Earn online abroad: This easy $68 a day project, zero cost anyone can do


As long as you can learn to combine, in fact, there are still a lot of online projects, such as this video can make money on the project.

If you usually have done part-time online, must be more familiar with the like, brush attention to this kind, because with the development of short video, this business, in the last year until now has a

A vigorous development.

But most of them are just to cheat you to pay a threshold fee in the early stage. However, the project I’m talking about today has zero cost. If you do it with your heart, it will be the main business.

Many new friends on the Internet because there is no technology, so very willing

Do some coolies to make money part-time, today we are going to talk about this is an information poor earning dollars part-time project, since earning dollars must be a foreign platform.

We opened the shrimp and searched YouTube in this platform, because this project needs to be combined with the shrimp shopping website, I

Let’s take a look at some of the products associated with YouTube.

There are a lot of services about “like”, “subscribe”, “browse” and “forward”, and the following are some prices. There are a lot of products like this on the e-commerce platform of “Shrimp PI”. In fact, this shop provides such services.

So if you’re oil

If the master on the tube is up, you can take orders in this, and then the shopkeeper will help you complete the relevant services, in fact, acting as our domestic brush.

Basically every merchant has a business, we look at so many merchants, the price is different, and it is basically similar to our certain treasure, it is more suitable for Y

People new to ouTube, with no subscriptions, no views, and desperate to get some shua out of them, basically come here.

For example, facebook and ig, Twitter and ig are also social media, which basically have the demand for brush volume in shrimp. The demand of these four platforms is super large, so we

You can flip the deal.

First of all, we registered a shop on the shrimp, and then copied other people’s equivalent babies in, so that we can receive orders, and the initial price can be relatively low.

The next one I’m going to tell you about is like4like which is a site that does that

Brush volume of part-time platform.

So we have known the demand of Facebook, IG, YouTube and Twitter, so how to meet this demand at zero cost is the key to make dollars. like4like I mentioned above is one of them

A platform that can meet this need.

First of all, we open like4like, which can be opened in China, so don’t worry about it. We need to register first. In the task bar of this website, we can receive a lot of tasks, such as YouTube subscription and Facebook

k’s browsing and so on, these are all things that can add points to our score, and we’re doing the task and we’re always getting points.

Liking, subscribing, watching videos are all fine. There are many other platforms besides the four I mentioned above. We need to earn points on this platform first, and only if we earn a certain amount

Points can be used to provide services to other users on the platform.

Get the integral

First of all, we need to have a Facebook, IG, YouTube, Twitter any one of the account can go to the registration operation, after the registration, we go in to demonstrate a random, find a YouTube point


Since this is a “like” task, open the video and “like” it, then do not close the video, after a few seconds it will automatically close, so the task is complete, manually close it and there is no bonus points.

The task of subscribing is similar to the task of liking, just remember not to close it manually, every time you complete one

Master, the second task is coming up.

Like browsing video, there will be a blood bar below, that is, the countdown, this need to walk to finish the video, generally between ten seconds to 25 seconds, if the video time is only a few seconds, after watching and then open to watch again, it will continue to count the countdown


The credits for the tasks will be automatically credited to your account, usually after completing the tasks, so don’t worry about that.

Make dollars

So now that you have a certain amount of credits, you can provide a service to someone else, and this service demand, let’s go back to shrimp, let’s say we get a small order and we need 50 likes, let’s say

Each thumbs up is 2 points, so we have 100 points.

Then we input the url given by the customer in the shrimp into the task bar. We can also select the fans specially needed by the customer, such as regional fans and so on. After adding tasks, we will save them directly.

Because the shrimp

Skin shop is free, that is to say, your orders on shrimp can be distributed on the like4like platform. At this time, people will have questions, what if the shrimp is receiving a relatively large order and can’t earn so many points manually?

Don’t worry about that like4li

ke supports top-up, because shrimp orders have been paid to you. You can take part of the top-up in like4like and directly buy credits for customer service, which is a poor information in foreign countries.

What if you don’t want to open a shrimp shop?

It doesn’t matter, open our domestic QQ group

If you search “YouTube subscription”, you will also find a group of users who have such needs. Then we can also create such a QQ group and guide some up users who have needs to come to us.

The most convenient part of this kind of turnover business is the platform’s own value-added services, taking customers’ money to help customers solve problems.

At present

There are a lot of such orders on Xiapi, and the biggest advantage of like4like is that if users subscribe for your customers and cancel it within a month, the points they get will be returned to your account, so the platform is very reliable, and the platform has always been purely human operation

So the relative security is also very high.

Any contact order can earn a lot. This price can be set in the platform. If the upstream and downstream are well established, it is very easy to earn dollars.

I accidentally downloaded a Speedup the other day, didn’t do anything, just swiped the video, cashed out 10 bucks in the morning

The second is up.

This kind of project is a lot, domestic and foreign basically the same little difference, as long as you are willing to do can earn money, if you want to earn more can increase the account volume operation, a small brush volume studio prototype came out.

Earn online abroad: This easy $68 a day project, zero cost anyone can do


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