to operate the content, because your content must not be too messy, for example, I published a children’s story audio today, tomorrow will come to a test exercise to explain, this

There’s no way to do verticals.

Determine the classification first, then do to find material, generally we can do is some bedtime stories, the world of strange things, unsolved mysteries, inspirational quotes, emotional topics, and so on, these categories are enough for us to dig deep.

Let’s take one of them as an example

Let’s explain it in detail. First, we start with the traditional operation of the headline number and their own recording frequency. For example, we want to do the audio of children’s stories.

Where is the most common material for this type of audio? Of course, we are peers, so we go to peers to find materials, such as Himalaya, Dragonfly FM, there are a lot of children’s bedtime stories, this

We can carry them directly.

There is no copyright problem with this method, because we do not upload the audio directly to the platform, but reprocess it. We record it ourselves, which is an original audio.

Many times the platform is no way to distinguish you are directly carrying someone else’s audio material

Or the use of text data, so there is no infringement problem, the same audio from the mouth of who said it is who, the copyright of the material is shared by everyone, very few is original.

There’s a tool that we use here, called Telephonics, where we use Telephonics directly to translate other people’s audio into words and then use ourselves

The phone’s recording function just reads the script.

So we have an audio material that we can upload directly to the headlines. In addition to these, some fiction websites, strange stories platforms have a lot of good material.

Let me tell you about the operators without their own dubbing


This method is more suitable for friends who are not confident in their own voice. As mentioned in the first half of the above, we need to give ourselves a proper positioning, first of all, the popular classification, and then we should like it. After all, interest is the best teacher.

Let’s focus on that

This intelligent AI recording, what does this mean? It means that the manual does not need recording, the text can be directly converted into audio, and there will be a lot of classification, such as emotion, work, standard, English, nature, news and many other categories.

What’s convenient about this software program is that our text can be one

Key directly into the real multi-role advertising dubbing, this only needs a software a key can be generated, for not recording friends are very convenient.

And the whole operation process is relatively simple, open the software to create a new file, import the text material we prepared, and then choose a sound like

Voice to identify our prepared text material and read the recording, and finally directly export the file, so that a text audio production is completed.

In fact, this method of recording audio is basically brainless, if you have a better source material, you can try to put a piece of audio on multiple platforms

Earn revenue, all audio platforms can be laid, the more platforms the higher the revenue.

Why do you recommend doing audio projects?

Here I will give you an analysis of why we must do audio. First of all, because it has little competition. At present, the biggest competition among we media is short video, followed by text field

The field of “we media” has been deeply cultivated for so many years. To avoid such a large field of competition, novices can start slowly.

The second reason is that Toutiao has strengthened its support for audio. As we all know, Toutiao used to be a graphic platform. In the past two years, Toutiao has vigorously developed the audio field, and the audio playback income of the creators will be higher

It’s much higher than the article.

We media brick project, the headline number audio money guide


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