Zero threshold sideline money project, novice monthly income of 20000


At present, we all know that the short video industry is very popular, for Internet entrepreneurs, many will not want to take a share of the short video industry, there is a very big opportunity space.

I don’t know if you have heard of the desert gold mining story, a lot of people go to the desert gold mining did not earn money, but that

Some people who sell shovels and water make a good income, and the project we’re going to talk to you about today has something to do with that.

As the saying goes, it is better to rest on the tree for shade. At present, attaching to the short video field may be a very good development, but to do any project, it is a very important point to find a user’s need for a pain point

And fix it.

What are the pain points that practitioners in the field of short video need at present? Content creation and short video script, commonly known as jokes. As long as there are jokes and scripts, we can produce very excellent works.

Well, now that I think about it, I. I

We can check from Google index about such a content, the user’s search index, since there are a lot of people to shoot video, there must be a very large demand for the segment, which is also a short video creation field employment opportunities.

A lot of people here might think this is too hard for us novices, but it’s not

However, here I would like to give you a sentence, I hope you can remember: any article in the non-short video platform more than 10W popularity, it is worth us to shoot again in the way of short video.

As long as you understand what I just said, how do we go about doing a short video like this

Script class project implementation method.

Above I talked about some opportunities and advantages in the field of short video, now I will tell you how to do such a short video original screenplay sales, how to do it, the following steps are specific.

First, material preparation

The only way you can sell these scripts is if you have the material. That’s

We can come to the Google search engine to search the short video script, here we can find two kinds of script, one is free script model, the other is paid bidding script.

The fact that there are so many bids indirectly indicates that the project is very profitable. We don’t want to do that kind of customization for the script.

Because we can’t write it, unless we want to make the difference in the middle, we can find some free downloads or directly buy the whole set of peers, and we need to sort out the downloaded by ourselves.

Of course, you can also buy some through a treasure, here I suggest that you have customers

According to a customer’s demand, and then targeted to buy, do not stock up in the early stage, because these jokes, update very fast, script creation ability is more valuable than the source of goods.

Two, accurate customer drainage

This is an important part of the flow realization, and here is my diversion core for the creation of such short videos

Heart summary in three words: mixed circle.

What is mixing circle? Only when we mix in an industry circle can we know the precise user group. We can go to the communication group of various short videos, or the creator group, such as wechat and QQ groups.

We search QQ group can find a lot of such short video creation

Groups, each of these groups has a lot of short video practitioners, these are subconsciously one of our precision fans, we can do the first transformation of our precision fans in these groups.

The second way is to block the stream. I recommend you to block the comments of short drama videos. How about this

The solution is that they are more dependent on short video creation, so let’s go to these short video creation accounts to leave a comment.

Of course, the comments are also business related copy, not for the big bubble online accounts to read, but those small accounts, they can see one of our messages, or

Our name is going to be short video to create a script.

Or they can directly send private letters to some accounts with hundreds of thousands of fans. In this way, because of their small number of fans, there is unlikely to be a creative team behind them, and they can afford to pay enough money to buy our scripts when there is a demand.

The third is to do paid promotion, such as Google bidding or standing group form

Create a script website or AD sheet, and then use SEO techniques to get some search engine traffic, or through some

Social networking Sites

tie bar, Douban, Jianshu and so on such platforms to passively obtain traffic.

In fact, there are many ways to do this kind of short video script operation, which is short in the current people

Video is very promising, the market determines the demand, so we want to do such a project, the first requirement is material, the second is traffic.

For the material, I talked about some ways to collect or buy the material, in fact, there is another point here, is that we can put some quality

Popular short videos, directly converted into text, and then slightly edited into a video, this is also a method.

Of course, we can also integrate resources for sales, not only script and text. We can also integrate a batch of music materials or a batch of video materials and classify these resources

After packaging together sales can be, can improve a user’s desire to buy.

At present, the projects around our short videos have a certain blue ocean period. When everyone is in the field of content creation, we help them create content and provide convenience for their creation, which is itself an opportunity to make money


Zero threshold sideline money project, novice monthly income of 20000


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