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There are many cases of making money in the workplace, including those who modify resumes, teach PPT, and do EXCEL training. In short, as long as there is a demand, there is a market, and if the demand is solved, we can get equal returns. Today’s dismantling cases may have been seen in the past in the form of text, this is in the form of video

Show up, in fact, is not complicated, is to put the previous copywriting content in the form of mouth to show it.

Here is a very pertinent advice to you, but also I do so many cases to disassemble the experience, to make money on the network to remember the following 6 core points:

1. What does it sell? (Product)

2. Customers

Where is it? (Flow rate)

3, conversion transaction? (Sold)

4. Follow-up problem solving (service)

5. Maximize profit (expand scale)

6. Process Operation (SOP)

Brush often


If so, you should see the following videos, which are mainly targeted at the workplace group, common video labels

The topic has, for example, the workplace old man will not say 365 thick and black secrets, the leadership taming subordinates nine words of truth, and colleagues coexist with 36 rules, the workplace villain for me to use 28, workplace thick and black psychology 99 ask, get a raise secret book 18, occupation must know 100 hidden rules and so on

Like the video, to attract the attention of the workplace, signature guide, black master teach you to play with the workplace, learning v behind the wechat signal, plus v can be sent free e-books, workplace thick black study, the book 100,000 words, the field of people must the workplace Bible, in front of the corresponding eye-catching topic, attract notes

Meaning force in to watch the video, and then there will be a diversion guide, the diversion into the private domain is the back-end transformation. So, how do they do the back-end transformation for this kind of video, let’s take a look at it in detail.

Guide to add personal wechat, they will advance the wechat circle of friends and public number to continue to update the valuable workplace

If you want to know more about it, you can join their knowledge planet. The general price is 499 or higher. After joining, you can see all the content, and keep updating it.

Before drainage, the first to collect information, the whole of an e-book, the workplace as a diversion bait and deal with part of the image of the trust product. And the main structure of this book comes from a book after the adaptation and widening of the book. Based on these work to have a work to know the information is the career of all kinds, books and the Internet

It’s all about the workplace. As long as the data is useful enough and attractive enough, many people still want it very much. As long as they want to get it, they will naturally add it to the private domain. Then there is the follow-up value output of the circle of friends

Paid membership to Planet.

As for the early stage


Video production, here is a simple summary of the following steps:

The first step is to collect relevant material copywriting, such as 100 episodes of material content.

The second step is to record the video in the form of mouth broadcast, use a teleprompter to import the copy, and read it on the screen.

It takes one or two days to save the recorded video, edit it and release the work after it is finished.

The third step, every day take a time to earn bubble net prepared in advance of 100 videos, send 2 to 3 every day, so enough to send 1 month, do not take time to record videos every day, the time to card

People in the workplace brush


Relatively concentrated time period, this is conducive to exposure after the audience to see.

The fourth step, every day to prepare the content of the circle of friends scrunchie, and then ready to transform the words, copy and paste can be.

The fifth step, streamline the process, optimize the words to the highest conversion rate, hold

Keep at it.

Well, this is the end of the dismantling of the paid case of workplace knowledge. Or to repeat a word, the method and steps are given to you. The specific return depends on the execution and the length of time. There is a return to pay, no pay certainly no return.

Novice easy to use short video money project – career secrets


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