Group traffic realization, a zero threshold side project for beginners


There are a lot of online interception about the way to make money, you must know, website interception, public number interception, QQ group interception, there are a lot of such suitable for us to do interception platform, through certain key phrases to increase our exposure.

That is actually to do the interception is to use a keyword search on the platform, shun

This way, we can block everything we want, and traffic that would otherwise be directed to the target will be directed to us.

In fact, we all know that intercepting traffic is the fastest way to get traffic, which is a bit of plunder. But at present, this technology which is not a technology is also filled with every Internet

In an industry.

So I want to talk to you today is through QQ interception technology to occupy a keyword search traffic, so as to obtain a certain number of fans, in fact, this truth is a bit similar to the heat, as long as it is able to hang hot spot, can get a large number of customers.

QQ group we all know, want to improve

Group ranking, it is necessary to have a certain keyword competition, although now QQ group a utilization rate in the decline, but still can not stop the use of hoarding flow, this is also an essential tool.

Here how to create QQ group, not to talk to you, this we basically know how to do, the important thing is how to put this

Group ranking to do, of course, ranking and keywords are matched, if you can do on the ranking, you can also do QQ group screen.

That want to do QQ group ranking, first of all, there must be a certain group, if we want to do more groups, you can batch group or let friends create groups after giving us administrator rights

Because individuals can register the number of groups bubble net income is still limited, spend energy, it is necessary to multiple groups together.

QQ group ranking is actually the most important thing is accurate keyword positioning, for example, we open a QQ group search interface, here I can search a lot of content, in addition to some sensitive

Anything but keywords is fine.

Here as long as the QQ group name title with a precise keyword, can be our words to search out, so here we know that our QQ group name must have the corresponding keyword, to improve their own a search rate, and the higher the matching degree, search

The more Soo ranked, the better.

Of course, there is also an influence QQ group ranking weight is the member QQ group, the group created by members and non-members of the group, other conditions are the same, the ranking will be more advanced.

For group rankings, put a keyword in the name, and then some tags in the profile

Such as video, games, travel and so on are all generic directories. In addition to these, we can also add some long tail words, such as place names travel and so on.

Here are some Settings we should pay attention to, such as QQ group management 3 or so the best, profile or profile picture what no violation, of course, no data

There are violations, which is also a basic requirement.

Then I tell you how QQ group ranking on the home page of the technology, we usually have in the search QQ group all know that we only look at the first page, behind the QQ group basically will not go to see, even only see the first 6.

The optimization of the home page for us

More important, the first point is that QQ group bubble net to earn the number of people can not be full, if there is no spare position, the official will directly move our group down, because full, to give the search position to other groups.

That our QQ group can not spare too many people, generally leave a forty to fifty empty

The position is fine, it stays that way, and for some dives, if someone new comes in, they clean it up.

Another for keywords, some keywords are not suitable for direct use, some of the more special group name keywords, we will carry out certain optimization on it, with some

Special symbols are spaced apart.

Secondly, when we are building the group for the first time, we should select a more accurate region when selecting the group location. If we select the precise regional positioning, it is conducive to the timely display of the city search. QQ groups with the same region will be displayed at the top.

The other one we want the root

According to their own QQ group content positioning to choose this region, such as you want to do weight loss class QQ group, then we have to go to Google index search in the end which areas of the search index is higher, and then we will go to the precise positioning of this area.

Only if we analyze the user’s content attributes well

Can better to do these Settings, like the first QQ group creation, there will be a lot of traffic in the same city, as far as possible to choose to eat accurate traffic, and then go online, one-time information optimization.

In addition, like group name, group introduction, profile picture, number of people display these, we set, after a while to look at the row

Name case, if not ideal, should be targeted to modify, add new keywords.

Like some other factors, such as group activity, we can use automatic chat tools or robots to achieve, in the group continuously repeated brush profile or video, probably have seen a lot

QQ group ban, public screen has been playing an advertisement.

Basically, a new QQ group can soon be ranked on the ground, as long as it is able to use QQ group to get traffic projects, we can use this screen method to do, if you need to intercept keywords, this is also a good choice.

Group traffic realization, a zero threshold side project for beginners


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