How I made over 1000 bucks a day by breaking down my SF game promotion program!


In this post, I’m going to break down my SF game promotion project and tell you how I made money from it.

When it comes to games, I have been playing games for so many years. In addition to entertainment, I also make money with games. I have done a lot of old money, such as: game bricks, game CPS, game gifts

Package code, game surrounding, and the use of game drainage cash and so on many projects.

The game belongs to the profiteering industry, the profit is even higher than the black five category!

SF Games

Have you ever heard of SF games? SF games are also called abnormal uniform games, GM games, different from official uniform games, SF games are generally rich blessing

Benefits, more freedom of access to attract players, as long as you have money, you can even ask the operation to do whatever you want in the game.

Of course, many SF games fall into the small gray area, so I won’t go into details here.

Here’s the point

Why did you do this project, an accidental discovery, old

Money is playing a game, found that someone sent a message, personal curiosity, consultation and download the game to play again, sigh is really abnormal game.

What would have cost 10,000 to 20,000, he can get here.

After playing the game once, I already found the formula, although don’t

Lu gives so many benefits, but everyone does, and everyone gets the same things, so everyone is at the same starting line.

What do people play games for? A lot of people say it’s fun, but almost everyone will play SF for the sake of having a better time, and for the sake of a better ranking

The benefits are the same, you want to be more cool, more powerful, that’s still krypton money, and the official uniform is no different.

It is not enough to find the routine. My idea is: if you can play the game and make money at the same time, it will be better. After I used some skills, it is no accident to find his source, and understand

The whole project, and how much money he was making from it.

How to find the source, I also briefly share with you:

Step 1: I first found the person who published the SF game information, and carefully looked at his profile and the information of the previous content in the circle of friends. There was no trace.

Step 2: So I copy his account,

A search through the game’s various communication groups turned up N ads from his promotion, but it didn’t work for me.

The third step: in each game post bar, the forum search his information, also found N, he released advertisements when promoting, also useless.

Step 4: Google, Sogou, 360

And other major search engines search his information, also found a lot of information, but useful information is also not available.

The fifth part: I changed a thought, using SF game name keywords DL, DC and other keywords his account, and searched again, and indeed found that he wanted to do generation in a SF forum

The message of reason.

At this point, we can say we’ve found his source.

I joined his source group and got this result after consultation:

What does that mean?

You find the player yourself, platform he does not take any commission, if the player find platform c value, junior get 20%, up to 70%.

Is it violent?

Leon? Here is a tip, if you are playing a certain game, you can go to find a link channel backstage, almost all games are back points, can save a lot of money.

The above part describes the process of discovering the project and finding the source. The next part is the process of Lao Qian’s operation.

Old money a few years ago and friends

I have done CPS project for games, but many methods are not working now, so I plan to use the fastest way to get started, pay money to enter the circle of peers, and quickly learn to copy their methods.

I’m not going to write the procedure during the operation, just look at the result.

There are three steps:

Using the game’s automatic shouts, automatic private chat and other AIDS,

Cloud mobile phone open more, 24 hours automatically in the game and private chat players, through the skill to let players add Q group, finally in the guidance of the deal.

Do the game keyword ranking for interception, add the player group with the robot guide, and finally guide the transaction in the player group.

Establish a customer base, invite the customers of the transaction, for a long time

Operation, you know the game repurchase rate is very high!

Today’s sharing is almost over. Personally, I feel it is very good to work on the SF game CPS project. I have been working on this project for about half a month, and I have accumulated more than 100 customers.

And trial and error

The cost is high, the profit is also high, and the long-term profit is stable, interested readers can learn about it, of course, you can also leave me a comment section, or communicate with me privately.

Tip: Do SF game had better find independent development operation, can not do piracy private service, this is infringement.

How I made over 1000 bucks a day by breaking down my SF game promotion program!


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