Share an obscure profiteering project with poor information. Someone made 60K in 3 months


Today, to share a poor information of a rare profiteering project, in life may often see a lot of second-hand books discarded at will, when moving too troublesome. Today’s project is to sell second-hand books, many people may doubt whether second-hand books can be sold, let’s take a look at the case:

It sold 13 in 90 days

75 orders, the favorable rate of 99.83%. And the price of these books are not cheap, on the picture of this set sold 680


The profits may be unimaginable. After all, scrap station a few cents a catty things, resell a sale hundreds of times, if you encounter a lonely tens of thousands of income is very normal.

The project is very simple. The main

Is the trade around used books, many books are out of print, now the hardcover book in the offline purchase minimum of 50


Above, there is a large market for used or out-of-print books. Before we do this, we must first find a second-hand book purchase channel, the following to share a few source channels

First, the source of goods

1, scrap station back


You can directly go to the recycling boss to talk, say that you want to recycle a batch of books, for the library, because the funds are not enough to find some second-hand books, give them a dollar a book, thick books can give a few dollars a book. Most people in recycling have no idea that used books can still be sold

. Every time you go to bring him a pack of cigarettes or buy something, tell him to inform you to pick up the book. They’ll be happy to let you know when they get enough profit.

2, Confucius old book network

There are many kinds of used books on the Internet. You can buy almost anything you want, but the only disadvantage is that there are many pirated books and the price of the books is low

Even books for a few cents are available.

3, a certain evening

Pirated copies are available, books are brand new and the price is very low. There are some other platforms you can find yourself. The above two are the main platforms you can use.

Ii. Flow Rate

1. Second-hand book recycling platform

Put the collected books directly in

Recovery of second-hand books sold on the platform, express fees are from the platform, the platform to the book after the past will identify the true and false old and new and then give you a quote, after agreeing to direct payment to your account.

The following is a platform for recycling used books.

Turn around: the mobile terminal can log in, turn around the collection of book categories are more complete, but also do

Earlier platform, this platform can analyze what books are good to sell and what books are not good to sell, good will give you more quotes, not to sell will give you a very low price, the advantage of this platform is that the audit is not strict.

Catch more fish: both the computer and mobile end, Tencent investment platform, about 2000-3000 investment

W, wechat also mainly promotes this platform. The review of book receipt is strict, but the price is high.

Roaming Whale: small program login, this platform is more special, the book recycling is almost the original price, but it may give you the book fee, what do you mean? Book fees can be understood as bubble net earn points, may also give you cash book

Fee in the form of, say, 20


After the book is returned to the platform will give you 10


Cash 10 book fee, which can be redeemed to purchase books on the platform. To build this platform, we can sell rubbish books to this platform, and then use the book fee to buy good books on the platform.

2. Open stores without supplies

(1) Confucius Old book network


In Confucius old book network set up shop to sell books, in the scrap station to collect the book price is so cheap, take up to sell, no matter what is able to earn.

The picture

(2) Old Book Street

Send the books of Confucius Old book network to the old book street, and if someone buys you, go to Confucius Old Book network to place an order. No need to stock up, just a single amount of general, but the price to sell

It’s high.

(3) Second hand goods trading platform

We could put a 1 there


Freight is making some money

(4) Look around

You can also sell used books separately

(5) Set up stalls offline

After work, the night market can go to the crowded place to set up a stall, a 5 dollars or 10 dollars 3 books can be sold.


Bought books have to be taken to a second-hand recycling platform to be evaluated

Let’s see what they’re offering. Look it up yourself, don’t miss it.

The piracy problem:

You can read more books of the same type, observe more comparison, observe the text in the books, most of the pirates have double shadow, blurred, thin paper, wrong words and so on

Compare the ISBN code, equivalent to the ID of the book, ancient

There is no ISBN code for books in Chinese and foreign languages. After you input the ISBN code into the platform, the platform will give you a feedback. If the feedback looks different from the books you received, it is piracy.

This project is very simple, is a poor information, lucky that day scrap station to pick up a leak, a single earn tens of thousands or even a few

100,000, of course, the main thing is that you have to have a pair of good eyes, otherwise you will know when you hand it. Of course, even an ordinary single can earn tens, hundreds.

Share an obscure profiteering project with poor information. Someone made 60K in 3 months


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