Net earn novice cold money project, 4 steps to teach you fast monthly into ten thousand


Recently a lot of friends find me, want me to recommend some relatively simple and easy to use projects, want to turn over, I look around, think many projects are OK, but we did not find it profiteer point.

For example, if you are doing an unpopular project to make money, which platform will you do it on first? What is the medium

Where, what is the cash channel, it is often a new platform novice is difficult to control, it is better to try the old platform.

Just like the public account, I remember three or four years ago someone told me that this is outdated, but now I see friends, through the public account monthly earning tens of thousands of really many, and it does not need very hard

It can be achieved.

Some time ago, a friend made a tourism public account, the average headline reading of 3000+, this month alone to receive the new list of advertising has broken ten thousand, very simple and rough, even zero threshold.

Of course, if a project exists for a long time, there will be parts of the obsolete or red Sea, that

Today I will talk to you about a public number of cold gameplay, fast to reach the monthly profit model of tens of thousands.

I believe that most of you reading this article should have the idea of doing a public account before, more or less, but do not know from which type to cut, in fact, type is very important, choice is greater than effort

The choice of early field is very important.

Today I tell you about this field, although there are people doing, but for the novice, the opportunity is still very big, as long as according to the implementation of what I said, there is no problem to do.

So the field that I’m going to talk to you about today is the public domain of the funny stuff

, or thriller stories, I search in wechat today, check the ghost story this keyword bubble net earn, just open a public number, the headline reading volume is not low, and very stable.

I will use practical thinking to talk with you about how to do this kind of public number, and the subsequent realization, more than

One can even be regarded as a we-media business model.

First, preparation

Speaking of here, the first is wechat, public number subscription number, this to register, or go to A5 to buy an old public number, here the old public number has some advantages is the message function, pay function, a

The person number is not authenticated.

Then find the subscription numbers of several of your peers to see what they are updating every day. Research your peers in terms of headline writing, content feeds, text or video, and even the time of Posting.

Another is to find material, now is not the era of fan economy, unlike a few years ago, the lack of content, like

We need to understand the content economy correctly, so finding the material is a key preparation, and it may be throughout your entire project.

Keep a library of your own, and find websites or forums, blogs or even blogs dedicated to telling wacky stories

Peers are all right, just don’t hang the original.

In addition, if possible, we can prepare a simple microphone for recording. This recording is because we want to conduct drainage on the audio platform, such as Himalaya and so on.

Two, the specific operation

For the practical operation of this content, to do from two directions

The first is the output of the content, the second is the acquisition of traffic.

We have to constantly update the article in the public number early, if you come up to do the flow, the public number is empty, it is difficult to retain users, so we first to do the content.

The second is to do traffic, because most like this kind of story

People, mainly audio novels, that FM platform is one of our main traffic channel sources, we record the material found on the Internet into audio novels, and then cut on the music, or when you record, the computer can put the appropriate light music.

Early do not think about how much reading, how much flow, today

The number of days increased, compared with yesterday and a few fewer people, and so on, we should not limit our eyes so narrow, we only do content and flow in the early stage.

You may even lose a few articles or audio to the platform, but it doesn’t have the effect you expected, it doesn’t matter, because we plan to run this project for a long time

Camp down, slowly build up, rather than three kicks and end.

Three, the cold strategy

Here we want to do a good job of the public number, first of all to understand the current status of the public number and some peer data and rules, this we must do our homework, followed by the update of the self-check after a period of time.

I believe

After a period of operation, some problems will inevitably occur. For example, I have uploaded so many works, but there is still no reading volume, or there is no increase of fans, and I have not had any problems such as Boom Wen lamp lighting.

At this time, you must be wondering whether I have chosen the wrong direction

Does this strange story, ghost story direction work or not? Or should I go in a different direction and imitate their historical or emotional tuba?

This is a very normal thing, it is also a good thing to have thinking, then we need to use certain strategies to make the project can go on more smoothly, I will talk about the first

Some of these methods, they worked wonders for this project.

1, the flow is the focus, the audio you think is the best brush thousands of play, and then brush about 10% of the comments, like the collection, this as to where to brush, we find their own channels.

2, we throw out the drainage video, repeatedly modify the interface

Shao, add different keywords, test which kind of words are more popular, in the keyword development of love station can find a bunch.

3, put the same audio into a different name at the same time lose the whole network with similar platforms, just like a short video, we not only lost


Kuaishou, but also Quora, B station, tubing and so on, do

Give your content maximum exposure.

4, the last point is the most important, adhere to the content output for three months, enough content by public seo alone can let you reach the goal of more than 10 million a month.

Four, the realization method

The logic of public number making money is very simple, as long as there is powder, you can cash, and is directly cash.

Among them

Public number, this I don’t say we also know, very routine realization is the main flow, full 500 fans open the flow main, and then according to reading there is income, if it is the original logo, the income will double, this we all know, I will not say more.

The other one is to take the order, and here we are

Some normal advertisements can also be used. Of course, there are one-time advertisements and cpc. The price of an advertisement is calculated according to the reading.

The other is the advertising on the platform, such as new list, God praise and so on can be, according to

Read the unit price, the unit price is 0.3


To 0.8



In fact, this project is very simple, nothing more than persistence, especially in the current Internet environment, everyone is in the ranks


And YouTube, but the public number has gained a new living space.

The link of the YouTube can be directly given to our public number

Guide fans, if you put the strange story of the public number to do a good job, based on this private domain traffic, to operate the whole network unified field of content, is a handy thing.

Net earn novice cold money project, 4 steps to teach you fast monthly into ten thousand

Net earn novice cold money project, 4 steps to teach you fast monthly into ten thousand


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