Monthly income of 80000 , copy a sales volume of more than 100,000 information poor project


“The human spirit of curiosity cannot rest for a moment.”

I think most people would agree with that.

Curiosity is also a kind of demand, as long as you meet it, you can open a market.

If you’re quick enough, you can find different ways to monetize the same project.

I am

We share this project every day. Recently, a student in the industry achieved a monthly income of 60W.

The result really surprised me.

The project is

Google Street View APP

English is Google Earth, interested students can go to the Internet search.

As a perennial poor information

As the name suggests, it’s not very practical for most people.

But the video is a good thing, and some of the owners succeeded in making it popular.

Legions of fans have been searching for the app, which is rumored to be able to spot beautiful women on the streets of Myeongdong, South Korea, and bikini girls on Miami Beach, the United States.



Break down the Google Street View project.

Google Earth is an APP for viewing high definition Street View maps, covering a wide range of areas (even the moon and Mars), but not the country.

Its own Street View map function is well liked by users, the original fan audience is quite a few.

And it’s more used for navigation than usual

Google Street View is more of a hobby APP for exploration and discovery.

There are three versions of Google Earth:

1. IOS

2. Android version

3. PC version

PC version can not talk about, the main domestic sales are the first two.

Want to go to IOS

Version of Google Street View, just need an outside area Apple ID, switch ID login, download, done.

Android version is a little more difficult, domestic phones generally castrated Google framework, so you need to install the framework to the phone, then download the Street View APK software package can be


However, once you have completed the above steps and opened Google Earth, you will still not be able to see the high-definition Street View.

Yes, to get the full Google Street View experience, you also have to help customers access the Google network properly.

And this, and all the issues of the appeal, have counterparts

I’ll take care of it.


As mentioned above, many people have played this APP, of course, many more people want to play it.

With the help of video commentary, the monthly sales data of this software began to appear a small climax, which is the dividend period.

Even if the price is only 1 dollars, the monthly sales are still more than 100,000

From our past experience,

Basic sales of information poor products = net profit, and Google Earth is no exception.

I have a look, almost all automatic delivery single store operation.

And more than ten thousand sales of shops are not in a small number, it is not difficult to imagine this demand is very promising.

A market means competition, and that comes from price

It’s pretty obvious when you see it.

The one-dollar price has almost bottomed out, but it also has advantages:

1. This price has no meaning of price war, and it is basically harmonious below the head.

2. Compared with the entity’s small profits and fast sales, this completely belongs to the “sleep income”.

Similarly, there is competition also doesn’t mean can’t do, with the past

Information poor project is consistent, buy a resource from peers, copy their words, simple operation can be opened after.

The next is still only ranking, flow, transaction.


How to gain differentiation advantage in a group of peers with poor information, and improve the ranking.

I’ve written about this before


If you just need to make a few thousand a month on the side, do it.

A quick word about the extension of Google Earth requirements.

If you want to scale up a long-standing project, you have to talk about the guy who made $60.

To put it simply,

Matrix – Drainage – re-realization


Amazon is not only a trading platform, but also a traffic entry.

The purpose of the matrix in addition to a store to earn ten thousand, ten stores to earn eighty thousand, but also to link to the Amazon traffic pool.

In the same way, drainage is also for rerealization.

I’ve said for a long time that the resources of a group owner with over 50 500 people are absolutely

Most people don’t think about it.

And 50 people of 500 are 25,000 people, and that’s the purpose of the matrix.

Share it here for now!

Monthly income of 80000 , copy a sales volume of more than 100,000 information poor project


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