How do TikTok short videos make money? TikTok zodiac sign, fast cash, easy to use!


I have written a lot of projects, but there are not many people who can immediately try to do the projects I wrote after watching Bubble online, because there are too few people who can integrate knowledge and practice. Thinking is not doing it


The realization of the zodiac sign is still good, the content is vertical, the fans are accurate, the minority is easier to operate

, you can see timely feedback

Zodiac is associated with love, wealth, career, any one of these three is everyone is very concerned about, every month, every year, each zodiac’s fortune is different, write each zodiac can write the content is very much, do not worry about the content output, only need to consider different forms of presentation can be

There are several main ways to do zodiac account cash:

1 Small program advertising cash

2 Feng Shui account measurement eight figure measurement of fortune

3 Sell books in the window

Small program advertising revenue is fast, the threshold is low, the volume of the account shop can reach the expected goal, and the fortune measurement, see feng Shui has a certain barrier, before doing the name, feng shui

The project is suggested to directly operate the IP account to measure the fortune, and can also be done together with the name account, to create a matrix, two categories is a class, but also subdivided two categories

In fact, the zodiac realization, in


Before the fire is in the public number and moments, now the flow tilt, everyone runs to


Yes, there are many ways to show it


Change the

In the Chinese zodiac, people keep enough curiosity and desire to predict their future



Underlying logic of zodiac sign:

1. Requirements:

Poor fortune-telling, rich incense burning, can not get is always the most turbulent, poor income is not good, do not look for problems from their own, put their hopes on fate and the so-called luck,


The solution:


Single text and text video with background music and corresponding copywriting, it is easy to move people’s hearts, easy to hit, with the flow of cash is a natural thing

3. Revenue Composition:

Small program cash, personal IP cash, window sales

Ii. Specific implementation



Raise the number of details, bubbling

The previous project of net income has been written many times. You can review the previous article and read it twice, and each project has a strong correlation before, so you can draw parallels

Output of content

Content output is the most simple from peers, but copying peers do not directly to transport, you do not want to change the content, at least in the row

Version and pattern match, look more convenient, easier to read

Second, you have to look at more mature public accounts, such as search fortunes

There are too many public accounts, which contain a lot of content, which you organize, re-typeset and publish to



This year is the year of the Ox, we can search the ox this pass

The key word

There are other keywords, by comparison, the content is basically done, search engines can also find a lot of content, the nature of business is to move the east things to the west to sell, how to demand, no matter how small the product can be realized, always stronger than fragmented knowledge too much

Realization of account

Shop window with goods

The number of zodiac hanging pieces is not

The number of wins, and the fortune books, in


Select the products in the window, and the video content is more associated, you can hang up, the video fire, the sales of goods also exploded, but


Today, the video with goods to the flow will not be much, hanging on the commodity home page, video is used for drainage and powder

Small program cash

The small program to realize the platform contains a lot of zodiac copy, need to do a good platform of the whole network to register again, and then find and zodiac related, if there is no special like the content, also do not have to hang zodiac copy, you can extend to personal lucky numbers, lucky colors and so on through the zodiac,

Hang other small program link, specific to hang which content, according to the previous video data revenue, see that the conversion rate is high, long-term deep cultivation content, the conversion rate to maximize and batch operation

Fortune Personal IP

Fortune-reading is associated with the I Ching and metaphysics. Many people are obsessed with metaphysics, believing that their future will be great

I attribute my immaturity to bad luck and bad luck. As long as I make a little adjustment, I can go straight ahead and become a dragon and a phoenix. Because ordinary people have almost no spiritual enjoyment, and when the problem of food and clothing has not been solved, I rely on some spiritual sustence very much

Where they make money

Horoscope is also the main way to cash zodiac account, whether it is public number or


Easy to learn, metaphysics account, the main way to cash or to help others calculate the fortune, they will leave their contact information, at the same time the content directly, you slightly modify directly on the bubble net to earn my intention is not to let you finish

Full of plagiarism, but tell you, when you have nothing, do not care about these, first rapid copy, rapid verification is the power you insist on, without timely feedback, you can not carry on, small program advertising cash and measured the IP, earn is three gua two date, long-term operation or IP

To catch the flow in their own hands

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

People who are interested in naming projects, metaphysics and I Ching have the motivation to execute them

2. Cost:

The project basically has no cost, it is an empty glove, increase the leverage, obtain enough resources

3. Risk and Control:

Early water test

Between, direct operation IP operation is easy to fail, you can start from small program realization, avoid three minutes of heat

4. Revenue:

Similar to the revenue of naming projects, the unit price of customers can be controlled within 100-300, which is a good conversion rate

5. Project Extension:

Sinology account, Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Metaphysics, zodiac, starting

Name, fortune, these are a kind of content output, there is always a you are interested in, and can execute, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, come on

Iv. Conclusion:

It is impossible for us ordinary people to do everything well. We can divide an industry into enough segments until it cannot be divided into three segments

Keep producing content and developing habits. Keep producing content for three months, keep producing habits for a year. These habits are your income

Making money is not so troublesome, also so simple, at least you have to do it, don’t always think above yourself, so just increase the trouble, much ado about nothing, finally no hate

This society is not fair, the strong must be lonely

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

How do TikTok short videos make money? TikTok zodiac sign, fast cash, easy to use!

How do TikTok short videos make money? TikTok zodiac sign, fast cash, easy to use!


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