Public number hot keywords interception project, let you lie can give money to earn, profiteering lying to earn project!


American writer Kevin Kelly once said the classic theory of 1,000 fans, which means that any average person who has 1,000 hardcore fans can make a decent living because they are willing to pay to support you.

This paragraph said or the platitude “flow is money”, hold the flow can make waves.

Whether do wechat business, Amazon or Second hand goods trading platform to sell goods and so on all the Internet projects, are inseparable from the flow.

A novice wants to make money on the network, the most needed ability is the ability to get traffic, but many people are stuck in traffic.

Do free flow, too tired to take effect and slow. Do paid traffic, and afraid to put money wasted.

So a lot of people ask, is there a program that can get traffic while lying down?

This really have, but need to have the vision of discovering business opportunities, can go to the layout in advance.

Today, bubble net to share the public number of popular keywords interception project, so that you can lie down to earn the money.


The latest spy drama, Aiming for Fire, starring Chen He, tells the story of two snipers who once fought side by side but end up with different fates due to differences in beliefs.

In order to follow this drama, I believe many people have run to open Tencent, iQiyi membership.

But for those who want to watch the show without paying for a membership, they turn to search engines for free resources, including wechat search.

In wechat search, for the keywords of commercial value, a keyword is a bowl of rice.

Open wechat, search target, the words in the red box below are called drop-down words, can show the drop-down words are a lot of people repeatedly searched.

Click search a search, there will be the latest reports, Sogou encyclopedia, YouTube, Weibo, public number and other related content.

The public number is Tencent’s own products, naturally appear in the front row position.

So someone changed the name of the public account into two words with target, to intercept those who want to get free target resources.

Open the public number, click on the article can see more than 1700 reading volume, this is lying to earn the flow ah.

According to the reading volume of the public account, the public account at least attracted thousands of fans.

For this kind of film and television public number, if you want to retain fans, or have to provide real resources.

This public account is to click the menu bar, and then jump to the movie station to get the movie resources.

Build a film station cost not a few money, will build a website to buy dozens of pieces of source code is done, what will not be small white need a thousand dollars to find someone to do.

In fact, sharing Google cloud disk is the most convenient approach, but film and television resources are easy to be Google harmony.

As for how to monetize, for a film and television public number with thousands of fans is not difficult.

If you want to make a quick buck, then selling accounts is the easiest way. A public account with 5,000 followers can be sold for 5,000 dollars.

If you want to seek long-term development, it can be positioned in the public number of entertainment gossip, later through advertising and distribution courses to cash in.

But before that, have to change the name of the public account, fixed weekly send a few entertainment gossip article.

Entertainment gossip article does not need to go to the original, online copy a few over, and then converted into the form of pictures sent to the public number is not much of a problem.

To intercept thousands of traffic is really less, fortunately, encounter the annual hot drama intercept tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of traffic is not impossible.

Some people just a few months ago, caught up with the 30 hot drama, the public account attracted hundreds of thousands of fans.

The key is to find out in advance what movies and TV plays will be popular, we can timely modify the name of the public number, otherwise it will be robbed by peers.

On the website of the National Radio and Television Administration, we can see information on the record of TV series released every month.

Click on the filing notice in February, just look for a TV series, such as this one, to see the relevant information.

To determine the quality of our picks, just check the publisher of the show on Google. If he’s done a lot of TV shows before, and he’s had a few hits, that means he can’t make a bad show.

The show can get ahead of schedule now, because it’s only going to be in production for six months, and it’s expected to be out early next year.

We can now change the name of the official account to “Ride the wind and start the Complete series”, “Ride the wind and start the complete series”, “Ride the wind and rise”.

I’m just giving you an example, but how much you get will be largely a matter of luck.

Light change a public number name is not enough, but also to optimize the public number, so that others search to be in the first place in the public number.

How do you optimize it?

Public number profile to take the wind and up this keyword
Public number release and ride the wind related content of the article, random Google to find some plot content to send on the line, the article title content appears as much as possible ride the wind, complete series, TV series, resources these keywords.
Can spend a little money to do a public number certification is the best

The above set of ideas of public account interception bubble net income, not only limited to movie and TV drama keywords, hot event keywords are also applicable, we should learn to draw parallels.

The “Helmet Belt” policy launched by the state this year is a hot issue. Someone changed the name of the public account into helmet wholesale, which easily intercepted thousands of precise traffic in demand for helmets.

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Public number hot keywords interception project, let you lie can give money to earn, profiteering lying to earn project!


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