Zero cost side project – trading platform sell virtual products, newbies net 400 per day


If you know me, I’ve been working on low or no cost projects since I started working on web projects. The cost is too high, the cash is too slow, and in my opinion, the bubble net is playing rogue.

I’m going to give you a zero cost today,

A novice

Projects that you can get started with. Second hand goods trading platform sell virtual goods.

Second hand goods trading platform,

The popularity of this word has remained high, and although it has received mixed reviews, it is the most suitable for the zero base

A novice

The best way to start earning money online. Now I’m going to show you how to do that.

The operation steps of Second hand goods trading platform virtual products are divided into the following processes:

1. Preparation

2. Raise the number

3. Choose the product

Step 4: Store shelves

5. Precautions

1. Preparation

Xianyu needs to prepare things are relatively simple, a smart phone, a Alipay account, a phone card.

Install the Second hand goods trading platform APP on your phone

Alipay account = Amazon account = Second hand goods trading platform account, these three accounts are universal.

A piece of

Phone cards, just like we were talking about before


Clip number gameplay said, do not operate multiple accounts in the same wifi environment.

The supervision mechanism of the platform is mostly the same, the most basic way to avoid is one machine, one card, one account. Do not switch accounts on one device. The system needs to know every account number

It’s a single person doing it. It’s real. This is a good way to circumvent some of the platform’s anti-cheating mechanisms.

2. Raise the number

Xianyu’s requirements on the account are not too high, we want to make money on it, we also need to do some optimization where we can optimize.

The old account does not say, can use directly. it

Say a new account, do not directly hang the product. Just registered, the information must be perfect.

Check in every day, do activities, take a look at the goods of peers, and interact with the system to leave more data, so that the system judge is a high-quality account.

Another is the account credit score, that is, the credit score of Alipay account, which is divided into five levels


50-550 is bad

550-600 medium

600-650 good

650-700 excellent

700-950 is excellent

If you have a high credit score, you will be given priority for presentation

That is, we’d better have an account with a credit score of more than 700, so that our exposure will be much higher, an ID card

You can open three Alipay accounts, and these credit points are universal.

3. Choose the product

Virtual products fall into the following categories:

1. Various types of software

2. Electronic documentation

3. Various video tutorials

4. Other categories

Where are these resources to be found?

There are free ways to integrate:


Direct Google search

All web disks on the left can be used

Need what information, find directly on Google, do not feel that this method we all know, feel that it will not work. First of all, what we do is we have poor information, and second of all, we integrate resources, and there are a lot of people who don’t put the effort into finding these things.

2. Soft

A resource class to introduce a very powerful website for you, I love to crack, there are a lot of software, tutorials are free to download.

2. Paid acquisition

The easiest way is to buy directly from your peers. You have to trust that they have everything. Buy something that sells a lot. The more you sell, the more demand you have.

Choose products

Precautions in operation:

1. Do not choose products with personal label attributes, such as the main lecture of XX instructor. The account of such products with personal label is easy to be closed after being found by others or reported.

2. Organize more information of a category, so as to enhance the seller’s desire to buy, very

Multiple buyers do not want to waste time to integrate their own resources, will choose to buy a batch.

3. You can choose some small categories of resources. If the categories are too large and there are too many targets, the competition will be much greater.

Step 4: Store shelves

The process of putting on the shelf is very simple, bubble net earn I take the release of PPT tutorial as an example to tell you about the release of goods

The whole process

Click the plus sign in the middle below on the Idle Fish software page

Pop up the page, click “send idle”.

This page can directly publish the product pictures and product details, we publish the product details inside, write the purchase of this tutorial free of the same tutorial and other words, such as you directly to others say you are several pieces

But if you buy an item with a lot of items in it, the buyer will feel that he has made a profit and will increase the desire to buy.

It is good to write other idle in our classification information, and the price will refer to the peer pricing.

Precautions in shelving operation:

On 1.

The first sentence of the page’s detailed description will be displayed on the front. Customers will see this sentence when they see the product. This is the key. Go to the customer’s pain point and induce empathy. If you can’t think of one of the easiest ways to teach everyone, copy, copy the title of the best selling similar products in the same industry.

2. On the shelf

Picture selection, here will P figure is the best, you can do some beautiful picture, not, tell you one of the most simple, direct screenshots of the web disk inside the resource picture, let the buyer see our resources are very full.

3. Don’t have too many items on the shelves, and don’t have too many miscellaneous items.

5. Precautions

This is the last one for you

Here are some considerations for this operation;

1. In particular, Xianyu has always been very strict in the control of virtual goods. We don’t want to keep an account for a long time.

2. Guide customers to chat on wechat. Each time, the method should be changed, not always

It’s a method guide.

3. Give you a small idea, make a vertical class of seller number, guide wechat enough people, pull the group. A lot of this virtual resource class will be repurchased, the group is enough, is to do a member, or sell a single course is to operate themselves.

To sum up

The operation of this project

The difficulty is low, and it’s also hard to get rich. I tell you about this project, is to let the people who know me can see the benefits in a short period of time, low cost, have the motivation to continue to do. I hope you will be more and more confident on the road to earn money online.

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Zero cost side project – trading platform sell virtual products, newbies net 400  per day


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