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I’ve previously shared a custom project for synthesizing small games, as well as a project for website source sales. Today, bubble net earn I share with you again a source sales project – small game source sales. In fact, this project has a long history, source code sales is a niche, small game source code, is more

A small field. However, this business is very malleable, so I will have a good talk with you to expand other projects and add an idea for reference.

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

Anything that involves technology, there’s always some cost involved, like a technology that takes a few days,

Write a small game out, but found that they can’t promote it, but can’t let the time wasted, so we need to put this small game out. Selling yourself is one way, and so is selling to source code vendors (our role in this project is actually source code dealers).

Some people have some traffic but lack a product to monetize. Small games because of the strong stickiness, as well as a more mature way of advertising cash, is the flow cash end of the relatively easy to cash in the product. So, someone wants to find some products to wash their own traffic. But I am also

Lack of technical research and development capability, empty traffic and no product. At this time, the best way is to find their own technology developers to access the small game, or find source traders to buy source code.

2. Solution:

Upstream docking small game developers, put their own game source in their shop consignment. Downstream development source code purchase

Households, let users buy source code from their own purchase here.

3. Revenue Composition:

The difference between the goods is the profit.

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Find a small game developer:

Small game developer circle is actually relatively concentrated, generally concentrated in small game communication community, small game forum, small game developers conference these

The place.
Small game communication community is divided into several types, one is the operation community community (operation communication, traffic trading, etc., such communities are business operation gathering place), the other is the technical community (small game technology research and development communication community, in this case, you can go to the various platforms for technical exchange

Group search, for example


Wechat and other platforms, there will be such a developer communication community, generally can go directly into). One is the “we media” community (such as a small game “we media”, they will have a small game manufacturer group, small game publishing group, etc., the basic review threshold is relatively low, you can enter by reporting your identity

Small game forum is also divided into several kinds, one is pure research and development technology exchange forum, this do technology basic know some well-known technology forum, such as CSDN, there are various posts on it. One is the platform technology exchange forum, for example


There are special little games

Small program question answering forum.
Small game developer conferences, such as the ohayoo developer forum a while ago, the small game developer forum of Amu, the Beluga Game Sea Conference, etc. They are all within the industry and will attract many practitioners from within the industry. You can get from these flat

According to the official information released by Taiwan, when there will be these conferences, you can sign up to attend. After joining, mix in the various conference groups crazy to add people, introduce the business. Because there are more people in the conference, so the pass rate will be very high.

2. Working with small game developers:

In general, be false

To sell goods on consignment, it is necessary to sign a consignment agreement, authorize the source code to the store, and provide developers with legal advice, rights protection testing, rights protection services, etc. Make sure that the source code we sell here is genuine source code, not developers from elsewhere. This contract template, but

To search through Google library, public account, knowledge Planet, technology forum and other places.

3. Services provided by the store:

Source code sales:

This is the most basic service, selling a variety of source code
Technical referral: Since many people who buy source code do not have technical skills, they have some

Where the source code needs to be optimized and adjusted, so you can find source code developers, or other technical research and development (or you can provide this outsourcing service, organize developers to do outsourcing).

Fine Arts Introduction:

Because of the purchase of source code, most people are individuals, no technical ability at the same time, there is no art ability, and software

Most of them need to be replaced or optimized, so we can introduce the art studio to them, or we can provide this outsourcing service and organize the art to do this outsourcing.

Code obfuscation service:

Because the source code is resold, so a lot of the source code is put on various platforms, the same code platform is not allowed to repeat

It’s built. Then you need to obfuscate services. The obfuscation service can find its own technology to obfuscate, charge or free.

To act for or authorize:

Because this source code, is the consignment of others, to put on the shelf to other platforms, you have to have soft. This software can find the source developer license, or apply for the software yourself

(They can just provide soft agency service, there is a high probability of transforming this customer, you can also introduce this customer to soft agency vendors, earn head referral fee)

Switch traffic master service:

Wechat traffic is the main opening there are some requirements, to 1000 users to open. But the new

Why does the game have so many users? The store can provide a service on behalf of the opening of the flow of the main number of money (in fact, to find other wechat small game publishers to buy 1000 users, and then submit the application according to the requirements).

Traffic buying and selling:

When the hand has a number of traffic small games, as well as demand flow

Small game, then, you can leave the right hand, start traffic trading business. For example, A needs X price users, you know that B can just provide, so you can undertake the demand on both sides, start a middleman to earn the flow difference can be.

