Talk about the good thing violence method, single month to earn 5000+, can be batch amplification operation!


Talk about the good thing violence method, single month to earn 5000+, can be batch amplification operation!

I have shared with you the article of Quora Haowu to make a new number from 0, which has attracted many friends. Today, let’s share the method of Quora good things violence. And if the response is good,

We will do a round of in-depth project series articles and talk about Quora good things with you. Today bubble net earn I come to talk to you about Quora good things violence name! From a businessman’s point of view, with profit and loss thinking, to do Quora good things!

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

Quora good things are Quora for cash

, launched a delivery system. As long as Quora exists and its content is read by people, the project of monetizing Good things will continue to exist.

2. Solution:

Quick start, quick money!

3. Revenue Composition:

Promotion commission

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Selection:

The selection is every good Quora recommendation officer to see

Home skills, every family will have some of their own secret, such as some people write digital, some people write mobile phone case, some people write beauty makeup, are based on their own familiarity with this field and love, to be able to continue to work in this field.

How to find the right category: the general operation is to Washington powder

Go through the first – and second-level products one by one, and choose the ones that you like, sell a lot, and have a good commission. (Like, sales, commission, these 3 to occupy, as for the proportion of how much, on their own balance).

Selection collocation: High sales + low commission products, with low sales + high

Commission products. This is the same as opening a store. Products with high sales volume and low gross profit are used to increase sales volume and divert other products with high gross profit through large flow and high exposure. The principle is the same, through the low commission product diversion, let the high commission product increase revenue.

2. Buy Likes:

The authorities have reviewed some irregularities

It is also very strict. If there are illegal operations such as brushing, mutual praising and brushing collections, it is easy to be turned over. But if the new number wants to quickly start volume, can’t avoid a point is like. So, how to do it becomes very important and very skillful.

The operation of many people in the industry is to buy some thousands of fans or

Thousands of fans like the number of praise, this kind of praise, a praise will be a few dollars or even higher, don’t be too expensive, high-quality account of praise is always in short supply. (Ten thousand don’t buy a new number of praise, easy to be after the fall account)

If you have some high weight numbers, then you can exchange likes with other people, and this equals to this

The former public number mutual push principle is similar. This way, everyone can get high-quality likes at no cost.

On why to buy likes: because business, only consider the profit and loss, as long as the loss is less than the profit, then the business can be done. Buying likes is an unavoidable part of the process and must be done. As long as small

Heart point, buy high quality, and do more than a few numbers, the risk can be reduced to a relatively low degree.

3, batch number:

Focus on the article: suggest to do a few more, put the main energy, on the quality of the article, and then through the batch of answers, to the article drainage. Because you’re answering great articles, even though

The flow is good, but there are a lot of competing products are also doing similar answers to you, and even answer may be better than you. Users who read a response are more likely to scroll down to other responses and not buy from your response. So, answer drainage, article transformation. Make sure you don’t get it crooked.

Do one’s best

Articles related to long tail keywords, such as what snacks can you repurchase indefinitely? Amazon what delicious cut cheap quantity is large, but unknown snacks?

Do more accounts: although there is a saying that a high-quality large day’s income, the top of the ordinary account a month’s income and. But in the tens of thousands or even a few

One hundred thousand Quora good things number, how many quality large? That’s what you can count. And a large risk is also very big, easy to be attacked, restricted, blocked number, etc. If you only have one number, it’s very risky. Moreover, you want to know a good thing number, do twenty or thirty thousand a month, is more difficult

. But if you have five Quora Haowu numbers, it is relatively easy to make four or five thousand monthly income for each number. So, do more accounts, is a relatively easy way to earn money. According to the rules of the horse, your many accounts, also easy to run out of one or two large.

4. Knowledge + Delivery:

Burning during the event

Zhizhi + : During big holidays like 618 and Singles’ Day, it is very cost-effective and can magnify your profits. Because these activities greatly promote the festival, will often launch red envelope promotion activities. Don’t underestimate these red envelopes, he can help you lock customers, even cross-shop, that commission is a lot.


Chapter optimization: when you want to do + release, it is best to choose the conversion of good articles to release, such as the choice of more than 10% click-through rate of the article, so that the conversion rate can be higher. If you find that the article conversion rate decreases (this is normal, users are more widespread, the conversion rate will naturally decline), at this time

You need to revise the article and find a way to improve the transformation. If you find that the transformation cannot be improved, there is a risk of loss, immediately stop, switch to another article.

Optimization skills: article optimization, can be through the title of the article, the label, the content of the first paragraph of text, as well as the structure of the article content, picture, good things to choose products, etc

Optimize and adjust. The title of the article is very important. It is best to stick to the theme of the event and the timeliness. Let’s say we’re going to run this article on 618, we’re going to headline it something like 618: Guide to the best Phones to Buy. Secondly, the first paragraph of content, article structure, are very exquisite, so that the user is clear

It’s also important to be aware and willing to read on.

