Fully automatic virtual project, operation process and skills detailed


As long as any project is related to automatic, it will basically be relatively profiteer, because now the most expensive in all walks of life is manual labor, and the sale of virtual resources is one of them.

Now there are a lot of people buying and selling resources online, so the market is always bigger, and while there may be some resources that are priced cheaper,

But once the volume is taken out, the sales figures look pretty good.

Look at those who sell resources in the online shop to know that the monthly sales of a single product is less than dozens or hundreds of thousands, if the store resources are more, each month on these alone can get a high income.

A lot of people may not know what a project like this entails

What kind of materials or resources do I want to do but I don’t know the direction? I will share the specific steps of this project with you in detail below.

1. Subdivide the field

If you want to sell virtual goods online, you must know the market and the audience. The market has always dominated the product. For example, if you are a designer, you must often use it

Map, map, you are a movie fan will need popular movie and TV drama resources, you are a fan of the house will want to P station the latest picture package collection.

The first choice of positioning, selling movies and TV plays is unlikely to sell playbook, sell postgraduate information is unlikely to sell longevity is this truth, the more development, the more refined


Want to operate the virtual resource project, first of all you have to have resources, then we choose their own positioning, to find resources, resources and sorting resources can be combined together, many times the data is not a single, like PPT collection need sorting.

2. Choice of resources

About the selection of virtual resources

Choice, we still recommend the old three, after all, it is the fastest and most convenient way to get resources.

First, we directly find peers and pay them. All the products we buy have been sorted out. We can check the advertising information in them, change them into our own products, and then sell them in packages. Second from a treasure to buy, although

However, now some companies like a treasure and a fish are curbing the sale of virtual resources, but there are still many businesses in the market. You can directly buy the resources you want. Third online download, online download can choose some magnetic link to search keywords download, basically can download to a series of related resources, more convenient disadvantages

It’s messy.

3. Back-end operation mode

Want to do virtual resources, is basically low customer price low profit volume, then if the back end is not good, has been to do their own customer service, it will be very hard, and fully automatic operation can solve this problem.

First we can upload the resources to the platform, and the platform generation

Sell for us. Now there are some self-service card issuing platforms on the market that can solve this kind of problem, and all we have to do is to guide the user platform to pay.

If you have an e-commerce platform, you can operate the resource generation download service. Now many people provide this service, which can cooperate with the simple resource download


There is also a website called Eight Pictures. The pictures in this website can generate a picture with a Mosaic, and a two-dimensional code of payment can be combined. After the user scans the code, the Mosaic will automatically disappear.

It is also very simple to take these resources, such as your graphics package, courseware, office

Etc., upload these resources to the web disk, and then generate a download link, the link as a picture can be.

And what we have to do is to put these pictures through our own drainage channels to operate in batches. Under normal circumstances, as long as your price setting is not very high, the correct drainage

There are still a lot of paying users.

So we can completely free up the back end of the operation, the user comes in, doesn’t need us to explain or anything, he gets these payments.

4. Skillful drive

There are a lot of technical things to do with virtual resources.

For example, from our resources, what kind of resources

Can attract users, here we learn from the thinking of the TV series, when we watch the drama after watching the last episode, we are very eager to the next episode, when we take out a part of the more attractive resources to share with users for free, they will be very much looking forward to the second half.

Let’s say we encrypt some of the larger resources

Packaging, free to share out for users to download, download when they do not know that this is encrypted, and we can add a sentence when packaging, “Xiaobian collate resources super hard…” That’s it.

General users love and hate this resource, which is large in volume, rich in content and relatively accurate.

If you give up, you have to download it all over again, and many people just pay for a few bucks to save time.

Master the sourcing and acquisition of the source material, then distribute it to a number of platforms and throw out the resource leads with some skillful and strategic writing.

There’s a lot of ways to do marketing, but

As long as you do a good job of the back end can achieve fully automatic operation.

Fully automatic virtual project, operation process and skills detailed


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