Is a TikTok book list still available? Zero – based gameplay, do these points, monthly income is very easy


When a new project is just emerging, many people will rush into it because they think it is easy to do. After a period of time, most people find that there are too many people to do it and the competition is too fierce, so they gradually turn to other projects, such as


This is true of the book list item. As far as I’m concerned, this is actually

It is a process of survival of the fittest. As long as you stick to it, do the differences that are different from others and know how to do it, you can laugh to the end. Today, I’m here to share with you


I hope it will be helpful to you!

1. What is the book list number?

If you’ve ever been on Amazon, you

We know that Amazon customers are specialized in helping merchants to promote goods to get commission, a money model, book list number is also for the same soup, is our help


Merchants on the Internet sell books and get a commission for each copy sold.

There is a saying that “books are the ladder of human progress”, there are many people in order to improve their abilities, idle

So the list number is very valuable.

Two, why can make the book list number?

1. Easy to make

As you can see from the picture above, the production of the book list number is actually very simple, and the production process takes very little time and cost. A video work consists mainly of a static background

“, add some popular sentences on the Internet or popular names in the book, you can make a work.

2. High playback volume and high realization income

Like if you usually have a brush


Words, you will see a lot of emotional inspirational type of book account or sinology type of book number, one of their videos is very much like

High, and their money model is mainly through the late opening of commodity window sales of books, a book commission is 10 or 20.

Three, the practice of book list number

1. Account location



Book list account is currently the fire of the workplace class, positive energy class, sinology class, parenting class and so on, positioning needs us to find fine

Different fields, precise positioning. It’s easier to get a list number for a specific niche, and it’s easier to get a hit once you’ve mastered the craft.

For example, like the above popular sinology works, is currently relatively better on the popular form of works, its characteristics are: beautiful layout, special effects

Exquisite, copywriting content, can cause emotional resonance. Combined, the odds of a hit are very high.

2. Material search

There are a lot of such sentences on Google, Quora and NetEase Cloud. We can search for materials that are consistent with our positioning, and then make these sentences into videos

And publish it.

3. Video production

It’s very easy to make, as long as we find the template and then use the cut image to edit it.

Template production software APP is called the United States book, but the United States book is required to open members to download the template, if you want to get some free resources can go to the major websites to find

There are bloggers who share resources.

Once the template is found we can open the clip and click on Start Authoring Import template.

After import, we began to find good material words into the template, the size and Angle of the text can be directly adjusted, this depends on personal preferences.

Once the text is adjusted, click Off

Close the sound, select the sound to insert the appropriate copy.

Finally, click Export and save, and then publish the video to


The top is fine.

Four, the cash channel of the book list number

1. Bring goods in the window

We can open the commodity window to recommend books for sale. Of course, first of all, we also need to publish more works to increase fans

The operation of the later will be higher.

Step 2 Teach

Once the powder is sucked in, we can start a class, charge money to teach people how to make book numbers.

3. Sell numbers

If you don’t want to do later, you can go to the account platform to sell the account, the more fans, the higher the revenue.

These are the shakes I share today

Sound book list number how to do the content, a little personal practical experience

Is a TikTok book list still available? Zero – based gameplay, do these points, monthly income is very easy


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