Soul money making project, easily convert the monthly income of more than ten thousand


For friends who want to make money on the Internet, no matter what project, as long as you can get the traffic, you can certainly make money. If you want to make more money, you must start from the needs of human nature, such as soul social software.

For example, I am very good at male powder, so how to drain these male powder and match the corresponding

Products to transform them? This is a question you can think about, think about it, this is a profiteering just need project.

Many people are not unfamiliar with the drainage of male fans. I often talk about it in class, such as some female bars, or social software. Now it is cited in various bars

The flow is very small, there are a large number of male fans often mixed with momo, Tantan and other social platforms.

This kind of social platform seems to be chatting, but in fact there is a serious imbalance between men and women. Basically, there are too many men and too few women. If you register a female account here, it will have a good effect.

One came out last year

I also registered an account to log in and have a look. Although it is a new social software, it is also quite hot. Most of the people who take the initiative to say hello are men.

Fan attribute piece

Match, then this is a good channel for drainage, then what are the specific steps of drainage?

Packaging and speech

Here involves the account packaging and words, such as the first profile picture, personality signature and so on must be to girls, if you are a man, that here there is no man willing to bird you.

For a little bit of money,

Open the membership, this is very important, you can say hello, you can also see who gave you a hello, and the dynamic including the moment must remember to update, often in the planet to match, so that help to meet more people.

Basically, just wait for others to take the initiative to greet you, you can also take the initiative to play

Take the initiative to play a message to each other, the beginning of the direct point “handsome” on the line.

Generally, if you are a female account, the frequency of the love bell will be very frequent, and then you are ready to talk about home affairs and guide the flow of wechat. Personality signature can be brought to wechat, but it gives a person the feeling of marketing. It is better to talk about two direct sentences

Send it on wechat.

Of course, wechat circle of friends is also after packaging, generally will cost 5 to 10


Money, on the Internet to buy a set of beautiful daily life photos, published every day on a regular basis.

From the soul flow to wechat, do not need what words skills, basically 10 men will have 9 will be very happy

, there is a saying called “the whole network marketing, wechat transaction”, you only guide to wechat, can have the next step of transformation.

Transaction by conversion

There are many ways to convert transactions here. You can play some red envelope games as before, or sell some products to them, depending on your positioning.

Play red envelope this you should

It is not strange. When you get up in the morning, you will send a red envelope of one dollars to call him to get up. Generally, women will send out a red envelope with a whine voice, and many men will directly send back a big one to twenty people.

Basically the response rate will be above 60% per person

The price is between 6 and 8


About, this calculation, every morning simply this operation can also earn one or two hundred, to solve the food and clothing is no problem.

If there is a more lucrative conversion, it is to sell products, and it is for these male toners just need products.

What is a just-needed product, nothing more than a health care product, this health care

We should all understand the profit of supplies. Health care products and a series of peripheral supplies can be sold.

We should pay attention to one point here, because the profit of health care products is relatively high, so many people will get some fake products to sell, if we buy such goods to sell to consumers, no one will complain

Report even if it is reported, it is illegal, so the source of goods must be positive, the purchase channel to be stable.

Go to 1688 stock, after all, they can sell things on the Internet are generally tested and qualified, the purchase here is relatively cheap.

Another is to cooperate with the photo station to sell members, this big

Home is not strange, before I have a station is to sell photo members, a member of dozens of dollars, the peak day also has one or two thousand income, this needs us to wechat male powder drainage to the website.

You can publish some website information in the circle of friends, and guide them to pay attention to your website content.

Of course, there are even more lucrative changes

Now, for a variety of reasons, I can’t talk too much about PUA teaching and training. PUA has been very popular in recent years, not only because of some news reports, but also because of all kinds of short videos praising PUA, leading to a lot of people becoming very interested in this technology.

So sell PUA classes

There is a lot of room for realization in teaching or teaching directly.

Soul money making project, easily convert the monthly income of more than ten thousand


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