Junior students YouTube selling music USB flash drive half a year to earn 100,000, dismantling short video music USB flash drive project


When I was scanning the wechat YouTube, I frequently saw live broadcasts selling car USB disk. I didn’t care about it at first, but I got interested in it.

I clicked on their homepage and looked at it and found it interesting.

It is a music YouTube that makes money by selling car USB sticks filled with songs.

And then it turns out they were selling it for 100


About, but I found the same type of pinduoduo only ten dollars, suddenly the profit skyrocketed ten times, which let me find a profiteer business.

I just talked about short-band merchandise yesterday, and I found out that this is also a category of short-video merchandise

Order, sell is car music U disk.

In order to confirm whether people really buy, I specially studied and observed a night, found that this shop can really sell dozens of u disks a night, easily, several thousand dollars to earn.

In fact, in the field of e-commerce, this type of business is not uncommon. Of their

The commonality is to exploit the information gap.

For example, many people used to Amazon, will always use Amazon. However, they do not know that some things can be found in Pinduoduo, Amazon special Edition, 1688, Xianyu and other platforms, and even lower prices, thus forming the cross-platform information poor.

In the moment, any small

Information are likely to bring windfall profits to the market. As the old saying goes, if there is a business opportunity in 360 lines, it depends on the vision to find it.

Today I will tell you about the car music U disk this project play.

Do the music clip number

Sell car U disk

If you pay careful attention, it is not difficult to find that all the major platform vehicles carry U

Disk sales are extremely high, to Pinduoduo as an example, open Pinduoduo search”


Songs “, can see many for sale


Hit songs on a USB stick.

The sales volume of the first ten cars is more than 100,000, which shows that this market is very large, after all, there are more and more people who own cars now.

Why is everyone so keen to buy this

What about car music USB sticks?

The reason is that every driver likes to be able to listen to music while driving, some of their favorite songs. Car music u disk not only songs, there are thousands of songs to tens of thousands of capital, and the sound quality is very good, can challenge ten thousand


Grade sound box.


The emergence of car music U disk

Undoubtedly became the owner of the Xin

One of the most affordable ways to enjoy high quality music.

In fact, there is no exaggeration, because the car u disk songs, are carefully selected sound quality is better, and then engraved into the u disk. It does sound like a noticeable improvement in the enclosed space of the car.

Although this is an old project, in the age of websites,

Many use a single web page to do bidding music u disk. But the popularity of short videos has created another business opportunity. in


Kuaishou and other platforms, any search, can come out a large number of accounts.

Now there are a lot of people smell a business opportunity, began to vigorously do YouTube, and the threshold is particularly low that kind of music clip

“, the content is mostly started with

Global hits and BGM

(Background music) as the theme of the short video content.

Search for “music” in the wechat YouTube, you can see that almost all are the account of the music U disk project.

YouTube is wechat vigorously promoted and supported, so this is a new flow pool. So, there is

Forward-looking people, are moving to the YouTube.

This is, in fact, just a simple


Fast hands of the video over, a little editing processing, upload to the YouTube on the line.

The above is the “short video music USB disk project”, it is estimated that some people may not understand how to make money. Bubble net earn me again

To explain to you:

In fact, the process is very simple, is to do editing music number, upload new songs and old songs, DJ dance music and so on hot music, let people resonate, if someone likes, he will pay attention to you.

We can guide through private letter, or account profile, let fans add wechat, and then sell different department on wechat

The car USB disk of the column.

To operate this project, you just need to learn simple editing and material gathering.

It should be noted that most of these videos are simple. If you still do repeated music clips, this is not characteristic, it is not easy to get official recommendation.

That’s why we need to keep our heads above water

Try to be special.

The latest play is to do the original music number, video shooting, with their own copywriting or narration, so that the official identification to your original degree is higher, the weight of the account is higher, high weight is easy to recommend, the amount of video play will be large.

What about the original music number? It’s pretty simple.

The first

1. The music material of the video can be collected from music platforms such as Weibo, NetEase Cloud, QQ Music, Xiami Music and other hot music charts, and the list songs of these music platforms can be screened out by paying more attention to them.

Second: you can also view recent data on the full five data analysis platform


The hot music charts

Take an examination of.

Third: you can shoot short videos of clubs and bars, the core of which is the card clip of background music.

Here for the clip video technology requirements are not high, the general novice learning half an hour to an hour can learn.

And the video can be done in the following three points:

1. The video duration should be less than 1 minute;


Shooting video is stable and clear;

3. The video must be shot recently.

Of course, if you don’t have the energy and time to do it,

To all help, cow help, reward cat and other reward task platform issued bounty task

Call on those who love to go to nightclubs and music festivals to shoot you original disco video material

That’s fine.

