Powder absorption method: closure thinking and related project explanation


There is a less ethical way of attracting powder, but this method is very accurate, this method is known in the circle, but rarely spoken about, is interception.

Today simply to say to you, bubble net earn I do not recommend you to operate, but listen to a lively is also good.

At present, there are many applications of interceptions, such as

As we common every time a hot event comes out, there is bound to be a group of people to SEO interception.

Common is the film field, every year there are a group of people through the film keyword interception, make a lot of money.

Just click on a webpage to enter, you will find that is to let you pay attention to the public number.

Focus on what happens next, just

Is to guide the personal number (these personal number moments are responsible for food delivery CPS, movie ticket system, etc.)

This method has been a long time, basically every popular movie can become a new position of traffic, there is a search for SEO (Sogou wechat search is the public number.)

That’s the hors d ‘oeuvres. Up here

The method of operation is not difficult to find a high weight website to release relevant content, and then to induce fans to pay attention to.


Flow closure technique

The rise of the knowledge-paying wave (leek economy) has created a bunch of powerful knowledge bloggers (scythe).



Spreading knowledge and helping others (raising and harvesting leeks)

In fact, the course of these bloggers do not use the heart bubble net to earn I do not know, but do short video or pretty hard, because no heart there is no flow.

Friends and I have talked about this problem, flow is king, curriculum copy on the line, this is also beyond fault.

Even I have told my friends that if you want to train, find the cattle on the market

Force the top three courses, take back to learn and practice, and then three sets of integration, is your course, it is not a secret.

There are also conscientious bloggers who practice the curriculum they have developed and are conscientiously polishing the curriculum, but they are really in the minority.

But we all know this stuff,

A novice

We don’t understand,

A novice


Bloggers who think they’re good at telling stories are also good at doing them.

In fact, in our eyes, every day is live broadcast, showing off wealth, how do you have time to work on the project, then how did the project set up, maybe people have partners.

Not making fun of it, maybe I’ll be one of them, and if I am, you

It could be my own joke.

We talk


On the interception of this thinking.

Are these bloggers making their own traffic pool, nothing to send a data, or open a live stream, in


I’ve been working so hard.

So there appeared such a group of people to help bloggers, to share the fatigue of the harvest, to a wave of anti-harvest.

For example, the blogger is training Xianyu, and has offered many courses, his courses are easy to buy on the market, but

A novice

I don’t know.

So these people, they go to the private message, looking for those who want information, active in the broadcast room.

Very simple, the official price 2999, I here only 29.9, originally are small

Just want to get the maximum return for the minimum benefit, think about the course is also good oh, this is also saved money.

As a result, there was a wave of counter-killing, which taught knowledge bloggers a good lesson. There were already quite a few people doing this.

Bloggers currently have no way to avoid this problem, even by asking fans to report something, right

Unrealistic, loyalty is not that high, even if the report can not do a lot of people.

In particular, the number of the main release to send data, that is the hardest hit areas, can directly change Li GUI Li Kui, directly to the private message, and then induced to wechat.

This method has a lot of companies mass let employees to operate, of course

It’s not just about paying.

For example, the field of weight loss to send weight loss methods; Bao Ma field to send parenting methods; Love field send love bible.


The blogger has screened the most accurate followers, and these people just need to send private messages.

Especially in the broadcast room, are real-time online, direct private message, basically finished

It’s gonna be right back on the air.

This gameplay disadvantage is the number, need a lot of account pile up, but


Number cheap ah, this is now a lot of people play the ant hero across the river.

Maybe you think this method is not easy to operate, but to tell the truth, this kind of accurate fans, to slowly transform the high order

And the profits generated are not to be underestimated.

Powder absorption method: closure thinking and related project explanation


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