The bid of Quora + : Quora + is similar to other pod ads I mentioned before, but the advertising system of Quora is obviously not that mature. There are not many options to choose from, and the advertising can not be more refined. When you put in a bid, it’s harder to see

The category of promotion, the degree of competition and other details. So you can start by setting cpc to 0.2


And then adjust according to the change of exposure. If it’s something hot, bid 0.2


Still good flow. But some subdivided categories, such as jewelry watches, the price should be relative to

It’s a lot taller.

Know + cost control: any release, we must first control the cost. Making money is hard, but losing money is easier. The time of + can be opened and closed at any time, and the time of release should be selected as far as possible during activities and festivals, working days, or night breaks

(Know + release, the effect of the weekend is generally not very good, this and the attributes of the platform has a great correlation). So the recommended launch time is 9am to 2pm and 8pm to 12pm.

Continue to know + : but the investment of the +, it is recommended to continue to put, how many to cast points. It helps to get the platform

Flow support, if you suddenly stop the release, reading volume is prone to cliff drop. Therefore, if you find your flow cliff drop, you can be low-cost to know + release, easy flow recovery. If you want to stop knowing +, you should also gradually reduce the release, not stop the release all at once.

Know + select products and plug-ins:

Do + with goods, and the pod with goods is the same, only high commission products, to support the continuous release of +. Use know + plug-in, can get higher revenue. Because when you use Quora + plug-in to insert goods, you can skip Quora’s 30% commission. This bubble net makes money when I talked about commission withdrawals earlier

We have mentioned the commission on Quora. If you normally insert a product, you get a commission of 100 dollars, but when you withdraw, Quora will take a 30% commission, which means you can only get a commission of 70 dollars. And the use of knowledge + plug-in, can avoid this commission.

5. Other operational considerations:

Comment Settings: Comment section

Do well or not, the conversion rate of the article has a great impact. So this should pay special attention to, you can find a friend to operate well, you can find people to brush praise to hair (write good comments, let brush praise to hair), as far as possible to write sincere and high quality some, there is a great help to the transaction. You can also put some of the better comments

On the formulation of refining, so with the knowledge + delivery, the transformation can be better.

Keyword setting: there are drop-down keywords in the search box, you can write the long tail words of this category of products according to the drop-down keywords. You can also use Google keyword planner, this is also a free tool, basic enough for a new person to use.

The label

Setup: Tags are very important. Once your article has been written, the platform will label your article (according to the title of the article, the frequency of keywords in the content of the article, etc.). When you try to write, deliberately add some hot keywords to your article. Then ask some friends (not white) to give

You can click on keywords or long tail words to help cold start the article quickly.

Answer drainage: many new practices are 6 answers a day, 2 articles a week, through the quantity of the way, with the answer to the article drainage, this is also a good way.

Quora Grade and salt value: The ideal grade is 5

Above, 700+ salt value, such an account, the impact of the article and the answer are relatively large. Generally, the way to get the salt value of Quora is to report it. In the previous article about starting from 0 to make a new number of Quora Haowu, I have explained the method of reporting in detail. You can have a look at it.

AD placement: When your account

When the weight is relatively high, there will be some businesses to find the product. Generally, the cost of advertising placement for 1-2 products is 200-300


Plus 10% to 20% exclusive commission. This sum


Small game master release, the gameplay is the same, guarantee subsidy + commission sharing.

3. Items

Item Evaluation:

1. Suitable for people:

Quora Good Things is a long-term project. The method of sharing violence is to do this project from the perspective of a businessman. You can evaluate it yourself.

2. Cost

The cost is not high, mainly labor costs.

3. Risk and Control:

The risks are still relatively high

Yeah, I mean, like, like, like. It is possible to make more accounts and strengthen the control of IP, comments and likes. Relatively speaking, the risk will be less.

4. Revenue

Quora Haowu income is still possible, although it is a little difficult to achieve a monthly income of 20,000 dollars, but the monthly income of 3,000 or 5,000 dollars, OK

It can still be done. Do more than a few numbers, income can also be.

5. Project extension

Other self-media platforms with goods:

Social networking Sites

, fast hand,


, the public number and other various need the content of the platform, can bring goods.

Iv. Conclusion:

Quora’s pattern of violence is for reference only. There must be some risks.

Or you small partners own assessment!

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea is the same!

Talk about the good thing violence method, single month to earn 5000+, can be batch amplification operation!

Talk about the good thing violence method, single month to earn 5000+, can be batch amplification operation!


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