Lay to earn 500 long-term stable side project every day, photo website project to understand!


Recently, many people have asked me if I have any long-term stable projects. I think long-term stability must be related to the platform, that is, the foundation on which your project is built, and whether the gameplay is feasible.

No project, no matter how good, is worth laying out if the platform is not stable, as many have recently begun to do

Camp YouTube, the platform base is relatively high, so there is the value of operation.

And today I want to talk to you about the project, is a long-term operation of a stable project, based on the search engine a profiteer play, at present, this project about three or five years, there is no big problem.

The Internet’s least

The lack of traffic, and we do the project is the most lack of traffic, how to get the real traffic is a very important thing, then how to free and continuous access to traffic?

I think the website is a good platform, and it seems to be an automatic source of traffic besides the website

Not much, and a website is a project that can live on the Internet for a long time without worrying about obsolescence.

Many friends have learned the website courses I shared on Bubble Net, but they don’t think it is a preferred project. Why do you say so? One drawback of this project is that the early payment is slow.

But once you get out of novice Village, the money is still good.

Then we figure out the framework of the project, we need to find their own profit direction, there are many categories of the website, bubble net earn I and you have talked about the sea Amoy, photo, information, Amazon customer, blog and so on a series of stations, what type of station can make money quickly?

In my understanding, I think the fastest way to make money is to solve a problem or a class of problems, what are the pain point needs of men, or in other words, what are the pain point needs of men in general.

Online fans attribute classification is very much, but if the fastest and simplest cash, must be male fans.

This is a write

The real station case, you can refer to, basically the income is very stable, there are thousands of income every day.

The profit model of this station is very simple, is to sell the photo in the station, sell the website members, if we can make a website like this will certainly be able to make money, and the website profit is not only this piece of content


Do such a website is very simple, the following to tell you about the steps of this website, if interested friends can try it.

Set up

It seems very difficult to build the site, in fact, it is not, now we can buy the domain name and server, with the pagoda program a key to build the site, the pagoda is also more convenient for beginners at present

One way to learn, the others are not really recommended for beginners.

After setting up the space environment of the website, we will go to the next step to install the WordPress theme. I only recommend using WordPress for the theme template, and there are many WordPress

The theme of the picture station is good, like B2 theme is good, support online payment download.

These knowledge about building websites, whether it is in the free courses I shared before there are a lot, here I will not explain the special, interested friends can review the video class.


Resources about the website, this

Is the most important part, because our products are these photo kits, only by constantly updating some good resources, to attract users to download, so where do we get these kits?

Generally, there are many channels for obtaining map resources, such as website handling, web disk download, magnetic chain download and so on.

Direct handling this simple, find a bunch of websites, and then directly open a member, so that you can batch handling the content of these websites to their station, here remember to download the data themselves.

You can also use the web disk search download, search some photo package download or magnetic search to download, a lot of time

When we download resources also do not have a specific goal, in short, do not mess up, learn to classify download is a good habit.

The price

These photos are our products, which can be packaged and sold to members in the whole site, or sold separately. Some photos with very high quality are sold separately from the member system by unit price.

The exact price

, like single photo suggested at 20


The following, general people on this kind of


Money is not too exclusion of things, like to buy directly, the whole station member, suggested at 100


Within, the peers who are doing well in the market only have a mei of 99, so our pricing is not too expensive and we give it to the customers for free

In the same company.

Of course, do this kind of photo download station, as long as the content is normal, some special attention should be paid to such as dew point or other violations, it is best to pay attention to a point, do the website to make money, the biggest problem is the right to the website.

The right to drop will lead to very little traffic into the site, which of course means buying photos

Members of the user is relatively small, and sometimes the right to fall may be baffling, so do stand must be steady, after all, the long-term profit is the key.

Lay to earn 500  long-term stable side project every day, photo website project to understand!


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