Audio project money introduction, do Himalayan audio project cash 1.28 million?


Now the Internet may be a lot of people’s eyes are focused on short video to ignore the audio platform. In fact, the traffic of the audio platform is not much worse than that of the video platform. Yin Qiming, vice president of Himalaya, revealed that the number of Himalaya users has exceeded 600 million, and the average daily listening time is more than 170 minutes. Six months already

It earned $1.15 billion. Open Himalaya and see that many people are making a lot of money by using audio platforms to silence the sound.

I just cut down this picture. We can see that the works recommended by the platform have hundreds of millions of plays, and the popularity value is extremely high. We all know that where there is traffic, there will be money to make money, whether it is diversion or diversion

It’s easier to sell products. Even if your stuff is not good, someone will pay for it. After all, every dog has his own dog. Here’s how to monetize audio platforms.

1. Become the anchor of the platform

This process is very simple, you can directly go to the platform to apply, I will not say more here,



There are mainly two aspects about positioning:

(1) What is suitable for their own conditions, that is, to determine what content their voice is suitable for broadcasting.

For example: soft voice choose children’s stories, girls choose emotional stories; Magnetic sound selection horror stories, etc

(2) What are the popular content on the platform? Search for some relevant content on the platform first

Keywords, to understand this kind of content to listen to more people, how to play. Listen to FM crowd is generally 25-50 majority, most of the night to listen to, the content should be vertical, such as Guo Degang crosstalk only do crosstalk.

3. Content materials

Content this stumped a lot of people, in fact, very easy to solve, go directly

Look for books without copyright, such as Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, a Dream of the Red Chamber, etc. Or put together biographies of historical figures. Or folk tales, oddities, short ghost stories, children’s books, etc. You can go to Google or we media platform search to find. Direct handling of which page views of the article. If you’re careful, I

I opened it up. Two million people listen to each episode. The platform is still recommending, and it will be added every day.

4. Make audio

(1) Audio content

Make your own

Making your own may or may not be a threshold (screening out the shy ones), depending on how you look at it or whether it’s a cliche that everyone loves, everyone’s audio will be loved, or will be listened to. Read the article is not fluent can practice several times.

(2) Find someone to record


Go to a store and pay someone to record it for you

(3) Software generation

Directly generate a piece of speech with software, the effect of the audience may not be very good, the machine generation is generally more rigid did not let people do not like, you can use a voice converter conversion.

5. Upload works

(1) Synchronous upload: It is best to synchronize to other audio platforms

(2) Upload time: around 8 PM is recommended. This is the peak period of traffic.

(3) Packaging introduction: Set the audio cover, title and introduction, as beautiful and attractive as possible, peers are

The best teachers, who don’t start out, can refer to their peers.

6. Cash out

(1) Reward and sponsorship

Anchors with attractive voices will continue to output valuable content. When the tipping function is opened, there will be fans to tip and sponsor.

(2) Open paid album

Himalaya Platform has the ability to set charges when you

Once you’ve accumulated enough traffic, consider starting paid audio. We can see that the following novel pays about 16,000 dollars per episode and 0.2 dollars per episode, so there are 491 episodes in total. Even if it is 400 episodes, this novel earns 1.6*0.2*400= 1.28 million dollars, and more will be made later

People keep paying.

(3) drainage realization

Leave your official account, wechat or other contact information at the end of the audio, divert fans to the private domain traffic pool, and then carry out the corresponding transformation and realization. Over two million views per episode

Quantity, each episode has its own advertising public number, which draws hundreds of thousands of fans is not easy. And he is sharing his audio, open rate is not 100%, 90% is no problem, daily traffic main income, advertising income these are a lot of money.

(4) Advertising revenue

A. When uploading the voice

After the frequency reaches the specified conditions, you can get the patch AD automatically added to the audio you upload, so that you can get advertising revenue. This function is much the same as the main function of traffic opened in the public number.

B. When you have enough subscriptions, you will be approached by merchants to place ads. Take the top one. 200

More than ten thousand plays an AD at least at least tens of thousands of it. I don’t know exactly

(5) Signing Himalaya Platform

But if you have enough fans and strong enough broadcasting skills, you can also choose to sign with the platform. The bar is a little higher, but the payoff is huge. Every bubble net earn we media platform has

Your own rules, how to cash out and how much you can earn. We do not blindly follow the trend, choose a good long-term adhere to the output of valuable content.

The audio platform is ignored, the competition is not as big as the video platform, as long as you are willing to operate, whether it is drainage, or direct cash is very good, the most important

Is the platform will continue to recommend traffic to you, the late can lie to earn.

Audio project money introduction, do Himalayan audio project cash 1.28 million?


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