Or follow the old way and directly clip MV short films of global popular music. I found that even simple clip numbers can explode, enough to drive the sales of u disk.

I recommend it to you

Preferably with a YouTube

As an entry point.



Fast traffic competition is fierce, ordinary people

It’s hard to get a piece of the pie. Second, the counterpart of the YouTube is


Kuaishou, is Tencent’s “son”, for the new account support is relatively large, is still in the flow dividend period.

The key is the YouTube to jump directly to the applet. You can put the U disk into the small program mall, the user watched a video

Click the shopping cart directly below to buy, which can greatly improve the turnover rate.

Recently, wechat has launched a small wechat store, the flow to the wechat private domain flow pool, through wechat to sell products, will become a trend.

Juniors sell music USB sticks

Make $100,000 in six months

Share a YouTube to operate the car

u disk practical operation case.

Xiaojun is a junior student in school. In view of his lack of outstanding skills but also want to make some money, he put his eyes on the operation of the YouTube.

When others were still watching whether the YouTube could catch fire, small Jun seized the dividend of the YouTube,

Ten in six months

Ten thousand dollars.

He usually has nothing to do with the Internet recently very popular


Divine comedy, network red songs and classic old songs MV video, download down. Then the part of the song video, clip, become a music video, and finally release it to the YouTube.

Because of the music plus material

The production method is not very difficult, you can use the video editing software on your phone to operate,

So one YouTube, he can send at least three videos a day.

In this way, he repeated clips, posts and forwards them to wechat groups and moments every day, asking friends for “likes” and completing the start of the original traffic.

But he didn’t

It’s limited to a video account, but instead

Multiple YouTube batch operation

His family’s wechat was used to open the YouTube.

After two months of trouble, a sad music video posted on his video account unexpectedly brought 7000, 000 likes, millions of views, suddenly became popular.

You have the flow

After the amount, small Jun started to operate the circle of friends, he put the music USB disk at a price of 99


One, with more than 1,000 high-quality car songs, enough for users to listen to for a long time.

So the question is, where did Jun find so many songs? Given what I have said before, it is not hard to find the answer to this question


The source of small Jun goods comes from two aspects:

First collect it yourself

After Xiao Jun found the most popular song online,

Use Thunderbolt bulk download

“And then assemble it into a collection. For example, the top 100 Mandarin pop songs,


Hot pop songs 100, Japan and South Korea pop trend 100 songs, nostalgic classics

Canon thousands of praise 300 songs……

Finally, search “USB flash drive customization” on Amazon, upload the downloaded music to the web disk and send it to the customer service, and the customer service will transfer the music content to the USB flash drive in bulk.

The cost is about 15-30


. But you can sell it for several times that amount.

Second Amazon, spell more and so on

Delivery by replacement

Part of the music USB disk sold by Xiaojun actually costs less than 20 dollars, with 79 dollars in the middle


Net profit of It came from the shop he found on Pinduoduo that offered the best value for money.

As long as the customer takes a fancy to it, he can make a lot of orders again, but also removed the trouble of delivery and after-sales.

So the USB flash drive in the car

To whom?

From the beginning, the target group of Xiaojun positioning is middle-aged and elderly car owners. One characteristic of this group is that they do not often shop online and are not familiar with the major e-commerce platforms. I am used to recommending shopping. When I see something good in front of me, I will buy it directly instead of comparing prices through various channels.

I’ve been in Toutiao’s feed

I found one for 68


‘s advertisement for reading glasses, attracting thousands of customers a day.

However, when I used Amazon’s “Pai Litao” function to take a screenshot of the glasses in the advertisement, I found that the price of the same pair was only 10



So when you do this kind of project, it’s not that skillful, it’s not that sophisticated,

Is to take advantage of poor information,

The use of precise flow, spelling execution.

Even if it is handling, do simple clip account, as long as enough diligently, account matrix operation, the use of short-sight-band goods to sell car music u disk monthly into more than ten thousand is not difficult.

Write at the end

In fact, many subdivided areas of the product, can make money through the way of poor information, copy handling.


The more you look at it, the better you execute it, the better you become at it.

Selling thumb drives isn’t what we’re about. Derivative is king.

After guiding the traffic on the YouTube to wechat into their own private domain traffic, maintain good fans, cultivate good user trust. Later to sell what products can easily become

Hand it in. I have been emphasizing the importance of private traffic, especially the owner of traffic is a gold mine.

Here is mainly to share the idea of the project, more value, rely on your own thinking.

Ok, that’s all for today. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know in the comments.

Junior students YouTube selling music USB flash drive half a year to earn 100,000, dismantling short video music USB flash drive project

Junior students YouTube selling music USB flash drive half a year to earn 100,000, dismantling short video music USB flash drive project


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