Suitable for student party, daily basics side project, easily earn a few hundred a day


Sideline in becoming just need at the same time, different sideline has different differences, some people have no way to do some can continue to output sideline, then can only choose some relatively easy sideline to do.

Here are a few small side businesses that can make you money moving bricks.

First, mission platform

Now vice on the Internet

Industry platform a lot, but a lot of people to try after will feel their information leakage is not good, and some platforms will appear that card task, do not give you to complete the situation.

So many people are more hate this aspect, so today I will give you a project more, relatively formal side business.


Search live help SOHO then this platform is more formal, more tasks, and there is no commission is very little. The commission is relatively high. Including but not limited to dialect translation, questionnaire survey, text input and so on.

Two, free people collaboration platform

This platform does

A few small skills, some of the tasks will require you to know something, including not limited to copywriting, design, photography, voice programming, etc.

This platform is also perfect for putting your skills to the best of your ability. If you don’t know how to use a skill, you can check it out

Try it.

Three, car review

Many people know that the e-commerce platform needs to brush some comments, but the car platform needs to brush anyone know? This is also a task that some platforms that sell cars have published.

This can be said to be a relatively expensive brush comment, some people comment, about 500 words have 200 dollars

Of course, this is the need for people who know more about cars to do.

Some of the senior people who know a lot about cars and even a feature article can make over a thousand or two thousand dollars. Of course, this is also must know more about the car of the old driver to write, the car this thing don’t understand is really don’t understand.

So where do we go

What about access to these channels?

At present, there are two channels, one is Douban’s car review group. Of course, the commission of this group will be relatively low, not as high as those directly invited by the website, which is dozens of dollars per article. But one advantage is that you don’t have to know anything about cars, just follow the copy.

The second

One is QQ group, but this thing we need to pay attention to when we go to find, don’t believe what referral fee or what is the margin, the regular part-time words will not want the money. If you do, you’re a liar.

So you also need to polish your eyes when looking for a part-time job. Lots of part-time jobs

In fact, we have around us, if it is simply to make money or there are many ways to sell. But be careful not to fall for the scam.

Suitable for student party, daily basics side project, easily earn a few hundred a day


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