Spring Festival travel just need to project, teach you how to buy train tickets into 300+


The end of the year is approaching, give the students a festival just need the project, grab train tickets.

Of course, after learning, every holiday to rob their own can also.

As in previous years, information about train tickets for the Spring Festival travel rush starts early.

As the time approaches, the frequency of propaganda in the circle of friends is also significantly higher.

According to the

My observation is that in addition to my longtime friends in this field, there are two or three new faces this year.

Enough to show that the market is still very attractive.

If you have one or two of them in your circle of friends, it’s easy to get a sense of how much money this project is making per shot:

Provided by Students

Now, one might ask

There are so many online ticket platforms, would anyone really go to grab a substitute?

In fact, no matter how easy it becomes to buy tickets online, there will always be a group of people who can’t get tickets for various reasons

Some people are not familiar with online ticket buying/missing the time/can not grab, or just because of laziness, this part of people will look for tickets to grab.

More importantly

Yes, they believe that agents have a special “way” in this regard.

But really it’s just a

Information error service

That’s all.

So keeping to the rhythm, this demand is enough for us to make a fortune.

How does the agent snatch ticket business operate

Where there is demand, there must be business.

Not to mention just need.

As I said at the beginning, it’s a ticket grabber

This project is mainly transformed on wechat

This is also the bubble net profit usually let you more drainage reason, no matter how you drainage, as long as the real users will have a demand.

What if you don’t have many people on wechat, but you want to do this project?

So we need to increase the conversion in two ways:

1. Outside

Drainage of part

In the past, as long as on Amazon shelves a Spring Festival train ticket link page, at least a day can accurately drainage 30+.

However, after the introduction of regulation, e-commerce platforms are basically unable to publish products with such keywords.

Even if you do, it won’t be a second

It could even happen before the deal is done

The platform gives you a 48-minute seal, so you can’t risk it.

But although the e-commerce can not be released, but fortunately we still have Second hand goods trading platform:

Note that this was just released

By the same token,

Where there is traffic to go where the layout

Quora/Tieba/Douban group

One thing to pay attention to here, do not come up to post, go to the comment section and private

Drainage by letter

This is not a one-time project,

Keep your traffic in your hands, and you may need it someday

I have made a set of promotion template according to the previous information, with the time, requirements and QR code on it:

For this kind of rigid need, the most direct way of promotion is the most effective

Like can take to change the two-dimensional code.


Internally improve conversion rate

In addition to attracting people, we can also do some operations to improve the conversion rate of wechat users

In fact, users are most worried about these points:

1) Whether the success rate is high

2) How much is the service charge

3) The deposit is not refundable if it is not successful

At this time, a direct copy of the pain point is the best urge

A chemical agent.

For example,

Copy 1:

“Dear, are you still worried about not being able to buy a train or a high-speed train ticket? I long-term reputation of all kinds of train, high-speed rail tickets, software brush, than manual snatch tickets success rate of 99.8%, there is a need to pick up the speed of the phone to find me to place an order, not successful refund deposit, limit 15 people a day, mass

Information, if you disturb, please understand!”

Copy 2:

The following information is required for booking:

Ticket deposit: 100


Name: XXX

Id number: XXXXXXX

Starting station: Hangzhou-Chongqing

Seat: Second class or first class

Number of trains: Unlimited

Travel date: 2.10-2.11

Telephone No. :


From 6:00 am to 24:00 AM, you need to answer the phone and make payment. Please ensure that the ticket price plus service fee is enough on wechat

Ticket grab handling fee: 50-100


(set your own). Pay when you win the ticket.

If you fail to grab a ticket, the deposit is refunded.

The first paragraph is the art of promotion, the second paragraph is the art of trading

Mix and match

The conversion rate will not be low, because most people do not have a better channel.

Even if you only make 4-5 orders a day, you can earn thousands of dollars during the Spring Festival travel rush, which is more than enough to earn some red envelopes.

How does the ticket grab project operate

Most of the people who have the demand for tickets think that they have the inside

Channels, or so-called “dark tech,” can improve success rates

But unfortunately, the surrogates are just like you.

The best they can do is use a few third-party tools to help you get tickets and know the rules better than you do.

Now let’s talk about how we operate this project.

1. Cooperation platform

We all know that

There are many mainstream booking apps in the market, such as Ctrip/Qunar etc

These apps are marketed in much the same way, trying to increase the success rate of ticket purchases

Either become a top-up member or share it with your friends

We chose friend help and then went to the part-time APP to post the task

It’s just a simple message. No

With someone who can speed up to the highest level at any cost

If you’re doing it yourself, it’s nice to skip the little favor.

2. Third-party tools

If the mainstream booking software also needs to spend some cost

Free and easy to use third-party tools are a higher priority for many people

Of course, only

If it’s third-party software, it’s risky.

Therefore, it is up to you to use the information gap to find people to speed up, or to use a third party tool.

If you don’t know where to look, Bubble Earn has one:

After opening the software, set up the ticket number, date, contact and other information on the page.

When you’re done, click Start

Grab tickets, after successful wechat push, then contact the customer payment can be;

Of course, you can use a combination of the first and second methods, as long as it increases your success rate.

3. Sell ticket snatchers

Teaching a man to fish is better than giving him fish.

Many of my old classmates would have smiled at the headline.

In the same way, such as

If you don’t like the hassle of trying to grab tickets for someone else, you can also write a ticket grab device and sell it at half price.

The benefits are:

1) Do not have to operate by yourself, do not worry about the failure of refund

2) Include people who want to do it

Of course, the same question, why do you want to buy something from you online?

Very simple,

This in itself is a bad information, not to mention that everyone will search the Internet, is found to worry about the leakage of information?

Paying through you, however, is a trust endorsement, so it encourages users to place orders.

Some students may ask, what if you can’t get a ticket?

It’s a refund if you can’t get it. What’s your loss


The above three methods, the difficulty is different, the risk is different, their own choice of their own to operate on the line.


Internet start-ups are often clustered by traffic.

Really spend all day thinking about making money is actually not many people, can put into effective action even less.

Pay attention to the rigid needs of those special groups and the concentration of traffic in a short period of time

Meeting the needs of a small number of people can fill you up.

Spring Festival travel just need to project, teach you how to buy train tickets into 300+

Spring Festival travel just need to project, teach you how to buy train tickets into 300+


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