Short video side projects that don’t require a human presence can easily bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month for beginners


In the past two years, short videos have always been the center of attention. Several interesting accounts I paid attention to in the past few years, I glanced at them yesterday, and they have almost hundreds or even tens of millions of fans. Coincunting with the Double Eleven, bringing goods is really earning over.

A friend of mine in real life can not shoot those tall short video, so decided to fight in the countryside, stay in the big city for a long time, some of the rural atmosphere is quite strong short play is relatively easy to give people fresh feeling, every day is a family story, whose family man went out to work, daughter-in-law is not doing right at home, who is the old woman in the village and talk about, the village these few Han playing cards, blind date and so on, It’s a pretty good idea, and now it has over a hundred thousand followers.

As a matter of fact, it is very easy for ordinary people to start a business through short videos. Generally, they can make money by making a TikTok book list number, which is very popular these days. Or, like film editing, those who know a little about film and television will make money by doing bubble online, just editing the climax of the movie, which we have mentioned in the previous article.

In many cases, we have no shortage of short video entrepreneurship projects, but we lack the motivation to act. We know that the business is very profitable, but we can’t afford to play the spirit when we do it.

If things change a bit, I told you in advance that you will have 300,000 fans after half a year, and you can earn more than a hundred thousand, but you will be given a lot of tasks in this half a year, I think basically no one will be unwilling to perform, this is a typical result-type psychology, just want to see the results, do not pay much attention to the process, and the fact is quite the opposite.

I think most people are not willing to show their face in short videos, this is a normal psychological state, then can do short videos?

The answer is yes, there are several ways to present a short video, which everyone should know, the first is video, the second is music, put these two together to make a short video, if there is no music, the video should not be pleasing.

If you make a video with a strong musical beat, is that going to be compelling?

That’s how I’m going to talk to you today about the short video music number.

On the profit aspect, I mentioned in the article before the music U disk, this is a way, if there is a need, we can go to look at the previous article, music U disk is indeed a better cash channel, it does not need you to open a shop like e-commerce, as long as it can be drained to wechat can make money.

There is also a form of realization is how to make short music video, which is a very important realization channel bubble net income, every extension of a money channel, there will be countless people to imitate, so by the extension of a special course to teach people to do this kind of short music video.

Strictly speaking, this kind of knowledge payment is not cut leek, because no matter where there is knowledge asymmetry, pay for their own knowledge, this is perfectly normal, after all, we are adults, money to buy knowledge from primary school we know.

There is another way to cash in is relatively simple, that is to receive advertising, this kind of advertising is generally around the music, such as music festival, such as new music promotion, in fact, the operation is also very simple.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of advertisement is a video BGM with music that has been made by advertisers. We use it to check and release it directly if there is no violation problem. If advertisers do not prepare any material, you can also do it for them and charge a certain service fee.

The price of advertising depends on the number of fans, basically the price of a piece of music will hover around 1000.

So we know so much about monetizing channels, how to make such short music videos?


Finding the material is more critical, because we are ready to earn all the short videos without any intention to make the background or shoot the video by ourselves, so we have to download some MV or video source files.

Like some mainstream video sites are OK, if conditions, you can try foreign video sites, there are a lot of non-copyright video can be used directly.


This can be done with a mobile app.

Import the whole material first, then remove the original sound of the video, add in the music you want to do, synthesize the lyrics or type the song title can be, if you really want to do a good job, the music slot better match your video material.

If you don’t have video, you can also use pictures instead, upload more pictures, and then add the music you need to make, you can try karaoke effect.

This clip looks like a small software, but there are a lot of skills, here I prepared a video tutorial for you, if you want to learn the clip, directly below the link to get!

No matter what project, there will not be too easy, those clamoring to hang up the project, in fact, do it down to know that the formal and reliable does not make money, deceptive is bloody.

To know that want to make money online, is not a simple persistence execution can, you also need to have the right direction.

Just like the short video is relatively popular now, not only TikTok, Kuaishou, even the current wechat YouTube is more popular, and has its own cash channel, very convenient, so we have to consider which platform to focus on.

Because the rules of each platform are different, although a video can be placed on several platforms, or even headlines, but still have to choose one for in-depth management.

That’s all for short video side projects that don’t require a real person to make tens of thousands of dollars a month for beginners. To learn more about short video money making projects, please pay attention to bubble net!

Short video side projects that don’t require a human presence can easily bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month for beginners


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