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About three or four years ago, a number of teams specialized in shooting short outdoor videos became popular on the public accounts, especially the hipster Luo, Gentleman Mr., and the “X” brothers.

Come up is to take you to see the social things, all about some of us usually honest people can not see things, really a period of time let a person’s blood boiling.

Just like you like reading martial arts novels, you have fantasised about the main characters in them, and these teams make some of the things we fantasize about into jokes, which are very realistic for you to see. In fact, most of them are jokes. Among them, I especially like one program which seems to be Supernatural Bunny Girl, after all, it has been several years, but I don’t remember much.

If you like supernatural stories or are interested in them, you will definitely like this program. It is just such a simple shooting video. Although we all know it is hype, it does attract a lot of fans.

In fact, this is exactly like when we do something, the platform users, they need to constantly update quality content, always maintain a certain sense of freshness, so as to win fans.

When a project appears at the right time, it is a tuyere.

So how big is the market for this kind of supernatural series?

Most of the content is close to our real life, many scenes we seem to have seen there before, must be able to arouse some resonance, and many of the content can not be explained by the current science, so there will be a lot of people curious, which is also human nature.

I have seen a report before, saying that a person under extreme pressure, will fall in love with this exciting and thrilling story, just like I mentioned in the article before, he in the broadcast room has been stressing that he will go to the door of the village alone, circle a lot of fans, with more than 2000 dollars out, but the door of the village is just passing by. And he made hundreds of thousands on the air.

So how do you make money with this kind of spooky ghost story?

Ghost movie narration is a good project at the moment.

Most people only say that they don’t dare to watch it, or even dare not watch it alone at night, but they are a little unwilling, so watching these movie explanations has become their choice. There are many such scary and supernatural movie explanations on station B, and even accompany you to watch the movie. In this way, the whole movie seems not so terrible as imagined.

These scary and supernatural movie commentary accompany the viewers, their revenue is generally the platform to various broadcast revenue sharing, each platform is not the same, and not only limited to a platform.

Once you have made a video, it can be played on various platforms. The supernatural movie narration and the real detection of supernatural events are two different things. This belongs to the category of film entertainment, so there will be no vulgar and negative things that the platform considers.

And this is actually hidden in a lot of value-added services.

For example, we often go to the movies, like to buy a little snack popcorn, eat while watching, then your video can be purposeful to choose some snacks as a movie essential snacks to bring goods promotion, can also be around such as 3D glasses and so on.

If the account has a large number of fans, you can also receive some publicity for new movies or try other promotional activities. Here, you just need to shoot some soft wide videos to earn a certain amount of advertising fees. These fees depend on the number of readers of specific works.

Not only on other platforms such as Station B, but also on new platforms where we are familiar with YouTubes can be tested.

Still, keywords as ghost stories and horror films still have been popular on the wechat search index. As a result, audio clips with ghost stories and dumbing books can also be posted as normal.

You should be able to search a lot of public accounts about supernatural stories, here I am talking about supernatural stories rather than ghost stories, there is a reason, just like ghost stories, the beginning may be directly in the southwest of a sparsely populated border town of a story, pulled our timeline to a very far place, so itself we do not fear, Because the subconscious will feel that this is far away from us, but the supernatural story is different, it is happening in the city, the story around us, so this sense of substitution is strong, we will have a feeling of being in the scene, this is the difference between the two.

So the content of ghost stories must have a story and plot, and supernatural stories, you simply create a space in a few words, describe those scary pictures is enough.

Then another popular way to make money is to tell ghost stories live.

But it’s not a real person talking, it’s a live broadcast that’s in the background and then it’s recorded, and a lot of people will be up at night trying to pass the time, just like we do with the radio.

In addition, if you are interested in recording a set of supernatural stories, Himalayan FM is also a good platform for audio realization. Some of the profits I mentioned above on this platform are all about the bubble online income of parent-child education, because this part of the population listening to children’s stories every night accounts for a large proportion.

If you are interested in the four points I just listed above, you can try them. As long as you do not reject this type of content and you are not afraid of it, there is no problem. In other words, it is a good choice to cooperate with friends and do it only as a part-time job, because it can extend a lot of ways.

The above is the “hand by hand teach you alternative online side projects, small white easy monthly 5000 ” all the content, to learn more about the net to earn projects, please pay attention to bubble net to earn!

Teach you alternative online side projects, small white easy monthly 5000


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