Paying Community:

A lot of people who play technology, they join various paying communities. oneself

If you have a strong ability to export, you can also build a paying community to export your value. A paid community costs 99 per year, and if it has 1,000 followers, it makes 100,000 a year



Small game customization:

Some customers buy source code, feel inappropriate, want to customize a software, then you can pick up

This outsourcing, or referral outsourcing, is OK.

4, looking for source code to buy customers:

We Media:

Engaged in small game source sales partners, generally how much will understand a little bit of technology. So the best way is to open a public account, Quora, Knowledge Planet,


Etc., posted above from

To guide developers and customers to their official accounts, Quora, Knowledge Planet,


. When the customer is not familiar with you, but he has a real need to buy the source code, take a look at yours


Quora and other places, found you sent a lot of content, fans are also a lot, so naturally there will be a letter to you

I feel like I can count on you. Compared to looking for a strange and completely unaware of other shops, you seem to be a more reliable choice. (So we media suggest that all of you do it, which is very helpful to improve your image and promote transaction transformation)

E-commerce Platform:

In Amazon, Pinduoduo, Xianyu, public accounts and other places,

Can open shops, above the sale of source code. I have already said the specific operation method in the past about Amazon Blue Sea, Xianyu Blue Sea, Pduoduo Blue Sea and other projects, so I will not go into details here. The public number can also be on the micro store, like.


Selling source code on the website is also relatively mature

The project. There are many mature source sales sites. As long as the website weight to do up, attract customers through the search engine. Specific SEO methods, bubble net to earn my previous in the station group and other projects, have also been shared. The specific will not say, their own find the original to read on the line.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project actually has some threshold, more suitable for Internet practitioners, especially technical research and development personnel.

2. Cost:

Basically, there is no cost for this project, which mainly involves upstream and downstream connection, which requires certain manpower connection costs, as well as the deposit when the store is opened.

3. Risks and


The risks of this project are mainly related to the software. If the software is non-genuine, it is easy to have problems without a good agreement signed. So there needs to be a good agreement, clearly defined responsibilities.

4. Revenue:

This project can actually be large or small, simple sales source code, ordinary source code

It doesn’t make much money. A set of source code if only the price of one or two hundred dollars, can not sell how much money (because the market is relatively subdivided, demand people will not be a lot), so need to sell some of the better source code, such as a set of thousands of source code, monthly sales of dozens of sets, eliminate to developers, only

I can make some money. For example, some time ago, the more popular shake push cat platform, a set of front-end and back-end source code, the price of thousands to tens of thousands of people buy. Many people buy search ads directly from Google, hence the profits.
The main profit point of this project is to provide various services, such as knowledge

The customer has software requirements or some functional requirements, so he can receive technical outsourcing and art outsourcing by himself. There is the provision of soft agent and other types of services, these are relatively easy to earn money. Don’t underestimate the soft service, a soft, at least say 100 profit, more than a thousand profit, or

That’s pretty good. As long as you are familiar with this area, the agency service is quite OK.

5. Project extension

Soft agent:

I already talked about this in the revenue section above, which is the easy part to stretch and make money on. There is a mature business system here, as long as you have customers, there is no shortage of money.


Whether it’s technology

Outsourcing, or art outsourcing, you can organize your own staff to do outsourcing, or subcontract this outsourcing demand to other outsourcing studios, which is OK. As long as there are customers, you can make money, but only earn more.

Net source sales:

In addition to small game source code, there can be sales website source code, mobile game source code, small

Program source code, APP source code, etc. This way the path will be wider!


The release of small games, the release of mobile games are OK, as long as you have the flow of the hand, hold advertisers, can be extended out.

Software customization:

This batch of customers are buying source code customers, sometimes see a batch of source code is not appropriate

Later, you may think you want to customize a more suitable. It’s okay to provide custom services, outsource them yourself, or introduce them to other technologies.

Iv. Conclusion:

If this project is further cultivated, it will be OK. The compound interest value is very high. As long as you have a group of customers, you can sell it online

A variety of source code, can also do a variety of extension services, there are many can make money. For example, in the ASO I shared before, the customer base has a certain degree of overlap with the source customers.
The projects I share, it’s like a string. They don’t stand alone. A lot of these projects are

To extend or communicate. Maybe you don’t do this project, but you may contact other projects, because of some understanding of this project, maybe you can capture a new opportunity to make money, this is the value!

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

Share a source sales project – small game source sales

Share a source sales project – small game source sales


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