No threshold of the game promotion project, part-time operation daily earn 1000


Game promotion has always been a regular project that can be operated and developed over a long period of time. It is not a problem to do it for 5 years. Besides, the time limit is not very high.

To know that the game can be the spiritual food of the young, the rich place, many companies are

Want to dredge gold in it; When the games were first developed, they were all made online in a bubble that required paid promotion, and we were one of the promoters.

There are two main ways to make money from promotional projects:

CPA: Invite users to register through the link, users can get commission and customers after registration and download

The unit price is between 20 and 90

CPS: We invite users to register through the connection, and we can get commission only after they recharge the game. The unit price of a customer is between 30 and 80

The difference between the two is that the former can earn revenue directly, while the latter needs to earn revenue continuously through the user base.


Project Gameplay

So let’s do this

The main traffic channel of this project is the short video platform


Quick hand,

There are two kinds of free play: do the game number, others broadcast room drainage

You can look at the case of the game number, between the top game and recharge activities, and then induced to wechat

And to other people’s broadcast room drainage, need to pay attention to 4 points:

1. Don’t go in

The privacy of the studio

2. Account name is very important

3. Take the initiative and brush the screen

4. How do I import a private domain

You can look at the case

Paid gameplay: Direct push and shake


How to find the game platform

I guess a lot of people do not know where to find these platforms, in fact, a search Google will appear a lot of such games to promote flat

But you have to check for authenticity yourself

In short, can insist on doing the game promotion to earn 1000 a day is just the entry point, a lot of people earn 10000 a day, and the promotion of gameplay constantly updated, need to spend a certain amount of energy to study

No threshold of the game promotion project, part-time operation daily earn 1000


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