Side door money project: sell computer font resources, earn 100 a day


Today, let’s share a good niche area side door to make money: selling computer font resources.

This is a very good virtual product, because there is still a certain market for computer fonts, many industries will need these fonts, and these fonts can be used in articles, trademarks and

All kinds of covers.

So under the role of the font, the user demand is very high. The reason why it’s a niche project is because fonts are copyrighted, not all fonts are copyrighted, and some fonts are commercially available for free, so we have a chance to make a lot of money.

Let’s look at some of them first

Demand data, such as on a treasure:

This company sells integrated fonts, and its monthly sales volume is about 1,000. It has sold 5,000 fonts accumulated, which means 100 less per day


The profit of.

Look at the other one, is selling a series of fonts separately, the total sales are close to 1500, the same

I made over five grand.

Almost all of these font resources are available at low cost. Even if you are worried about font copyright, you can integrate some free commercial fonts for packaging, or you can integrate a series of fonts for sale. If you don’t want to consolidate, go directly to these peers and buy.

But here our sales channel is not recommended

Play shop route, after all, if it involves copyright issues will be more troublesome. In addition to do shop cycle is relatively long, need to operate. If you think you have enough time, consider it.

The following channels are recommended:


Now the Tiebar has almost become one in addition to some very popular tiebar

The marketing platform for buying and selling resources, so our font resources can also be promoted in the post bar.

Such as font bar, drawing bar, design bar, PS bar, generally can use the font industry can search.

Web site

Building a font download site is also a very good choice, because bubble net income I personally will need

To all aspects of the font, and some fonts if in the official buy will be more expensive, but in the personal font resources download station is much cheaper, only need a few blocks on the line, and even join the member can download for free.

Of course, if you only sell font resources separately, it would be a waste of website functionality, so you can cooperate with other

Resources do together, but also to improve their unit price in all aspects.

So we do a resource download station is also feasible, the cost of building the website will not be particularly high, dozens of blocks of domain name plus dozens of every month


The server cost can be, and then use their own website SEO technology, to the late basic lying to make money.



As a low distribution version of the online store platform, Xianyu naturally can not be missed, although the customer price is very low here because of peer reasons, but also can be in the way of volume and with other resources together to generate profits.


Many people may not think that we media is also related to font resources. In fact, let’s divide font resources

If it is divided into fields, it is a resource belonging to the field of design, especially PS tools, so naturally it will also be in the category of design and workplace skills.

The promotion of “we media” can attract a lot of groups as long as it is matched with font effect and some copywriting, and the title is described more gorgeous, and then

Use the private message function to direct to the personal number for cash.

The last

Basically, after attracting users through these channels, they will think of their own marketing methods to promote their products. Moreover, because the unit price of font resources is very low, most customers will make a deal, so it is normal to produce 30 orders a day.

Such as

If some series of fonts can be integrated, customers can even make multiple payments.

Side door money project: sell computer font resources, earn 100  a day


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