This long-term profiteering lying to earn projects, simply SAO, 1000 or conservative estimates


Do you have this feeling, you will be successful, you will be able to earn a lot of money, in this month, next month, but just start to find that there is still a lack of money project, lack of methods, lack of guide……

Recently, the Changjin Lake movie starring Wu Jing is very popular. The box office has exceeded 1 billion dollars in three days. I

There are more than 1.4 billion people in China. Apart from those who go to the cinema, there are also a large number of people who want to visit prostitutes for free. Of course, this index cannot be used to make a general generalization.

But there must be a lot of people who want to pay for sex, so some people take advantage of this mentality and start making money. How do they do it? Look down.

Open wechat

Search, Changjin Lake 3 words, appear the following keywords, and Changjin Lake resources this keyword is believed to be the first choice of most people click. Of course, I also click on it, after all, this word directly and clearly echoes your inner needs, click on this keyword

The screen is full of this keyword public number, I C

There were a lot of them. I clicked on the top one

After jumping to the page, the whole content is a brief introduction to the movie of Changjin Lake, without any link, only a blue font to guide you to follow the operation, the reading volume is quite high, but there is no advertisement, I am afraid of being blocked, so I continue to go further to bubble net to earn

On the home page of this public account, I saw that this account only published once, a total of 6 articles, Changjin Lake accounted for 3. Of course, it may be to avoid risks, so I deleted the previous article, here I will only take Changjin Lake as an example.

Before I opened those three articles, I was still thinking, “Can I really do it? I’m not afraid of Uncle JC calling you.”

But unfortunately, the three clicks are the same as the previous one, which is the introduction of the Changjin Lake movie, without any link or advertisement.

Why, this is what operation, 3 clicks are tens of thousands of , but nothing, even advertising did not open, strange, do not this person idle panic, do not make money, make a fuss

Just playing, no way! If something is abnormal, there will be a demon, so I continue to explore, as I click on the wechat public number, there is a new clue,

Sent me a two-dimensional code, let me pay attention to a new public number, but this public number did not release any content

Follow, automatically send a picture, let join

Enterprise wechat group, this public number seems to be just a bridge,

After joining a group, view the group information

Found that this is the 47th group, there are 165 people in this group, the number is still increasing, and then according to the group announcement prompt, saw what we want to see most, traffic cash channel! All the way here. All the way

The answer is basically clear.

There are four ways for this person to cash out:

The first is the cost of the advertising while collecting the platform

The second is: takeaway cps

The third is to promote film and television websites

The fourth is: e-commerce CPS

Is that the end of it? No, then check the different public number, found the diversion end point is the same, it seems

Make money after batch operation.

However, in the end, we did not get the Changjin Lake resources, easy to bite!

See, this is what happens when you like free! Come empty-handed, be anti-killed, wonderful, so many groups, each group hundreds of people, how much you make your own imagination!

This long-term profiteering lying to earn projects, simply SAO, 1000 or conservative estimates


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